Ningbo scenery (lower)

Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Ningbo Publishing House   Author:Ningbo City Cultural Broadcasting Press and Publication Bureau   Pages:3688  

Non material cultural heritage, this a few years ago also let a person feel strange noun, now it's social awareness and high frequency seems beyond our initial expectations, this is because more and more people realize, intangible cultural heritage and our lives are closely associated, everywhere, protecting the intangible cultural heritage is to protect our homeland, is the continuation of the soul of a nation and blood. Seven thousand years of Hemudu Site culture gave birth to the Ningbo splendid culture, for generations in this land inhabited by people created a unique style, colorful intangible cultural heritage. These intangible cultural heritage from generation to generation, infiltration of the wisdom of the people of Ningbo, witnessed the Ningbo people's diligence, nurtured generations, is the foundation of our construction of advanced culture and the precious wealth. Even when the city the pace of development has entered a "bridge" of the times, they still exudes charming fragrance, precious. Since the intangible cultural heritage protection project started, extensive attention of intangible cultural heritage protection in Ningbo city has been highly paid attention to and the social from all walks of life, the municipal Party committee City Hall and support. In 2007, Ningbo Zhejiang Province as the only municipal census pilot area of non material cultural heritage, the broad cultural workers and thousands of amateur census in a serious and responsible attitude, seek truth from facts, dare be a person first, take the bull by the horns, and the high streets and back lanes, fields, from memory, many littles make a mickle. No leakage, no leakage and follow the project, no leakage, no leakage of clues to the artist "four no leakage" principle, the census work has yielded fruitful results, CO organize mining more than 20 clues about the 12000 census, census. Today, in front of us "scenery" Ningbo is intangible cultural heritage census results many people pay hard sweat. It is not a matter of carving, chastity, pieces together by our living environment, a picture drawing outlines Ningbo city style. Hope that this Shu Nengda to describe the general picture of the intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo, but also for the study, the intangible cultural heritage protection and provide basis and reference for inheritance. We expect this as an opportunity to more a person with breadth of vision, cohesion forceQuantity, arouse our enthusiasm, wisdom and common pursuit, the protection of intangible cultural heritage of this sacred cause forward. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity, to all the care, support and help the city's intangible cultural heritage census and protection work of the leadership at all levels, from all walks of life as well as for the book and hard work of the staff also expressed heartfelt thanks.

This book inventory through to Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage resources, fully showing the intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo city census results, both information, knowledge and tool. Non material cultural heritage is discard the dross and select the essential contents of this series is a collection based on more than 20 census on clues, appropriate, merging, and sorted. In chart, part with photographs or illustrations. This series uphold the original, accurate, comprehensive principle, on the premise of not complete elements, tendency study on project, prepared to concise, only for data retention, as the intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance, reference and research. This book in accordance with the Ningbo Municipal Press and Publication Bureau issued "the Ningbo City Heritage material non census approach" (Ningbo media [2007]32) spirit and scope prescribed compilation, including folk literature, folk music, folk dance, drama, acrobatics, folk acrobatics, folk art, folk art, the production, consumption, trade and customs customs etiquette, festivals, folk belief, folk knowledge, entertainment and traditional sports and athletics, traditional medicine, the other 17 aspects. The folk language due to the special nature of the series is not income. The series consists of twelve letter, a letter in Ningbo City alone, the other were Haishu District, Jiangdong District (including the national hi tech Zone, Jiangbei District, Ningbo), Zhenhai District, Beilun district (including Daxie Development Zone), Yinzhou District (including Dongqian Lake resort), Yuyao City, Cixi City, Fenghua City, Ninghai county county, Xiangshan. Ningbo City letter before a general introduction of Ningbo, Ningbo City, Ningbo City, after the administrative map, non matter cultural heritage overview, material cultural heritage index non terminal column in Ningbo city. County (city, district), township (street) letter according to the layout of. Villages and towns (street) copies of county (city) District, county (city) administrative situation of district administrative map, county (city) area of non material cultural heritage overview, villages and towns (street) administration of township (street), administrative map and the type of questionnaire.
Catalogue of books

