The depth of walking

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Chen Chuanyi: born in Henan Xinxian County, graduated from the people's Liberation Army Xi'an Institute of politics China, entered Nanjing Political College, Central Party school learning. Chinese Writers Association member. Through a bitter sweet childhood in big don't mountain hinterland, mother earth middle school graduation will bid farewell to Yiyi attachment, came to Wei Anxiong Jun beyond the border, after the military twenty spring and autumn, and into the local long explorations. "I left home before, reluctantly bid farewell; we come back in the snow." Those who knew me, said I was sad at heart. Those who did not know me, said I was seeking for something.
wrote essays "contemporary China military culture (up and down)" (in collaboration with the coating state), prose anthology "heart", "Pearl River" Jing Bo, China Writers Association focused on supporting works, reportage literature "and the mind -- China fake treatment of inferior memorandum" etc..
Author brief introduction

The copyright page: illustration: Zhoukoudian, warm nest human childhood back here on the Taihang Mountains, the southern Hebei plain, north is a common mountain. It has a long history, our ancestors -- Beijing -- remains, quietly lying here! From then on, we began to explore the real human origin. However, the remains of missing father very quickly again, this is the whole of human misery! What destroyed in the war, or fall into the hands of others? (a) in 1900, the Eight Power Allied forces invaded, the fall of Beijing. In the Bank of China medicine German doctor Haber, carrying a contains return ancient animal fossils commonly known as the "keel" medicine. Germany ancient vertebrate zoologist Schlosser, identified a primitive primate animal fossil teeth from it, but I do not know or ape. Twenty years later, just know this is a ground breaking discovery. In 1914, China still domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Yuan Shikai in the bloody suppression of Sun Zhongshan "two revolution", the dissolution of Parliament, hiring foreign advisers, in order to obtain the support of Western "". Swedish geologists Anterson at this time in China, as the government of Beijing Ministry of agriculture and Commerce in a mining consultant, but he never forgot Schlosser found that tooth fossil. The spring of 1921, Andersson and Americans Glen order, Austria paleontologist Dan J Ki, dragon bone hill in Zhoukoudian a fill deposits in fractured, surprised to see deer, rhinoceros, bears and other bones, and the band edge quartz stone fragments. Since then, there found fossil mammals are wild boar, buffalo, saber toothed tiger, etc.. Can imagine, saber toothed tiger, this kind of ferocious animal threatening Beijing people living. At that time, the field of archaeology a barren, but will be sent to Sweden from University of Uppsala. Otto zdansky found two molar tooth -- from. Originally, Zhoukoudian buried human, cultural roots! In October 17, 1926, the Swedish Crown Prince and later King Gustaf VI Adolf's visit to china. The prince is in charge of the Swedish archaeologist, geological, in Chinese Paleontology and Archaeology Research funding. One to Beijing, held a welcome meeting China Institute of geological survey, Beijing natural history society and the Beijing Union Medical College, Andersson announced that Zhoukoudian found two human tooth. The world had never found in this ancient human fossils, the message is like a big earthquake, shook the world. Antell born from the beginning of 1919, committed to China ancient civilization of Jinxi, has Liaoning to explore the cave site, Henan casserole Tuen Mianchi Yangshao Neolithic village. Convinced that Central Asia Department Director Bu Dasheng is the birthplace of human anatomy of Canada physical anthropologists, the Beijing Union Medical College, is also active in Zhoukoudian to explore, as funds around, his dedication to get Sweden and scientific research will be American Rockefeller fund support, and agreed to explore and director of the Institute of geological survey Chinese W.H. Wong, China and the United States signed a "cooperation of North China third tertiary and Quaternary deposits of the agreement": "everything.Set to the specimen to China geological survey all, anthropological materials in not out of China premise, kept by the Beijing Union Medical College, for research purposes." In early 1927, Zhoukoudian or a frozen bleak weather, keel Hill large-scale archaeological excavations is fluttering prelude. In nineteenth Century, the question of the origin of human science and religious conflict, climax. Religion that God made man, but many scholars agree