Passing the torch

Date of publication:2011-08-01   Press: Jiangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Li Yuying   Pages:290  

"New century culture of Jiangxi ten years (2001-2010), passing the torch: Intangible Cultural Heritage" is the "new century ten years one of Jiangxi culture series. The book for the first time in the big picture book form to the Jiangxi provincial intangible cultural heritage resources and protect the results of a summary, melt rich text and image data, strong local characteristics and appreciation of art as a whole, to promote Jiangxi provincial intangible cultural heritage protection is of great significance.
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The traditional music of Xingguo folk song folk song folk song Jiujiang Wanzai paper shed Jing'an drums shovel Tonggu Hakka folk songs folk song two Tang Long folk song Yao Jinna folk song Xiang she left Le Anyi suona Anyuan Nan Xiang Hall Music Yudu suona Wanzai deshenggu Fengcheng Flower Drum Song hairpin gongs and drums of Wuning traditional dance of Ji'an carp fish Qingyunpu South Dragon Castle Peak Lake dragons in the ancient city of Luxi Unicorn shrinkage long Zixi hand nine day long Dingnan Rui Shi Xinfeng Gu Po "Pu Shi" "plow lion" Jinxi hand lion dance at Jing'an Lantern Dance MA Jinxi horse lamp Qingshan Liu Jiaowu Hubei Jinxian two Tang on snake lamp Jingan Camellia lamps lotus tea lights dance folk stilts Zhanggong District, Wuyuan Nuo Li Du Le Le Nuo dance jump car lamp Nanfeng Nuo Chongren Jing'an Xianghua monk dance dance betsien QUANNAN flower stick dance Dongxiang Luohan lamp Yudu silver pit the strainer dance shield dance in Yongxin Fengcheng Yue Jia Shi traditional drama Yiyang Qingyang cavity cavity wide crystal Meng drama opera in Yihuang can play in Ninghe Wuyuan Hui opera drama East Xiushui River play Yushan class entertainment Gannan tea picking drama Nanchang tea leaf picking Gao'an tea leaf picking Ningdu tea leaf picking Wuning tea leaf picking Fuzhou tea leaf picking Jiujiang Tea Picking Opera Wanzai lantern show Ruichang Tea Picking Opera of Yongxin Delta in Hengfeng village class Ningdu Nuo opera puppet Xinfeng hand puppet Dean pan Gong Opera (Buzhang Nuo Nuo Shangli Wanzai opening) cattle tea lights quyi Yudu ancient Yichun Pinghua Yongxin Bongo Gao'an Daoqing high Poyang Yugu Daoqing Pingxiang chunluo Ningdu Drum Song Xiao Lin Nanchang banter story dry shake Qian Shu traditional art of Hukou dragon Ruichang bamboo Wuyuan Jing "three birds in Pingxiang Nuo mask dragon and Phoenix", "painting and engraving engraving in Yichun Jingdezhen folk kiln ceramic art Nanchang the traditional paper-cut art of Jingdezhen Ruichang paper cutting at the traditional blue and white porcelain production techniques of Jingdezhen traditional porcelain kiln firing technology Jingdezhen handmade ceramic skills...... Traditional medicine and folk literature of Jiangxi Province, the third batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage.
Chapter excerpt

According to the old artist Zhang Fangyi introduction: from the early Northern Song Dynasty spread Wanzai folk music has the victory drums, drawn from the Tang Dynasty "rebellion" historical events, music content mainly ancient soldiers battle, war, triumph, the celebration, so named deshenggu. In the long Suona music and percussion performance activities, the artists will be brought about by the early Hakka percussion music and the local folk wind and percussion music is eclectic, from the opera suona Qupai by gongs and drums, mastery, and gradually formed a unique style of playing. Wanzai deshenggu, the whole song into nine sections, respectively, "please" "four" "two" "the emperor appearance" "armada" "and" "to" "on stage" abdication "size round" nine stories. Plate arrangement "San ban (Intro)" - "adagio" - "plate" - "Allegro" - "San ban" (closing). Introduction part of music to beat no drum three, long barrel and waist gongs immediately Qiming, suona playing cards in sequence. [door. Hurry three shots. The long card. Cards. The town victory and tune. Drums [long change short change. 急急风. [last shelf. Three yin Sanyang], music. Each suona Qupai finished playing, with drums cohesion, paragraph structure clear and complete. Small play with Pan Gong when the cymbals, one strong and one weak slowly blow outs, such as natural and smooth, cheerful. Play with no drum, drums, cymbals, Gong, Gong waist and suona melody synchronization, majestic and grand and warm. Suona with a single finger play, use vibrato skill, imitation horse neighed. Large variation of gongs and drums with rhythm, timbre, dynamics, speed, vividly depicts various pictures, such as the soldiers tried, marshal troops, the emperor ordered the military to military, the war, victory, stop, celebrate the victory, Zhu Jie reunion. No drums, drum hit play, sonorous, spectacular. Playing musical instruments deshenggu is wind and percussion instruments and wind instruments two, traditional orchestra from six to ten people, namely the drum two, Gong people are paid cymbals two people and playing the cymbals, gongs and a man playing gongs and the size of each one and play the suona, long. The band placed in the middle of a square table, playing eight shaped arranged on both sides of the table. Wanzai deshenggu is basically a family inheritance, as the firsthand. The 98 year old "deshenggu" successor Zhang Yifang (guest), born suona family, whose grandfather Zhang 甘妹, father Zhang Duanya is not only a good suona hand is also versatile drums hand. Wanzai all married women in wedding, birthday, Huaxia completion, festive day and other festive scene, often invited artists playing deshenggu, to add auspicious festive.......
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