The case of Centennial literary creational cultural creative industry set (first series)

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The copyright page: illustration: two, the new commercial mode in "pleasant goat and big big wolf" from scratch, to form its own brand, a lot of people in the discussion of this success, to create a copy of the business model. However, current situation of the development of the industry, only the mature market mode can. China is different from Europe and the United States understanding of "mode". At present in China, "meaning" is more of a resource integration, its core is the resources. As for the European market, "mode" refers to a way to sell. Unlike China, economic structure and the development of urbanization of European and American countries tends to be stable, while consumer behavior, consumer's consumption structure tends to be stable, so consumers, the media, product, film type can be subdivided, talk about "business model" in this context, it is can be replicated and reference significance and possibility. Only the Chinese film industry, the status and proportion of marketing is clearly more than the content of the movie. Because of China's cultural industry market, industry attractiveness is not enough, the market is not stable, uncontrollable stage, the laws of the market is not formed, the concept of public consumption is not stable, easily influenced by outside factors, so the consumers' consumption structure and consumption behavior cannot be subdivided. For content providers, unable to find a "market segmentation" and "target customers" to be targeted for content creation. In this market condition, occurrence probability of good works is not much, so the content of income is not controllable, relative to the channel does not have a bargaining chip, but there may be a channel swallow. Therefore, at present China is still in the early stages of industry, talking about the word "model" seems premature, the most important factor is to obtain the resources in the process of market game, who occupy more resources, the greater the probability of one who has successfully. "Pleasant goat and grey wolf niuqi plumes" this animated film, is the original power, Shanghai media group and uyoung media three party force to jointly promote the way to success. The original power is a professional film and a set of film animated cartoon creation in a production company, supplier for the content, operation capability and marketing capability is relatively weak; Shanghai Media Group Limited (SMG) belonging to the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group (SMEG), is a set of radio, television, newspapers, network is a multimedia group, is mainly responsible for the film of the global campaign issue and the Shanghai area propaganda; uyoung media is responsible for integrated marketing, participate in the national media publicity. Uyoung media has over 10 years of accumulated in Chinese children and family media business area, is the only advertising agency CCTV children, Kaku children heavyweights such as the children's channel, and the establishment of the children and the home user market investigation and feedback mechanism based on. In addition to publicize "pleasant goat" movie in the children's channels, uyoung media is also responsible for attracting 5 minutes advertising tablets, this 5 minute advertising is full. China's film industry is no film in more than 80% of the National Children's channel every day for several months of not less than 10 times of the frequency of overwhelming promotion. Such marketing is a lot of animation film did not have. Therefore, if pleasant series of movies can play 60 minutes, marketing makes it the overall score of 90 points. Television is the most mainstream media in the present, the most extensive coverage. The original power selection in the television broadcast "pleasant goat and big big wolf", is a process of current domestic animation only. Audience and TV media widely cannot make people judge the characteristics of loyal audience, therefore the need for long-term, continuous broadcast. Animation industry profit model, is to meet the "original production -- in the ACG journals series -- the choice of reader feedback, goodOffprints - adapted into animation, audio and video products or game, derivative products "such a complete industrial chain and the existence of. That is to say, "pleasant goat and big big wolf" for more than 3 years through more than 500 episodes, the establishment of a foundation of audience group, resulting in a very strong brand loyalty in this audience group.

Xiang Yong, PhD, associate professor of management at Peking University, vice president of the Art Institute of Peking University, vice president of Peking University Institute of cultural industries. Participate in and chair of the Central Propaganda Department, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of culture project dozens. Peking University Teaching Award for outstanding results, Japan Tong mountain Education Fund gainer. The main research field of cultural industries, creative arts management, human resource management and development.

Li Fengliang, vice president of Shenzhen University, Dr. Dean, Shenzhen University Institute of cultural industry, Professor, tutor, the Ministry of education "program for New Century Excellent Talents" list, Henry Fok Education Foundation "teacher fund" young college and university young teacher award, the major program of the National Social Science Fund chief expert. The main research field is the theory of literature and art, cultural and creative industries and urban culture.