I Ninghai County, tea Institute of administrative village in Ninghai County Ninghai County of the intangible cultural heritage of Ninghai County, tea academy town administration of intangible cultural heritage Survey (total of 78) [folk literature] pocket cement dolphin legend "beauty mirror" the legend of the Sigiriya Lion Rock legend "a frog and a mouth" nursery rhyme five the first "died as tiger" Proverbs twenty "early Southeast" Meteorological proverbs twenty [] king lion dance folk dance folk art academy [] tea Ning heifer carved stone [] wooden plough handmade folk art craft production techniques of sweet potato sweet potato surface burning rice milling craft brewing technology play cotton technology cloth shoes production skills [production trade customs] roast dragon water bomb feet Mao Xie Tian tou land customs customs [customs] shroud and food consumption in March for "grass" (Abutilon theophrasti CI) lunar January fourteen regiment warm stove customs send eat wheat yellow customs send banana fan, send chicken [] in her life etiquette custom send students (maternal.) named health and children of pregnant women taboo custom enough week (of Zhou Sui) "long chapel door" (bar the door) custom fixed Ken placard (hold) on the custom "wine Fu," "open face". "Sell a plough foot" (tea) customs send wedding, the bridal chamber a small gift lift trousseau stalls bride to be, pull the toilet Xie Chu, burning three urinary customs customs and funeral meal n auspicious choice mountain cave customs mountains (do grave) custom custom from the bed warm Kuang, Kuang customs "shed"., "fall shed" custom burned "raise feet Fu" send "three tea" funeral custom, funeral offering selected tomb seven year-old season [] the Ching Ming Festival Dragon Boat Festival ancestor worship custom on New Year's Eve lunar January fourteen nights (Lantern Festival) [] folk belief of Earth Store Bodhisattva Xiushan Temple end wool ship Christmas customs put Yankou ten half moon worship of "Gang Tong" "red calico" evil fortune telling God send moaning solution surface elastic rice stalk node solution and custom [entertainment, traditional sports and athletics] children "to build a house" lion boxing game bar [traditional medicine] joint reduction drinking (alcohol poisoning) recipe spiced vine powder preparation [other] Fourier instructions Ninghai County, Huang Tan zhen...... Ninghai County, the bridge street Ninghai County, strong Jiao Town in Ninghai County, Ninghai County, deep 甽 Zhen Cha Lu Zhen Zhong CE 2
Chapter excerpt