with the British scientist Darwin "the same ancestors" theory, the German evolutionist sea Er also assumes that the expansion, there are transition form -- "man from ape to man". In 1891, scientists in Holland Dubois found the human skull, mandible and thigh bone fossils on the island of Java in Indonesia, volume ratio of ape brain than modern human thigh bone, similar to modern people, can walk upright, known as "Homo erectus" or "Java man". Tool making animal is human, and Java did not find a stone or tools, at the most is the extinct australopithecus. In 1895, he found the back to europe. People say "God made man", you say "from ape to man", is equal to dig family graves, was a strong attack, the scientific community have said that this is the only living in Asia. Twenty years later, Dubois's colleague and gathered in Zhoukoudian, the new dream that "the same ancestors". The summer of 1927, Yan Xishan and Zhang Zuolin two big warlords scuffle in Peiping, Zhoukoudian still has a surprise: discovering a great deal of speleothems, black surprised to see a beautiful fossil human tooth. He tread, to paint a picture of the ancient human portrait, in the neck painted a China Petunia, elegance Yin sigh: "when the world was young, the human is very happy, happy." And in "paleontology" published "Zhoukoudian Chinese accumulation in one department molar", considered Zuo Xiadi a adult molars, age of the third century, about 550000 years ago, that a uniform properties and Otto zdansky discovered, called "China Beijing ape man" or "the people of Beijing". Since then, with his teeth to travel around the world, academic circles think of his arrogance, mock, ridicule, slander, questioned this material can reach so important conclusion, but did not discourage him for human ancestors remains with the secret obsession. In 1927, Zhoukoudian and the new two young men: one is Yang Zhongjian Pei Wenzhong, two, graduated from Peking University Department of geology are. Because of the war lost three months of excavation time, however, the harvest: the discovery of a young female right mandible, an adult, right mandibular three molars. This makes the tooth set "Chinese ape man" more detailed evidence. At that time, China Paleolithic archaeology founder, Geological Survey Institute room generation new consultant Teilhard de Chardin, and Yang Zhong Jian to Zhoukoudian for further investigation, found in the different geological layers is complete, obviously belong to the update time. However, the 1929 excavations appear hard layer, some people say that excavation near the end, W. H. Wong and black will explore the delivery of Pei Wenzhong. Silence keel Sendon. Snap to the end of the year, very cold. On December 2, 1929 afternoon 4 when, the sun had dyed through the quiet mountains in Zhoukoudian. Close to the day, Pei Wenzhong found a narrow entrance, immediately tether and, suddenly cried aloud: "what is this? A head. Pei Wen and dug deeper and could not believe my own eyes: Yes, that is the skull fossil, half buried in the soil, half buried in the hard clay. That night, Pei Wenzhong, Wang Cunyi, Qiao Derui three people, the skull baking, paste paper, and then paste the plaster, bake, gypsum rigid quilt wrapped, elaborately than care baby. Sent to Peiping, Pei Wenzhong sent a letter to W. H. Wong, and cable Bu Dasheng: "just a skull, very complete, much like people." Bu Dasheng also sent a letter to Anterson: "yesterday I received a telegram from Zhoukoudian Pei, says tomorrow will make a complete China ape men skulls back to peking! I hope he is really!" This 500000 years ago "Beijing" help, confirmed that black original scientific forecasting and wisdom. This is the most touching history of ancient human on the psalms. Well repair, Beijing head bone cover perfect as mysterious, beautiful. Provides chisel card "from ape to man" theory, the "Java man" is an ape or people have a conclusion. Therefore, Darwin's theory of evolution, Indonesia found the Javanese, are not evidence is evolved from the ape theory, then recognized human fossils is life's not earlier than 100000 years ago the Neanderthal man. Beijing people discovery, the Javanese h.erectus has found what is the long-term argument ape or the human, and provide strong evidence for Darwin from ape to man theory, and human evolution back by about 400000 years. (two) in 1930, Pei Wenzhong again found stacked block, epoch-making bone, stone, carbon block for burned. Teilhard de Chardin articles were rushed to Paris, and prehistoric European site discovery alignment, strikingly consistent, and prove that the specimen is carbon residue. Piles of ashes showed that the fire did not spread, the ability to prove the people of Beijing have the