She Rixi, Professor, School of management, International Business Department of Taiwan Chi Nan university. His academic ex post in the Taiwan's "Ministry of economic affairs, National Bureau of standards" (now the "intellectual property bureau"). Once worked in Taiwan Zhongxing University and Taiwan Chi Nan University in the past six years, Dean of Jinan University School of management, promote the system integration, combined with the Taiwan major policies for the development of new academic field (Tourism and cultural creative), and expand international exchanges, with excellent performance.
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The cultural industry is the subject of a cross from the humanities and social science disciplines, although the discipline boundary and research methods are not entirely clear, personnel training enthusiasm is very high, visible industry flourishing on the occasion of the thirsty state. As an emerging discipline, all of the “ &rdquo, “ culture industry; creative industries, “ &rdquo ” cultural creative industry; still have different interpretations, but a little more identity is the core of the subject is art and cross management. How the traditional industry with the connotation of culture and the arts and to achieve recycling of industrial upgrading and the value chain? Culture and art by virtue of business model and management strategy of unique and achieve more market share and spread wide? Wings of creativity and management as the subject, accompanied. So we want to introduce &ldquo in the construction of the discipline,; case study of ” the study of management and management education in the common research methods and teaching methods, to get rid of the abstract of creative industry theory, operators into the operation of the practice, thinking and wisdom to success for the reader to disperse business dilemma the fog, the forerunner of the courage toAnd persistent light later road ahead. But at present the management books in the case are often more concerned about the general problem in most enterprises, such as cost control, channel construction, marketing management, and the characteristics of the cultural industry itself determines its unique required case, so we started the construction of “ a hundred Chinese cultural industry case database ”., hoping to gather classic cases of China's cultural industry, concern brainstorming ideas, creative management, brand building and industrial chain extension on the business critical links, to help readers better understand the business model and operation strategy of the business. In the "one hundred years of the a — — case of cultural and creative industries set (first series)", from the Peking University, Shenzhen University Institute of cultural industries, cultural industry research institute and Taiwan Chi Nan University Scholars selected 15 cases in recent years of the cultural and creative industry's most representative and influence analysis provide business model and operation strategy of reference for the majority of cultural creative industry practitioners, and academics to cultural industry people provide detailed case materials and interview. This series of selected cases including the Rococo, crystal stone, a few meters brand, Ming Hua Yuan, Dafen Village, which, as you read these cases, sometimes feel the inside situation brilliant and full of suspense, sometimes amazed at their own business complexity had a loss should be easily broken, sometimes break the thinking instead of a suddenly feeling, the unique charm which everything from case teaching. Outstanding cases are often nonlinear, sometimes deliberately set the trap, but “ ” in order to enhance the readability of the book, the authors try to reduce the dispersion of information, let the situation more pure and clear, so as to enable readers to quickly identify situation, grasp the information of the case, and uses the relevant knowledge of cultural industry and management to make the analysis. “ Analysis (&rdquo analysis); from the Greek word meaning is “ soluble ”, also suggests that the essence of case analysis. I hope every reader in this series of cases, do not be eager to know the result, but into the case of personal experience, “ soluble ” in the analysis and judgment about a situation, draw conclusions themselves and learn from. I hope you will like this book, and was inspired and inspiration from. The editorial board of 2011/11/29
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The production of creative, management of creative value crystal stone enterprise and found that
for crystal, expansion of the business and scale, stick to the values and dreams. As the crystal was founded at the beginning of the tone set by - keep walking, will China digital creative vision to the world, to become the industry the most global scale and competitiveness of enterprises.
A, Entrepreneurship: digital visual art value Lanhai
two, gambling: small workshops, big dreams -- the Olympic opportunity behind
three, mode: to London - brand advantage of
four, personnel from Shanghai: Crystal college, training, management and creative team
Five, change: extension and uphold -- to change the industry's future
Rococo: innovative design management achievements of the future
it will good enterprise to a golden seed, good industry is a fertile soil, government support is the bright sun, but its spring. If the rain poured down, will open the creative flower. Creative permeability is the industry knowledge and creative design perfect fusion, which is the Rococo continues to adhere to the concept of.
A, business transformation: from design studio to creative group
two, Rococo strategy: Jia Wei in the heart of innovation company dream
three, creative management: "the cell" management
four, from creative design to sell sell design ideas: Rococo way of operating
five, achievement employees and go beyond the self: a spiritual creator
six, future prospects: innovative design group
pleasant goat and grey wolf creative insist - short board tufted outshines
"animation industry in the pleasant goat and big big wolf" is an exotic flower in Chinese painting circles, especially its first animated film "pleasant goat and grey wolf niuqi plumes", the 2009 record of $83000000 at the box office, with great success, is considered to be the contemporary Chinese animation landmark works. After second years of "tiger" pleasant goat and big big wolf at the box office is reached 1.
28 billion yuan, the other domestic animation far behind, become China's animation leading sheep".
A, a domestic animation record
two, commercial pattern analysis of
three, creative content when the product development
four, jump on the Disney stage
five, the future development of
Du Lala or "value" -- the publishing industry chain extension and development of
Dafen Oil Painting Village: large-scale brand growth path.
Huaqiang Art: deep cultural science and technology, to build the industrial empire
newplan: Model Innovation led to the design of advanced
Shenzhen newspaper: do Chinese influential newspaper
Chang: from print to art brand upgrade of
a few meters brand and international brand ink: the success of

Ming Hua Yuan Industrial Upgrading and transformation of the next step: Flower Expo Pavilion of dreams from
Chinese good fun: Design Innovation @##@ 2010 byte
Kaohsiung hero. Meng Tian "In a case of cultural and creative industries set (first series)" were selected in Beijing, Guangdong and Taiwan each five cultural creative industry to get rid of the case, the record industry abstract theory into practice, managers, business model and operation strategy of reference for the majority of cultural and creative industry and also provides detailed case material and interviews of cultural and creative industries as academic people.
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"One hundred years of the creational: case of cultural and creative industries set (first series)" selected cases including the Rococo, crystal stone, a few meters brand, Ming Hua Yuan, Dafen Village, which, as you read these cases, sometimes feel the situation inside the colorful and rich suspense, sometimes surprised himself. Commercial fish should be easily cracked, sometimes break the thinking limitation and a suddenly feeling, the unique charm which everything from case teaching.
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