Study on the development of Chinese rural cultural market

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Shi Qinghua, male, doctor of management, in 1964 November health, Shanxi Xiangyuan people. Now a professor at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University An Tai School of management and economics, agricultural economics and management discipline doctoral tutor. The new century excellent talent of Ministry of Education (NCET-05-0409).
1982, a 1999 period has a degree in Shanxi Agricultural University, Ningxia agricultural college, Kasetsart University, China Agricultural University and northwest. 1989 - 2008 in Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in agricultural economics research and teaching work, and in 1997 in Shanxi and 2001 in Zhejiang to complete the subtropical high and the senior. 1993 - 2007 went to Japan, Australia and the United States for a brief visit.
1982 years into the University, I and agricultural economics had forged a margin, from summer investigation into practice, and then to the graduation fieldwork has become the fundamental work, especially farmers behavior observation has occupied an important position. More than 150 papers published, total 60%, involving the farmer behavior, which, in the "Economic Research))," management world "," China's rural economy "," agricultural economy "and other core journals published more than 40 papers; published 7 monographs of farmer problem; on the reproduced reference rate up to 75.63%. Since 1989 to participate in the work, has presided over the national and Provincial Department of more than 30 projects, the National Natural Science Foundation and social science fund project 6. Access to national, provincial science and Technology Progress Award for 16 times, the provincial outstanding achievement in philosophy and social award 9 times, 3 times the city government decision consulting award, outstanding paper award 9 times.
the present main research direction is the behavior of farmers and rural policy, the representative works have "research and development of economic growth of farmers" (1999), "farmers' economic activities and behavior)) (2001)," farmer economy sustainable development research "(2005) and" the farmer behavior change:) (1986-2005) 2007).
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"The main content of "development of rural cultural market is divided into 7 parts, according to the general concept of culture, from the shallow layer of material culture to the middle of behavior culture to the deep cultural values, the current situation of Chinese rural peasants cultural life of layer by layer, and puts forward some countermeasures for rural cultural market construction and guide the. "Research" the development of China's rural cultural market for the relevant research work of reference reading.
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Modern culture atmosphere on their values, values of employment has had a huge impact. Despite their opposite the foster their hometown and attachment, but to the city for more urgent.
second parts: from 1986 to 2007 national rural fixed observation point 3 million households households of observation data, the current Chinese Rural Physical Culture -- the peasants living in particular changes in the way of life to do a detailed analysis. The study found: with the advance of market economy and improve farmers income, self-sufficient life mode of rural traditional have largely been replaced market mode, especially the food of this traditional rely on self production of consumer goods has gradually towards self-sufficiency production and market of outsourcing mode of combining. Accompanied with the decline in food, clothing, fuel consumption share of household consumption, service consumption while still at a low level, but also appeared a clear upward trend, especially the cultural consumption services (such as tourism, insurance and other services) rise rapidly. This shows that the lifestyle of Chinese farmers into the
21 century is changing fast, the transition to the spirit demand by a simple material to meet the needs of. While the computer trend type electric rapid increase, that Chinese rural family cultural life begins to turn to the TV, computer auxiliary pattern.
third parts: national rural fixed observation points more than 300 village of observation data from 1995 to 2009, the spiritual culture of the rural areas of China: changes in the spiritual life of the peasants in detail. The study found: with the development of economy, strengthen the education of children of farmer of village of importance in terms of culture consumption, children's enrollment rate improved. From the cultural entertainment form, newspaper and magazine consumer especially movie and drama investment has been greatly reduced, television, the network has gradually become the main force. From the concept of marriage, even in rural areas the traditional marriage concept is to accept the challenge, but compared with the past and not too big change. From the religious point of view, to observe the village people's religious belief in a weakened. Rural social security situation will be some impact, the beginning of reform and opening up has deteriorated. In recent years, along with the importance of rural social security, civil disputes and to observe the village against the treatment of events, criminal cases showed an overall trend of decline. In short, the current Chinese countryside farmer's spiritual life is faced with a subtle transformation process: on the one hand, the industrial civilization and the pace of new thought in many new concepts, constantly seeping into the rural areas, on the other hand, farmers in such as marriage and other aspects are still stubbornly cling to the traditional idea. And steadiness of Chinese farmers' spiritual life seems to be in this variable between inlet and stick to the club and traditional, place or subtle, or significant changes.
fourth parts: 24 village 17 by 2005 in county organization Jin Lu Su 4 1048 sample household survey data, the concept of family as an example, farmers in China were analyzed by traditional values influence in modern industrial civilization under the impact of. The study found: as the family caring behavior can best embody the family altruism, in the current Chinese rural family elders caring junior, junior, tending to support the elders of these two kinds of traditional Chinese values did not change significantly. Investigation shows, the rural families with many children love exists in priority order, apparent in children in general, basic principles for priority is to follow "the eldest son of man priority, priority". Love of the parents also have different expression in children with different. Overall, get the blame most often is the eldest son (daughter), and the youngest son (daughter) is often get the most doting. The survey found that as a junior honor the elderly behavior, although each individual honor or support in different ways and degrees are different, but the children honor or the maintenance of heart is the same. Survey results show that the sample of family supporting the old expenditure proportion of total family annual income is 8.65%, total household expenditure ratio of 11.88%. In the elderly maintenance expenditure, students parents of maintenance expenditure and marriage parents of maintenance expenditures than approximately 2:1. In conclusion, the results tell people, the current Chinese rural society while also affected the economic tide, but the rural traditional family relationship has not changed radically. It is worth noting that along with the increase of the one-child families, the rural traditional family values, including parenting view, child endowment view, in the future will inevitably impact.