control of fire. The dark fire will light up, disperse the cold. In addition to man and animal are afraid of fire, fire and became the patron saint of Beijing people. There is a fire, the rapid evolution of human. The ancient people created many fire, fire Myth: "Sui Ming's not four day and night, a fire a flint wood, bent plate 10000 Ares, a bird name owl, woodpecker is a bright fire, Saint sense because its branches to Yan, fire drill, flintlock." After all, is a legend, but when humans know the use of fire, who were the first to fire, still need to be positive. Human origins can be traced back 3000000 years ago, but these ruins are not also found the stone, the more useless fire scars. Zhoukoudian traces of fire confirmation is the earliest human use of fire, marking the human in the conquest of a very large force of nature. Only the stone, can cut card Beijing is "people". In 1930, Pei Wenzhong found the skull in place, but also to explore the quartz block has traces of artificial against, but it is difficult to explain from the original layer. And found that the sandstone, quartzite, chert gravels, all from the mountain flood. Pei Wenzhong immediately collect river stones, simulation system, and the same cave gravel. This is the Beijing people living and production tools. "Tip" a finger, the production of sophisticated, put in the late Paleolithic also treasures. "Cut chop", "scraper", a disk edge, straight edge, convex, concave edge edge and multilateral blade shape, in the world in the same period in the ruins, never find exquisite Kan and phase matching of similar stone. At the beginning of 1934, Zhoukoudian has been given great support, excavation of the first systemBeijing's famous anthropologist Bu Dasheng, from heart disease to die young. A year later, Pei Wenzhong went to the French under the famous prehistoric archaeologists next step. Since then, Beijing man site excavation and research, was replaced by Wei Dunrui. The excavation is responsible by Jia Lanpo, when he was twenty-five years old, and when Pei Wenzhong presided over the excavation tonggeng. Because after the discovery of the skull is a minor, a fragmented, academia cannot system Beijing group appearance and evolution. Only a high school graduate Jia Lanpo, thus provoking historical burden, weird. But the historical preference will give ordinary people the opportunity. In 1936, Jia Lanpo and his peers, in twelve days, the same place, has found that the people of Beijing, upper molars, incisors skulls, skulls, left mandible, parietal, occipital, nasal, brow, bone, identified as 3 adults (a female) skull. Magic revealed a high school student, become the paleoanthropology science history of eternal truth. The coldest days of the year, Wei Dunrui quickly drove from Peking to Zhoukoudian, Jia Lan Po genius found at! He studied 3 complete skulls, thought to be 3 different species, nature is the original Mongolian Meilan Polynesian and Eskimos, skull trauma that is non normal death, doubt is a 3 hostile races there might have been a struggle. Jia Lanpo and Pei Wenzhong's name, and from Zhoukoudian, and the world history of archaeology, permanent difficult to resolve!
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history after
Zhoukoudian, human childhood warm nest
the Great Wall, history also
> the Guanzhong loess Long Wang gas
green mountains, clear water
Confucius and Taishan
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Natural context......

reference @##@ postscript Chinese 41 world natural and cultural heritage, is the root of the Chinese nation spirit, blood, heart, epic, with non renewable world charm. The other three major ancient civilizations of culture has been interrupted, and the Chinese civilization passed off. Some legacy is due to natural disasters, wars and man-made erosion, origin origin, on the verge of loss......
for nearly 100 years, this piece of land to their own cultural taste seems not strong, foreign culture eroding our unique historical, cultural, spiritual, the world China culture has appeared everywhere. Economic globalization, any one nation without culture, national independence will gradually lose. China peaceful rise, more firmly, calmly and confidently rooted in the national culture.
the author had come to visit ye, --, persistent exploration China cultural sequence of events, dynasties rise and fall of references and the harmony between man and nature mystery, picture portrait description, very pretty and charming graceful quietness, Bo Yu qiankun. And the writer's unique detached mood, unique aesthetic, Su Jun, calm, clear style of writing poetry, philosophy, history, blending, pursues metaphysical, called the harvest of a surprise, rich and uphold.
