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The copyright page: we should actively explore the cultural industry "and" integration model, appropriate to promote cultural industry "and" integration, vigorously develop the cultural industry. Cultural industry and aerospace, petroleum, telecommunications in recent years a variety of industry revenue USA has been relatively stable in the top four, Japan, South Korea to the development of cultural industries as an important national policy, practice has proved that the development of cultural industry produced a good effect in economy, culture, employment and other aspects. Therefore, our in-depth television culture system reform, vigorously develop the cultural industry, has become an important work. The party's sixteen big clearly put forward the development of cultural industry, the film and television industry is one of the important part of. Cultural resources are very rich in China, inexhaustible, be inexhaustible, film type variety, development potential should be more than other Asian countries. We should abide by the culture industry rules, the development as the theme, with the reform of the cultural system as the driving force, taking the structure adjustment as the main line, to technological innovation as the support, according to management as the guarantee, and constantly enhance the vitality, strength, improve competitiveness, to develop advanced culture, to meet the people's growing spiritual and cultural needs. Vigorously promote the development of cultural industries, and gradually formed the industrial system integrity, reasonable structure, advanced technology, the overall market leading pattern effect, make the culture industry has become a new industry in the national economy and a new economic growth point, become the heavy production base to spiritual and cultural products in china. From 2002 to 2010, China's film, television, theater, music, dance, art, art design, development is rapidder, various types of culture industry is gradually increasing, the economic benefit. Of course, we should see soberly, mediocre, and trash rough is also on the rise, fine less. The cultural industry "and" integration, interaction and integration has become a trend, more and more attention and promotion of the people. Countries attach great importance to cultural creative industry. Southern television ratings and advertising "" 193rd years, "SARFT announced the results of evaluation in 2008, domestic original TV cartoon and animation creative talents to support the project including animations," Adventures of little carp "won the first prize, get 1800000 yuan reward. Last year's popular domestic TV cartoon "pleasant goat and grey wolf" and "Fuwa's Olympic" won the two prize, each received 1000000 yuan reward. 2008 annual domestic original TV animation (including long and short) and domestic animation talent three categories of projects to support the amount of a total of 20, award of funds amounting to 8900000 yuan. In the domestic television animated series, in addition to "the adventures of little carp", "pleasant goat and grey wolf" and "Fuwa's Olympic Award", "award three a pig" and "eye" at the fall from the sky, get a bonus of 600000 yuan.
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Coil a language based on "Twelfth Five Year" planning blueprint for the China culture industry in the new ten years theory from the perspective of developing creative industries, promote innovative city construction promote cultural industry has become a "transition mode and method of the development of pillar industries during the 12th Five Year Plan": Analysis on Cultural Economics to upgrade the development of cultural and creative industries and regional industrial structure interaction during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" during the period of promoting cultural industry healthy and orderly development of the thoughts on the network "guest culture" performing arts policy of cultural industry of our country new map context of international division of cultural homogeneity planning: Based in Taiwan, look, look, America on construction of the two film community performing arts industry business model innovation from the core value: Exploration of industrial agglomeration and cultural interaction vision 2009 of China's cultural industry policy of the cultural industry "and" integration mode of cultural institutions two-way frontier research reform Hong Kong joint based on observation of creative, boosting Chinese culture "going out" in 2009 China publishing industry analysis of strategic opportunities in Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development of digital network culture and cultural industry: the national competitiveness and Fu No. war cultural tourism "concentric circle" contending top-notch design services business model exploration in recent years policy of Western cultural and creative industries on the new format of the culture industry: Festival of extraterritorial Expo TV channel specialization in China on Outside the Box, can be wrong doctoral New Media Forum in the construction of public cultural service system and film industry in the role of Hangzhou in the Song Dynasty, historical and cultural resources development and utilization of industrial symbiosis of cultural and Creative Industries Park symbiosis mechanism and model selection using the national innovation system to explore the transformation of traditional industries and upgrade An Exploratory Study of Organizer-Oriented Post-Show Evaluation "the cultural industry" (comment: 2011, Journal of @##@) "The cultural industry review (2010 volumes)" is the cultural industry research academic journal sponsored by the Peking University Institute of cultural industries, based on theoretical analysis, policy interpretation and the front was observed in the form of the cultural industry related field, critical theory, history and international studies, advocates to study from the perspective of cultural industry and trend of interdisciplinary, hopes to become the research results of scholars at home and abroad published by the forum, the gap between Chinese scholars and cultural industry research the bridge leading to the forefront of the international academic.
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