fifth parts: 1446 migrant workers sample survey data in Shanghai city by 2009 agriculture team organization, analyses the value of Chinese farmers as an example to farmers' employment view view. The study found: "
his family home, the traditional concept of home inn" under the tide of the market economy has been quietly changing, contemporary Chinese farmers especially young farmers are coastal developed economic and urban modern civilization, non-agricultural employment of high income cited smoking, has jumped out of the "parents, not home" and "a thousand days at home, bound goes out one day to" old ideas, have left home to developed areas of employment. Although they faced doctor consumption level is higher, the difficult, the language and the inconvenience, but still not hesitate to put into the construction of alien. Survey shows that the migrant workers in employment in addition to facing difficulties of lack of material life, the spiritual and cultural life has become the biggest problem. These migrant workers in Shanghai amateur life is very monotonous, most of my spare time is watching TV, listening to the radio, or drink chat, play cards on the Internet for entertainment, reading, learning and training, the education of their children have little time, not to mention the integration into the local life, participate in the local culture.
sixth parts: the use of the organization in 2012 6 Shanxi village of 500 households survey to farmers, belonging to the hometown feeling as the core, has carried on the analysis from the hometown complex, the participation, family relations and other aspects of the farmers home feeling. The core of emotion from the sense of belonging: hometown complex, sample the villagers for living in the village still has a relatively strong affection, the "kiss home, sweet home water", "from their difficult", "come" and other concepts still have higher degree of recognition, but home belonging. Significantly decreased. Especially from the GUIExternal manifestations belonging -- village participation situation, sample farmers in community activities, the production and living activities participation degree is very low, which further proves that the current decline in Chinese farmers home belonging. Extension from the sense of belonging feelings - family business situation, as one of the three major relationships between man and man relationship seems to be more and more and economic factors to hang a hook, more increased the interest relationship. Investigation shows, the core value of identity and belonging to the hometown feeling this Chinese traditional concept has been changed obviously. The evolution from "the acquaintance world" to "the stranger world" today in China, farmers on the home that "although the United States but not worthy of nostalgia" feeling, the ambitious new rural construction of the government will be a way to circle the past hom.
seventh part: taking Shanxi province Xiangyuan County as an example, studies the origin and development of rural culture festival. Research shows that, in the long historical process, China's rural use of traditional festivals, seasonal festivals, social festivals, family holiday, festival culture, do a family reunion and exchanges and friendship between the polymerization and exchange, between the people of Carnival and exchange, between life and death thought and communication, between the person God respect and communication, material flow and exchange, so as to ensure the social stability in rural areas, but also realize the rural life harmony, but also the continuation of the rural cultural heritage. At present, though great changes have taken place in the rural society and economy, but the farmer did not modern system and life completely hook, they largely still live in traditional rules. Therefore, in the face of rural acquaintances world, to achieve social stability in rural areas, still need to perfect modern legal system, fully respecting the good customs, full attention to rural society under the rule of traditional culture, rather than simply stiffly law system of rural social and economic problems.
based on the above research, "research" the development of China's rural cultural market and put forward the following guiding suggestions of China's rural cultural construction from nine perspectives:
first, in the adjustment of the development of "three agriculture" policy, should be appropriate to the "free" policy is of great importance to increase the participation of people.
secondly, in the adjustment of rural development policy, the rural traditional rules should be highly valued, to recognize the "good combination cards" with respect to the "facts", the historical problems to solve in view of history.
Third, in the development of rural cultural policy, the focus on traditional culture and rules of developing. Suggest the academic mainstream to excavate and study of traditional culture to undertake; the mainstream media should take the initiative to assume the traditional folk culture and promote the role of propaganda; the ideology should consciously to traditional culture approval and lead.
Fourth, suggest the government to use public festival, sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour home visit two reunion occasion, carry out the "Hometown", "I add luster to his hometown" and other public welfare activities.
fifth, suggested that the local government in improving the rural cultural facilities at the same time, organize Cun Shi Cun Zhi Xiuzhuan, focus on the change of village people material and cultural life since the founding of new china. Put the past history of heroes to today's folk history to guide the formation of village history, Muramura Yushi.
sixth, construction of urban and rural collective identity of urban culture, especially to help migrant workers set up to self identity and the identity of the city, the city found a home in urban and rural areas can be compatible with each other.
seventh, build up harmonious relationship between traditional culture and urban culture, urban culture is the mutual promotion and common development. Rural culture should obtain the modern concept of value from the urban culture, efforts in the level of knowledge, morality, civic awareness and behavior are more in line with the requirements of the development of modernization.
eighth, rely on the reform of the cultural system activation of the rural cultural market, establish the operation mechanism of the socialist market economy system, enhance the vitality of.
ninth, strengthen the rural cultural construction especially the culture of folk artists, the effective integration of folk cultural forces, supporting a number of folk artists, folk art groups and cultural center of households and the rural folk art, unique art village.
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