The cultural productivity - a social civilization driving source's personal view

Date of publication:2006年01月   Press: Education in Hebei   Author:Fang Wei   Pages:243  

"Cultural Productivity: a social civilization driving source's personal view" is the theory first specialized and systematic research and summary of "cultural productivity" works, concentration is discussed extensively on the topic of "cultural productivity", expounds the cause of social development and promote understanding, culture, culture as productivity, culture and economic incorporation between timely grasp and other content, and strive to form belongs to the thoughts and opinions of its own, with the pulling power of understanding of persuasion and the train of thoughts.
Catalogue of books

I general a total social development, motivation and promote further understanding of social productivity / 21 / 22 relations of production and society thought culture / 83 of total social demand development of displacement and the new social productivity elements / 14 two, culture, culture as the productivity / 221 culture and culture "sphere" / 222 culture as productivity / 293 / 37 of three advanced culture, culture and economic incorporation between timely grasp / 431 culture in substance (economic) development and depth / 43II ontology development theory, cultural productivity cultural productivity / 501 / 502 basic characteristics defining cultural productivity (a) / 563 basic features of cultural productivity the (b) / 694 cultural productive practice rules / 86 two, the cultural industry theory construction and practice / 951 cultural production and material production of the mutual structure driven / 952 culture industry theory and practice path / 1023 cultural industry practice paradigm / 1154 globalization, informatization in culture industry (Cultural Services) of the forward posture / 1255 local cultural industry and cultural service tend frame / 135 three, in the context of the modern society Product / 1471 traditional reading the main space continues to establish / 1472 TV products, information products (Information Service) the positive association / 1583 other cultural products (services) of the modern idea of setting / 1664 cultural services as the diversity of products constitute / 180 four, culture management and the management system of the intrinsic know / 1881 culture management and management system of the Upanishads where / 188III create (subject) theory, create (produce) body, accept (consumer) subject to create (produce) / 1981 subjects and receptive (consumer) subjects and their interaction (a) / 1982 (production) to create the subject and reception subject (consumption) and interactive mode (b) / 207 two, creative formation, existence and practical expression / 2171 culture product creative approach / 2172 civilization in modern society under the conditions of the creative center / 2253 creative practice of cost control and value generation / 233 postscript (Chapter 7) / 241
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