Lan Wenhua

Date of publication:2001-6   Press: Agricultural Publishing House   Author:Zhou Jianzhong   Pages´╝Ü242  
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A, fantastic dreamy flowers two, totem worship remains the pursuit of the three, Yi Yi Wan Yi died, more than nine acres flooded stay four, Chunlan unfinished Sharon opened several pulling back to a few back planted five, white and yellow heaven was six, aromatic smell of orchid all over seven symbols of young men's good conduct, intrinsic pure in heaven in eight, deep forest tall wind swings in the cool dew beryl nine, king of the sweet Valley Fang ten, many painters is most difficult to write the eleven rise head and shoulders above others, Qu Song the plant high Chiaki lump coquettish @##@. "Blue culture" author avoided for general botany, flower of orchid, Zai Peixue introduced, but look from totem relics, planting history, semantic, celebrity image, poetry, prose, calligraphy, painting, lump point of view.
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