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By October 18, 2011, the Seventeenth CPC Central Committee Sixth Plenary Session of the "CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of the cultural management system, promote socialist cultural development and prosperity in certain major issue decision" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), published since 1943, "speech" forum on literature and art in Yanan, the Communist Party of China about "culture" the decision of the second programmatic document, the "decision" pointed out: "the world today is undergoing major development, major changes and major adjustments, in-depth development of the world multi polarization and economic globalization, the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of ideas and cultural blend of confrontation is more frequent, and the role of culture in the competition of comprehensive national strength in a more prominent position, maintain national cultural security task more difficult, to enhance the national cultural soft power and the international influence of Chinese culture more urgent demands. Contemporary China is in the key period of building a well-off society and the deepening of reform and opening up, accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development of the crucial period, culture has become a more and more important source of national cohesion and creativity, has increasingly become an important factor in the competition of comprehensive national power, has become an important economic and social development support, enrich the spiritual and cultural life has become more and more the earnest desire of our people. According to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society of new requirements, to 2020, cultural reform and development goals are: the construction of the socialist core value system further, good ideological morality to further promote, citizen quality improved obviously; adapt to the needs of the people more rich products, excellent works continue to emerge; the prosperity of cultural undertakings, public cultural service system that covers the entire society's basic establishment, and strive to achieve the equalization of basic public cultural services; cultural industry has become a pillar industry of national economy, the overall strength and international competitiveness significantly enhanced, the public ownership as the mainstay and multiple ownership of the common development of the cultural industry structure formed in the round."
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of "cultural pulse, creative lead" -- creative design industry
A, creative design industry has become the pillar industry of Shenzhen cultural industry.
two, the design of all: the main design industry.
three, creative design industry in cultural and artistic original
four, industry chain structure analysis of
five Shenzhen creative design industry faces the challenge of
second chapter "long way" in search of new forces in animation industry
A, Shenzhen animation industry 2010 year development of
two, Shenzhen animation industry 2010 year development of resistance in
three, Shenzhen animation L and | industry development status of anti en
the third chapter "culture for the body, for the development of science and technology / >
A, Shenzhen digital media industry two, digital TV
four digital publishing industry, online game
fourth chapter "mother culture" Baotuan looking for new opportunities, publishing and printing
a > industry development
three, Shenzhen printing industry profit model analysis of the development of
four, the industry analysis of
Five, industry development ideas and policy recommendations of
fifth chapter the lively wonderful - film industry
A, Shenzhen Radio Film and television industry 2010 year development overview
two, Shenzhen Radio Film and television group development in the 2010 annual
three, Shenzhen film and television production industry development in the 2010 annual
four, Shenzhen film release status of industrial development in 2f710
five, development environment of Shenzhen Radio Film and television industry analysis and Reflection on
sixth chapter "improper president, advertising people" -- the comprehensive economic form development of advertising industry
A, 2010 Shenzhen advertising
two, Shenzhen advertising industry problems of
three in Shenzhen, the advertising industry development policy recommendations for
seventh chapter in the warming - Convention and exhibition industry
eighth chapter "Art + financial" new force - the art trade industry article
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: according to the State Administration of radio, the preliminary statistics, 2010 1-10 months the National Radio and television advertising revenue rose more than 10%. In 2010 China's Radio and television revenue has exceeded 230000000000 yuan. 2011 gold resources CCTV advertising bidding amount exceeds 12700000000 yuan, an increase of more than 15%, a 17 year high. The industry both inside and outside the radio and TV industry in the period after the financial crisis, the expected development generally optimistic, television advertising revenue will also increase greatly. In 2010, China's triple play officially launched pilot implementation of the "asymmetry" into pattern, policy support and into the telecommunications, radio and television have advance the right to development, the traditional media and new media development is speeding up. Shenzhen radio and Television Group advertising revenue ranked the top ten. The State Administration of Radio Film and television publication "China" magazine published in 2010 the local TV media and local broadcasting media revenue before the ten strong list. According to the statistics authority, in 2010 the national newspaper group total revenue of the top ten are Guangzhou daily newspaper group (3910000000 yuan), Chengdu media group (3100000000 yuan), Jiefang Daily newspaper group (2680000000 yuan), the Southern Newspaper Media Group (2450000000 yuan), Shandong people press group (2020000000 yuan), Zhejiang daily newspaper group (2000000000 yuan), Chongqing daily newspaper group (1700000000 yuan), Hangzhou daily newspaper group (1700000000 yuan), Henan daily newspaper group (1590000000 yuan) and Shenzhen group (1520000000 yuan). Shenzhen newspaper group owns ten newspapers, five periodicals, and a website, a press, namely, the "Shenzhen daily", "Shenzhen daily", "Shenzhen Evening News", "Jing Bao", "Shenzhen Legal Daily", "Hongkong daily", "Shenzhen Youth Daily", "Shenzhen daily" (English Edition), "Shenzhen daily", "Baoan daily", "automobile" and "special educationYu "," Chinese and foreign real estate guide "," travel all over the world "and" true life ", and the Shenzhen news and the Shenzhen press group. The group was founded in September 30, 2002, the Shenzhen newspaper published newspapers and periodicals accounted for more than 90% of the market share in Shenzhen print media. In 2005 August the world brand Congress in 2005 published "China's 500 most valuable brands" list, "Shenzhen daily" to 3690000000 yuan in 168, "Shenzhen daily" to 3110000000 yuan in 203, "Shenzhen Evening News" in the national 285 evening newspaper newspapers index column evening circle sixth. In 2010, Shenzhen Press Group advertising turnover year-on-year growth of 8.2%, annual advertising turnover has for many years ranked first in the Chinese print media. With the perfect bus body advertising, Shenzhen bus station and other outdoor media marketing network, the main types of advertising: bus group line body advertising, public transportation group line body advertising, Baoan Longgang line body advertising, handle the back frame Kanban advertising, advertising, ads shelters, taxi booth mobile TV outside channel, mobile TV the customs channel etc.. Shenzhen city bus carrying about ten million passengers a day, frequent exchanges in the city the main road and the bustling commercial area and gradually extended to the surrounding communities, therefore Shenzhen bus advertising, outdoor media are media. With a strong visual impact, is the business transfer of business information, establish a brand image, stimulate the consumers desire to purchase the most convenient, the most effective channel. Bus advertising, is a graphic visual advertisements, public transit bus to flow as the carrier, the goods or services to consumers through the image and text. After advertising people persevere effort of nearly twenty years and exploration, the bus ads with its unique artistic, practical and utilitarian, in the modern commercial marketing, has an important status and role of the increasingly prominent.
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