Chapter excerpt

There is only one earth, only a handful of the world natural and cultural heritage, is the essence of natural culture, witness human civilization began, the continuation and development of the. China 41 world natural and cultural heritage, gave birth to the beautiful land of China, the Chinese nation created from the divine, is an ancient nationality heart, blood, root soul, epic, all have a kind of beyond the era value, showing the world significance of non renewable. However, the river day and night, It passes like this., some heritage due to natural disasters, wars and man-made weathering and denudation, origin origin, on the verge of loss...... Professor of Peking University, the famous scholar Lou Yulie in recent years, the appeal: now look, China territory does not seem to have much of their culture. The world China culture is reflected everywhere, but we ourselves do not recognize its value. The market economy leads to materialization is more and more serious, more and more people become the slaves, some culture came in, slowly eroding the unique historical, traditional, ethnic and cultural spirit of their own, "their main and slave", and even become the dependency of other culture. Economic globalization, cultural globalization will never can. Maintenance of multi culture, more strong, calm and confident of defending the national culture. Economic globalization, any one nation without culture, national independence will gradually lose. China peaceful rise, modernization, only their own culture is rooted in the fertile soil of strategy. As evidenced by the sagacity, said of a great teacher. Author with profound respect and humility, had come to, the 41 world natural and cultural heritage, one one visit ye, traceability, investigation, after more than 10 years, completed a long journey of life, the spiritual journey and cultural tour. Walking through Zhoukoudian "Beijing people", the the Great Wall ruins, ruins, the beginning imperial tomb and Terracotta Army, Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan, Qufu Confucian Temple, Confucian Residence Konglin, ancient building complex in the Wudang Mountains, Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple and Mogao Grottoes, Norbulingka, Yungang Grottoes, Longmen Grottoes, Mount Wutai, the cultural landscape, the Dazu rock carvings, Gao Juli Wangcheng and the royal tombs and the tombs of the nobles, the Ming and Qing imperial tombs, Chengde Mountain Resort, the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, the Summer Palace, the classical gardens of Suzhou, Hangzhou West Lake, Mount Lu, the cultural landscape of ancient villages in southern Anhui, Pingyao County, Fujian Tulou, Kaiping Diaolou and villages, Dengfeng "the world into" historical buildings, the historic centre of Macao, the Old Town of Lijiang 29 world cultural heritage. There are Taishan, Wuyishan, Mount Huangshan, Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha in 4 natural, cultural heritage, the study of Chinese culture, the rise and fall of dynasties reference sequence of events and the harmony between man and nature mystery. Through a series of ancient objects, a vicissitudes of life remains from the Yellow River, the Yangtze River civilization, civilization and the civilization of the steppes and perspective, Chinese culture, history and the history of the charm. The Jinsha River, the Nu River trek Lancangjiang River, Sanjiang, Jiuzhaigou, and the flow area Huanglong Valley, the giant panda habitat, Wulingyuan, Mount Sanqingshan, South Karst and Danxia landform 8 world natural heritage, perception of self to self perspective,, trying to show a Bo Yu day, very pretty and charming, do not encroach on the Wan Li's picture, truth telling human and nature. Efforts to archeological literature exploration, discovery and literature, civilization sentiment, explore the wonders of the natural culture, products and ecological smell the fragrance. The more national, the more world. When people look to the Pyramid of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, Italy, Venice, France's Versailles, Chinese world heritage is already all mankind have. Walking in the world heritage, people really feel Confucian thoughts broad and profound, deep moisture, touch the great foundation of Chinese culture, but also the calm thinking deeply Confucian influence and historical dross. Walking in the world heritage, people really feel the Taoism vast scale, to "heaven and earth mother", "all cases", China philosophy origin, rulers, follow the laws of heaven with me up the nature, inaction, and the extreme anger, disappointment and sharp all the social ills attack. Although the mainstream opposition me theory of fate, but the limitation of idealism. Walking in the world heritage, people really feel, because of Confucianism and Taoism, the two cultural camp has defects, the ancient Buddhism in India was the opportunity to China air plant, formed with Confucianism, road racing together bridle to bridle three cultural backbone of one of the Chinese traditional culture, penetration Chinese Buddhist culture. "Book of changes" interpretation of