The folk embroidery of Gaoping - Gaoping - Gaoping folk paper-cut folk - all three volumes

Date of publication:2011-5   Press: An new Beijing arts and Crafts Press (2011-05)   Author:Ann fresh  

Ann fresh, was born in 1954 in Shanxi city of Gaoping province. In 1975 graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shanxi University fine arts. Now China arts and Crafts Association, vice chairman of Shanxi Folk Artists Association, executive director of Shanxi Artists Association, Jincheng Academy of painting and calligraphy, research librarian, model workers in Jincheng, five one in Shanxi province labor medallist. Publish ed "Gaoping folk art" "into the Royal Prime Minister's Palace -- China painting collection documentary", the "Gaoping folk art" a book won the provincial "five project" award. Published works of art with "famous fan painting Ann fresh freehand flowers and birds" "contemporary masters freehand flowers and birds painting -- an fresh" "contemporary China painting works set Ann fresh" and other pictures, national issue. Art works on many occasions to participate in national, provincial art exhibition, won the first national "painting" the Holy Grail of contemporary masters competition China painted silver, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan Province, four excellent prize ", Shanxi Province Xinghua Award" the first outstanding art exhibition bronze award. Once two times was invited to participate in the "national painting and Calligraphy Institute hundred outstanding young artists Invitation Exhibition", "Shanxi Province second session of flower and bird painting exhibition", in 2009 the national China painting exhibition in 2009, "to the country to report" the new base, new Shanxi, new achievements in art exhibition etc..
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Illustration: Wang Bao Cun lamp shed has young people watch TV, lamp shed where the gods, in a paper written on local protection god and God of propagation. The shrine here, put a big TV, young people gathered in the lamp shed surrounded by fire roast the negative sheep, eating noodles sheep watch TV, this is the vivid scene lamp shed into the modern folk culture. Many villages in Gaoping City Village Yan temple, arrow maximum lamp shed take in the Yan Emperor Temple, is the village fire chief (called "dimension") organized an idolatrous procession. The lamp sheds face stage is in a U shape, with a brick and mud blocks on a different shapes of the fire, multi row bench sitting over the village people of all ages and both sexes, eating grilled jujube hill, surface sheep, while watching the "play", "listen to music", there are trees shed light on both sides, the trees hang firecrackers, molten iron the stove and a blower melted under the tree, the molten iron to the branches spread out, fireworks and firecrackers, "is a vivid portrayal of invites non day night" Lantern night.
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"Gaoping folk embroidery" directory: sequence of a sequence of two Gaoping folk essays always become Gaoping folk embroidery outline pocket bellyband belly nozzle cap tail needle packet pectoral pillow top confining its shoes shoes insole powder eraser children bib postscript "Gaoping folk" directory: sequence order two Gaoping folk essays always become Gaoping folk festival overview the Spring Festival in July August fifteen customs dough figurines figurines in October fifteen ten lamp steamed dough figurines etiquette custom wedding baby full moon round cangue Miansu wish noodles plastic funeral customs works Miansu appreciate other Zodiac dough dough postscript "Gaoping folk paper cut" directory: sequence of a sequence of two Gaoping folk observation of general Gaoping folk paper-cut outline character drama class custom class birthday appliances class animal window class bottom class class @##@ Zodiac. "Protection of Gaoping intangible cultural heritage series (set of 3 volumes)" includes "the folk embroidery of Gaoping", "Gaoping folk paper-cut", "Gaoping folk". Reflects the richness and integrity of folk custom in Gaoping, in-depth excavation of the historical origin of Gaoping folk, comprehensively and systematically show the rich content and profound connotation of intangible cultural heritage of Gaoping folk custom, for mining, collection, collation, the heritage of Chinese folk culture, rich folk culture, carry forward the fine traditional culture, have very of great significance to the development of local cultural industry.
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"Protection of Gaoping intangible cultural heritage series (set of 3 volumes)" published by Beijing Arts Publishing house.
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