Ninghai county is located in the east coast of Zhejiang, located in north latitude 29 ° 06'to 29 ° 32', between 121 ° 09'and 121 ° 49', north of Fenghua City, northeast of the Xiangshan port, East Xiangshan County, Southeast three Bay, south near three county, bordering the West and Tiantai, Xinchang two county. The county a total area of 1880 square kilometers, of which the inland area of 1605 square kilometers, sea area of 275 square kilometers. Has jurisdiction over 14 towns, 4 Street, a total of 398 administrative villages, 15 community. The territory of live apart from the Han, Mongolian, Miao, and back, full, Tibetan and other ethnic groups, the total population of 580000. The county Yuelong streets, formerly known as the "Gou town", located in the middle of the county, the county is the political, economic, and cultural center. In Taikang the first year (280) home county, located Bai jiao. Sui Kai Huang nine years (589) waste, and people in Linhai county. Tang Wude four years (621) rehabilitation home, government resettlement sea tour (now three county). Wude seven years and one of Zhang county. Wu Zetian Yongchang the first year (689) in the treatment of rehabilitation, resettlement breadth (now Yuelong streets). Tang dragon two years (706), the county region is vast, analysis to Xiangshan county. In 29 years (1940), designated three county sea tour 17 township to the new. 海建 Ning County, under the Linhai County, Taizhou Road, Taizhou prefecture. After the liberation of Ninghai in 1949, the beginning of Taizhou area, after a few easy area under the Ningbo or Taizhou area. In 1958 October Che Ninghai, and Xiangshan County, county government set Yang, after the original Ninghai chengguan. 1961 October recovery system Ninghai County, an area of Ningbo, in 1983 July transfer of Ningbo city. Ninghai high terrain in the northwest, southeast low, the terrain is complicated and changeable, for coastal mountainous hilly area. The Department of Tiantai mountains, in the county, northwest, southwest, South Central four group. Ninghai and Xinchang at the junction of the crab back peak, 954 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain. Rivers are short, the larger white Creek, Qing, Fu Yan, 公河 in Zhongpuxi etc.. The White River originates in the Tiantai mount Huading, across the whole territory, 66.5 km long, the valley area of 627 square kilometers, for the county of the river. Winding coastline, a total length of 166.48 km, coastal farmland, dotted with islands. The territory of the western mountains overlap, northeast of cotton through the mountains. The middle low mountains, hills complex, a small basin. Eastern and southern coastal plain, north of the city block belongs to river valley plain, as the main grain, cotton producing areas in the county. Mild and humid climate, annual average temperature 16.2 ℃, the average rainfall of 16553 mm, frost free period of 230 days. Summer, autumn two season more than one storm, flood waterlogging is suffering, often encounter arid. Ninghai traffic, there has been "mountain rugged traveller Yu," said. But after the founding of the PRC, traffic develops rapidly, a city of Ningbo one hour traffic circle. The county 64 kilometers away from Ningbo airport, 80 kilometers away from Beilun port, with three high-speed, Ningbo line, like West, Ningxiang line and the construction of the coastal railway runs through the county. Ninghai people are industrious and frugal. "Force the Shanhai, save food production increase". Since ancient times, people in the mountainous stone for the field, the coastal reclamation reclamation. In the long feudal society, cutting and stripping the cruel oppression, frequent natural disasters, so that Ninghai economic development is slow, the mountain people life is hard. Ninghai old times, celebrities come forth in large numbers. The famous ancient advocating integrity, more honest and frank person. At the end of the Southern Song, the Privy Council, Prime Minister Ye Mengding, editing Zheng Lin historian Hu Sansheng, writer Shu Yuexiang, not with the Camarilla associate oneself with undesirable elements, all die rather than submit. The literature of Dr. Fang Xiaoru, in "the Jingnan incident" is not Yongle's intimidation and bribery to move, Ning was off ten tribes of woe and refused to the grass was Chao, fearless of death for a just cause to death, the strong gas for the people of the exalted. One of the "five martyrs" Rou Shi, be and unyielding, die a hero. Early in the war, Jiangsu Haizhou nursing specialist and the security commander Kong Yong, who first Zu, die for one's country. The Secretary of county Party committee, the CPC Zhuji Center Gold Shaw detachment first brigade long Zhu Xuemian, in the reverse sweep of the die in battle. Chinese painting master Pan Tianshou is honest, virtuous, for domestic and overseas art circle extol. Ethnographers do man Jun, make painstaking efforts, load one's pages with references, lifelong compilation of more than 1000 volumes, as Modern Chorography are rare. The glorious tradition of the people of Ninghai is rich in anti feudal struggle against aggression. At the beginning of the yuan rise up in arms of Yang Zhenlong, in 120000, and in 3 to 7 county government, the establishment of "Tai Hing", deter yuan dynasty. At the end of the yuan and his son Chen Xingzhong led the people to rise against Japanese pirates, brave man, J invade many. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Yu Shusu target against the rulers of the Qing Dynasty, known as the "white", Megatron temporarily. Xianfeng years, Wang Yanyuan, Lai Yushen (now three door county) uprising, attacked Ning Haicheng, kill the magistrate Zou Quanjie. End of the Qing Dynasty scholar Wang Xitong hated the Catholic Church play the gangster, arouse the people burned, killed father, be shocked "Ninghai plan". Xin Hai revolutionaries Tong Baoxuan, the rebel commander in Hangzhou temporary identity...... Cultural relics and places of interest, be too numerous to enumerate. Key cultural relics of Wang Xitong uprising sites, Mr. Fang Zhengxue read, revolutionary martyrs Rou Shi's former residence, the famous painter Pan Tianshou's former residence and so many. Located in the south of the Yue Yongsan, Wenfeng tower stand Britain, Calocedrus Chung, the beautiful scenery. In the ancient and modern, Ning seamount Guanghai Kuo, cultural prosperity, natural resources be richly endowed by nature, labor people and wisdom. With the reform and opening up, Ninghai has entered a new era of rapid development, the county people's solidarity, emancipate the mind, keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, being built eco economic strong county to build medium city, modernization, building a well-off society, the basic realization of modernization and strive.......
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This is a load of Ningbo city the memory book. Show in front of us "Ningbo scenery: material cultural heritage field investigation in Ninghai County of Ningbo city (set of 18 volumes of non") is the intangible cultural heritage census results many people pay hard sweat. It is not a matter of carving, chastity, pieces together by our living environment, a picture drawing outlines Ningbo city style. We hope that this book can achieve the description of Ningbo intangible cultural heritage overview purposes, can also provide the basis and reference for the research of the intangible cultural heritage, protection and inheritance.
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