• Gather the development of culture industry

    From the creative cluster to the cultural space, the development of cultural industries "agglomeration (from the creative cluster to cultural space)" by the United Nations Conference on Trade and development of the creative economy project director Edna Santos personally wrote a preface, and spoke highly of. The famous scholar Hua Jian International Cultural Industries and creative economy research field in the world, long-term follow-up study,,

  • Chinese culture industry review (volume sixth)

    This book is "China culture industry review" sixth volumes, which I published this series sixth. This book is the study on cultural industry a strong professional, hosted by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Ministry of culture and national culture industry innovation and development base. Until the publication of several volumes, by the experts,

  • Cooperation in cultural industry between Fujian and Taiwan

    Experiences and problems, "cooperation" culture industry between Fujian and Taiwan content: in the background of construction of the West Strait Economic Zone, play the role of the cultural circle ", promoting the rapid development of Fujian's cultural industry already became the consensus of the majority of people. And the "Five" "six for" concept for the Fujian province culture industry development in new thinking,

  • Chinese culture industry (first series)

    "Chinese culture industry (first series)" the main content: from the cultural perspective, culture plays an important role in promoting the overall strength of the country to western culture, why in the world can become a dominant culture, to a large extent is not because the culture of the deep and long, but lies in its cultural industry strong and,

  • The Chinese cultural industry review Vol. sixteenth

    This book is a publication sponsored by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University national cultural industry innovation and development base. A theory and policy, reform and development, international cultural industry view column book, the latest research achievements of scholars of related research in the field of income. ,

  • China culture industry review. Vol. first

    This book is an attempt in everyone's efforts, establish a can lead the research academic trend Chinese culture industry development platform mechanism, academic exchanges and dialogue with international counterparts, become one of the important academic heights on the culture industry Chinese. This book is a birth in the national cultural industry research under the care of the family,

  • Cultural industry marketing

    In the background of globalization, the rapid development of the knowledge economy, culture industry has become one of the sunrise industries attract people's attention in our national economy. This book systematically introduces classification of market of China's cultural industry, it deeply analyses the demand characteristics and context recognition of cultural consumption. Elaborates the basic marketing,

  • Study on the strategy and Countermeasure of cultural industry

    Study on the strategy and Countermeasure of industrial culture, ISBN:9787302130420, author: Xiong Chengyu et al,

  • Cultural industry management

    Classification of cultural industry Book abandons the traditional routines, from the management point of view, the concept of economics, policy management, a comprehensive interpretation of the cultural industry market mechanism management, environmental management, human resources management, focuses on China's media industry, art industry, tourism industry and advertising industry policy,

  • 2007 Chinese cultural market development report

    "The main content development report" 2007 China cultural market: vigorously develop the cultural industry, major cultural industry projects with the strategy, accelerate culture industry base and regional characteristic cultural property for Jun construction, cultivating the cultural industry key enterprises and strategic investors, the prosperity of the cultural market, enhance the international competitiveness. ,

  • Innovation and development of the cultural industry city

    Innovation and development of the cultural industry: in 2006 the city culture of Shenzhen blue book, ISBN:9787500454441, author: Peng 立勋 editor,

  • The cultural industry

    In the transformation of culture, culture industry: changes in the culture, ISBN:9787505849631, author: Li Xiangmin, Wang Chen,

  • Cultural industry case

    "In twenty-first Century the application type undergraduate textbook series, cultural industry: the development of cultural industry case" contemporary global culture industry theory and practice, combing Chinese and foreign cultural industry development needs, the need to develop cultural industry basic theory and application theory, but also need to summarize and Reflection on the cultural industry experience. 2.

  • Regional culture

    The protection of resources and industrial development, guanning compiled the "regional culture" is divided into theoretical research and industrial practice and case analysis of three parts. The author is engaged in the cultural industry research for many years, well aware of the cultural industry must first solve the problem of philosophy. Idea decides the development direction and development results. Culture itself is a matter of feelings, beliefs, aesthetic, art,

  • China cultural market development report 2006-

    "The main content development report" 2006 Chinese cultural market: in 2006, the Ministry of culture market department to actively implement the "national" eleven five "cultural development plan", in accordance with the "2003 - 2010 cultural market development program" target, to the prosperity and development in the first place, efforts to strengthen,

  • The big trend

    The cultural industry the deconstruction of traditional industry, the book stand in the strategic height to the integration of culture and economy, demonstrates the necessity of cultural industry deconstruction of traditional industry, explores the cultural industries, transform, lifting mechanism and path of traditional industries. Taking Shanxi as an example, the design of cultural industry and promote industrial structure adjustment and development mode and support cultural industry the deconstruction of traditional industry,

  • Shen Wangshu the capital of culture and cultural industries Olympic preparations

    This is a famous cultural industry studies expert Mr. Shen Wangshu wrote about the culture industry and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games the latest works. Author from the current we face to face with the cultural industry will have to do in before the arrival of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games need to uplift and the great leap forward development,

  • The cultural industry.

