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Hilary? Collins (B.A., M.A., MBA, PhD) is the French Toulon European Mediterranean Management Institute (formerly the Euromed Marseille) director of the graduate school. She instructed the undergraduate and postgraduate courses: Creative Industry Research and design management in Europe and the middle east. She has rich experience in teaching and research methods and thesis guidance. Hilary's main research direction is collaborative regional identification and recognition and architectural environment. Her latest research project includes the multicultural
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The copyright page: illustration: how to come up with more creative? Creativity is often generated inadvertently, so some good idea is not a direct access to. To increase the possibility of obtaining some good ideas, the only way is to increase the number of ideas, at your disposal, so that they form a certain relation to each other. No matter how simple idea, are the raw material to produce high quality creative. The more ideas you have, the more material to produce good ideas have to mind. The key to produce a good creative is abundant ideas between quality and quantity of ideas is not contradictory, they are intrinsically linked, only sufficient to ensure good quality. If you want to get high quality creative, the best way is extracted from a lot of ideas, we need as much as possible to have more ideas. These methods can help you generate a lot of ideas, these ideas like a funnel, are gradually accumulated to a more narrow deeper direction. Brainstorming brainstorming refers to the team cooperation way to come up with many ideas in a short time. Because, if the brain is the natural state of the work, you will become very creative, when you want to create more opportunities and ideas for their research projects, you must have the destination of such thinking and choice: don't rush to judgment: not immediately comment if you remember someone said that human beings are not possible to fly? Don't be a skeptic, although sometimes we need to be the judge of an idea, but when we are trying to produce a lot of ideas just don't do that. The pursuit of quantity: more ideas, good ideas likely will be more high for unusual or crazy idea: if you don't know how to make the functioning of the brain, you need to try to find more crazy idea -- the crazier the better these ideas relate to each other: an idea builds on top of one another, eventually forming a new idea. In the search for new inspiration and opportunity for the project, using the above method can let you come up with many ideas inadvertently, you on these ideas were screened or add other ideas for it, these methods are effective. From the beginning of a problem of interest, then puts forward many ideas, how to study the problems such as: what is the research question? What is the relationship between the problems and other environmental or problems? Prior to the start of the study, told myself to have much of an idea -- if the research question is very clear, that is.30; if you're going to get a fantastic idea of words, it would have to produce 100 before the number you requested is not reached, stop thinking. You might want to give each of the ideas are valuable, and hope that the next idea is more valuable, and the aim is to derive more ideas, and make these ideas more valuable. Mobile ladder diagram you can also use the method of moving the ladder diagram to come up with more ideas. When you already have a good idea, you need some inspiration to the breakthrough, this method is very useful. You can use this method to research on the definition of concept, looking for can bring solutions to your idea. If your project is to small and medium enterprises designers' work motivation to study, so in a broad sense, you are not in the work motivation, but in the whole design of the overall effectiveness of. After that, you can consider specific issues, consistent with the concept as: reduce mobility difference increased to enhance the competitiveness of the team to strengthen the image like this list more details, and then step back, will use the list to your existing research ideas go, this method can usually before derived more you have never thought of the idea. You need to think of the existing methods and project: what is the concept? I want to meet any requirements?
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appendix Management Research of creative industry the importance of
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concrete research plan. The study of
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practice: a benign structure research program
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practitioners: Bettina Coble, photographs and interviews participatory research
fourth part: a study based on management of
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quantitative data analysis
from critical reading to critical writing
summary and recommendations to guide
practice: Method Study on visualization of photography type ethnography
practitioners: Sapsed - on the economic value of
and teacher cooperation
> time management written communication.
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thanks @##@ vocabulary "Creative research" a Book of the main purpose is to graduate students or practitioners guide creative students, to understand the design and management of some important theoretical knowledge, practice and research method, the book mainly discusses how to define the problem, how to select the research process, and how to carry out a series of problems of project research.
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"Creative research: the creative industry theory and practice" by the French Toulon European Mediterranean Management Institute (formerly the Euromed Marseille) Graduate Institute director Hilary Collins (Hilary Collins) book, designers and design students in detail the frame design research. "Creative research and practice oriented research methods in academic research on creative industry theory and practice", and make it become the core of knowledge and meaning of the research component, help the students to understand the basic research framework of how to define the research questions, how to manage the process of research, how to publish research, to enable students to create the process of research and his method in independent practice.
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