culture divinatory symbols have incisive: "rigid staggered, astronomy. The human civilization. Judging from the astronomical, Ezer time-varying; judging from the humanities, into the world." Indeed, history and culture, for thousands of years Chinese ancient civilization inheritance going, three other ancient culture has been interrupted, but we still charisma, the spirit does not waste. History is history, is the objective existence, history is not wrong, wrong is that we often do not focus on the history, not the reference in history. While the culture is culture. Is a nation. The soul, the true culture is not wrong, wrong is that we often despise culture, be opinionated. China feudal social or political blackDark, or move, or be split, the end result of culture come down in one continuous line never interrupted, and make this great country will datong. Such as the Sui and Tang dynasties after the fall, is still China Song Liao Jin and Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the owners, still is Chinese. Rome Empire died, after no Rome. Chinese historical culture most worthy of research, which has a long history, let the world as the acme of perfection. Because of its broad and boundless, I feel powerless in the creation process, encounter many problems, and even played drums retreat. However, the ancient civilization, charm and thought history and culture life supporting me, I uphold. Have research the "Analects of Confucius" "University" "doctrine of the mean" "" "book of songs" Mencius "Zhouyi" "records of the historian", Mr Qian Muwei's "Chinese political gains and losses," Mr. Nai Qiuyu "," looking for the Mr. Li Xueqin's "in search of the origin of Chinese civilization," "Li Xueqin," Mr. Dai Xuan said Chinese civilization the "China ethnic frontier history," Mr. Zheng Xinmiao "the Imperial Palace Museum eighty years", Mr Yu Dunkang's "book of changes", a modern interpretation of Mr Lv Cheng's "Chinese Buddhist Origin talk" and other works, especially the CCTV new film center, "explore" column 'found such as the production of "World Heritage", in Chinese "World Heritage Chinese archives" project, provides abundant historical, archaeological achievements, literature classic, very precious, like to drink nectar, drew lessons are profound. Dong Zhongshu of the Han Dynasty had a famous saying: "" poem "to keep" easy ", not to make," spring and Autumn "non overlapping speech." "The book of songs" mean "book of changes" "spring and Autumn" not identify a common interpretation, by each and every one of you to experience, to feel, to interpret. The creators have creation, appreciation and creation, "implication", "have a tacit understanding, and gradually formed a" feature "Chinese culture Writings are for conveying truth". Expression in art. As Su Shi Theory: "on the painting to the shape, see neighbors and children. He will be the definite knowledge, non poet." Chinese art appreciation, is a double creation, the creators and appreciating the connotation, light form. Only to be sensed, not explained, therefore, some difficult, also not worship sages, follow this, self sense, is a word, in order to smooth. "But the general interest in piano, helao chord tone." Perhaps, "borrow ancient glass, cast his indignation." Because of the knowledge is bad, is tantamount to Lanting Pavilion brush, Cao Tang poems, display slight skill before an expert. Some absurd ugly 100, Gong to consult million square. Vice chairman, rely on Chinese Writers Association, the famous writer Chen Jiangong, Chinese Writers Association Secretariat secretary, famous calligrapher Da Shigemo, the famous writer, literary critic, radar, Zhou Ming, deputy director of the State Administration of cultural heritage, the famous scholar Dong Baohua, China International Television Corp general producer Ma Runsheng, former vice president of the Writers Publishing House, scholar Pan Xianli, Jilin mayor Tian Yulin of Tonghua City, Shanxi Jinzhong city mayor Wu Qinghai and other good teachers and helpful friends, a man of scholarly virtue, earnest teachings, and pointing. Let me engrave to remember the heart, a lifetime. The famous writer publishing house editor Wang Tingting, China Writers Association Research Department Zhao Ning, for logistics, book errata, revising, publishing, generous help, encourage. The book also selected the photographer Tan Ming, Li Shaobai, Zhou Meisheng, Yan Yuankang, Yuan Hui, Chen Haorui, Zhang Wenli, Ma Yuan, Xia Xiaojun, Han Fei, Li Haiyang and other works of photography, Gong to gratitude. In walking on the heritage in the process, Zhang Zizhong, Yu Xingpeng, Wang Zhizhuo, Xia Xiaojun, Zhou Junjun, Zhao Hongwei, Gu Yu, Chen Xuting, Lei Yalong and so on, to help, sincere help, symplectic may and effort to pay, no invasion of the "depth walk" footstep. When we were marching at first, reluctantly bid farewell. We come back in the snow." The rest of one's life in me, often in mind remember songs the phrases, to express their endless gratitude. Xin Mao Year Dragon Boat Festival in Beijing

"Walking" is the depth of the Writers Publishing House.
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