    Cultural Industry Guide, "culture industry series: Cultural Industry Guide" from the characteristics and classification of concepts, cultural industry, systematically analyzes the cultural industry competitiveness evaluation of cultural industries and regional economic development, cultural industry business model, the cultural industry investment and financing and the cultural industry policy and the national security and other aspects of knowledge, the cultural industry,

  • The cultural industry research (first series)

    The book is organized by the research on the development of cultural industry of Nanjing University focus on cultural industry research and academic journals. This book from the angle of multi subject, make full use of the theory and research methods of modern economics, management, law, Chinese, society, art, history and other disciplines, and the cultural industry theory as the basic theory,,

  • Strategic choice of development of cultural industry in Western China

    "Chinese western development strategy of cultural industry" on the basis of much research on strategic development of cultural industry, China west of scientific research system, not only from the general to the culture, culture industry and the western mature culture industry experience summary analysis, and according to the actual situation in West China, cultural industry,

  • Evaluation of culture

    "Evaluation culture:" culture industry research evaluation and evaluation of cultural resources is an excellent research team on the development of cultural industry attention, from economics, sociology, history and Humanities and folk traditional ideas, the optimal solution for the culture of Shanxi industry trend. ,

  • The cultural industry research (Third Series)

    A new description of cultural soft power and competitiveness of the industry, "the cultural industry research (Third Series) cultural soft power and competitiveness of the industry" content mainly includes: the first seminar on cultural resources and soft power, transformation, the development of cultural industry and the economic growth mode, mass: cultural industry "consumer goods" or "producer" -- Fiske and other theorists, cultural goods,

  • The annual report on the development of China culture industry

    The annual report on the development of China culture industry (2005), studies at the Peking University, cultural industry, cultural innovation and development base, Hunan people's publishing house,

  • On the innovation of culture industry in China

    Research and innovation of China's cultural industry ISBN:9787215074217, author: Wang Zhenjun,

  • Agglomeration of creative industry research design and application environment optimization

    "Creative industry cluster optimization area environment content of" design and Application Introduction: Research on creative industry agglomeration area environment, strategic resources, creative enterprises and creative enterprise competitive advantage elements, the relationship between the theoretical assumptions, model building and statistical validation. Through the ten major cultural and Creative Industries Park Research in Hangzhou city,

  • Globalization and contemporary Chinese culture industry development

    As one of the important features of development of the world economy globalization, relates to all fields, politics, culture, life of human society, is the social phenomenon in today's most extensive coverage, the largest, deepest penetration effect. In twentieth Century eighty or ninety years, with the accelerating process of globalization, many scholars from the beginning of philosophy,,

  • China culture industry review. Volume third

    Book is "China culture industry review" third. "China culture industry review" essays on cultural industry is a professional strong, hosted by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Ministry of culture and national culture industry innovation and development base. This is the third published, this volume in theory and the original ",

  • 2010 the development of cultural industry in Anhui Blue Book

    "2010 Anhui culture industry development blue book" is divided into 8 parts: preface, general report, high-end forums, expert advice, industry reports, report, regional development planning, memorabilia, about 40 words. The book not only included the famous experts and academic point of view, also included directly engaged in the management of cultural industry,

  • British culture industry

    "British culture industry" in the country as the unit, introduces the latest situation, market culture industry in main countries in the world on the management system and mode of development and lessons learned, content involves publishing industry, film industry, television industry, broadcasting, audio and video industry, the advertising industry, entertainment industry, the network industry, informative the number,

  • Development report of China's Cultural Industry Economic Zone

    The national development and Reform Commission in the establishment of the Shenyang Economic Zone, in the economic area, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Economic Zone, Shandong Peninsula blue economic region, Guanzhong - Tianshui Economic Zone, Chengdu Chongqing economic area, Guizhou Economic Zone, the Central Plains Economic Area, ring the Changzhutan Urban Agglomeration and dozens of Economic Zone, the book on these economic zone cultural industry made a special,

  • The strategy of regional culture in Harmonious Society

    Study of Jiangsu to build a big cultural province and the development of cultural industries, the book explains the concept of the connotation, big province of cultural construction and cultural industry development strategic value, through comparison of the big province of cultural construction and the development of cultural industry, put forward the development of industrial structure and the strategic conception of the development of regional culture. ,

  • China and creative cultural industry

    Creative Chinese and culture, this book discusses the symbol of economic and cultural resources of copyright, and research topics of creative China region economy, economy, network economy, and economic, cultural and economic, the Olympic economy and case, provides insight China culture industry new perspective. ,

  • The French culture industry

    "French culture industry" content brief introduction: "world cultural industry" series started by Professor Land National Research Center for cultural industry experts and scholars of Tsinghua University in early 2004, domestic and international organizations for the purpose of writing, Chinese cultural industry operators, managers, researchers provide a lookout, from the world's culture,

  • Report on the development of cultural industry China

    Leading cadres decision-making reference, in the face of the new situation and new tasks, leading cadres at all levels should have a historical perspective and global perspective, scientific judgment and grasp the development trend of the international situation, the correct response to the world multi polarization, economic globalization, the progress of science and technology, properly all the world political and economic development in the complex and uncertain factors the ability of,

  • Macao culture and Macao culture

    Macao culture and Macao culture: a cultural advantage and cultural industry development, edited by Yang Yunzhong, Macao research center of Macao university,

  • Report on the development of cultural and creative industries of Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan

    "Report of the development of cultural and creative industries of Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan (2011)" and the connotation of the four kinds of cultural and creative industries were distinguished and introduces, analyzes four to the development of cultural creative industry strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats. The report brings together Guangdong, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan four years of cultural innovation,

  • Report of the international competitiveness of the cultural industry China

    The authority theory study on the international competitiveness of the book, creative design Chinese culture industry competitiveness evaluation index system. By comparison of multi lateral fault and the development of cultural industry the major countries of the world, give the location as accurately as possible on the current situation of competitiveness of the cultural industry of our country, and put forward to improve China's cultural industry,

  • Chinese culture industry review (volume second)

    The manuscript is "China culture industry review" second volumes, the series of books second. The first volume was published, by the experts and readers, the book is "theory and policy", "reform and development", "cultural industry and the development of regional culture", "the concept of cultural industries,

  • A cultural industry

    "Cultural industry a" brief introduction: social science is about the human society and the development of science, is an important force to promote the development of history and social progress. Grasp the basic knowledge of social science, especially Marx's dialectical materialism and historical materialism, for people to correctly understand the complex,

  • Introduction to China culture industry

    "The main content of" Chinese culture industry: integration theory, construct the theory system: a discussion of basic concepts related to culture industry theory and the basic problem; discusses the characteristics and laws of development of cultural industry. On the China characteristics, highlight the significance: and analysis of type, characteristics of cultural resources and cultural consumption in china,

  • Route

    Shanghai culture sample selection, the main content of the book include: China Science Forum: the academic dialogue in the world, "new think tank": an important decision behind the sound, and Social Sciences Planning: national project ten years first, theory of team: the scholarship for the country, passing the torch. ,

  • Development of 2006- Chinese culture industry annual report

    This report introduces the development status of the 2005 annual China's cultural industry, and with special form, development of the publishing industry, the newspaper industry, network media, broadcast media industry, movie industry are introduced. ,

  • 1996-2006 ten annual report of Yunnan culture industry

    "1996-2006 report" Yunnan culture industry in the past 10 years, systematically introduced the development process of these ten years in Yunnan province from 1996 to 2006 of Yunnan culture industry, the development of Yunnan's cultural industry carried out. The book is divided into introduction, part I: ten of the total annual report on the development of cultural industry in Yunnan,,

  • Management of local cultural industry

    Operation, the local cultural industry ISBN:9787308052474, author: Guo Jian,

  • Research Report of Ningxia cultural industry

    Research Report of Ningxia culture industry: 2007-2012, ISBN:9787227052487, author: Lu Zhonghui et al,

  • Cultural industry

    This book is directed by the basic theory of industrial economics, the inherent law of the cultural industry development as the main line, the interaction pattern of cultural industry system as the framework, the formation of the theoretical system of characteristic. The book follows the inherent logic of the cultural industry, process uses history as a logical starting point, and then extended to the conditions of development, extension,

  • China's cultural industry development index report

    Theoretical model of this book for the first time in the preparation of the "China's cultural industry development index", and puts forward a multi-level comprehensive index system of the development of Chinese culture industry to characterize and connotation index as the core framework. According to this system, the book reveals the cultural industry of our country is still in the early development of feeding and growth policy,

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