Hebei cultural industry development theory and Practice

Date of publication:2010-7   Press: Hebei University press   Author:Wang Xinming   Pages´╝Ü192  

"Hebei cultural industry development theory and practice" of thinking and exploration of the development of cultural industry in Hebei, included "Hebei Province cultural industry cluster development strategy", "on the red tourism development in Baoding", "thinking of the ancient city of Shanhaiguan cultural industry development projects such as the".
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The development of our province to press against the context of cultural system reform practice Scientific Outlook on Development strive to build brand Chengde royal culture industry sentiment led Sihai Qinghe County Zhang Culture -- an investigation report on the Qinghe Zhang's culture of Wuqiao county to develop acrobatic culture tourism industry survey and thinking of Shang Zongyue Yang Rongxia Liu: Tangshan tourism industry and the coastal economic interactive development of Bazhou leisure tourism industry and further development countermeasures of Baoding red tourism on the development of private capital into the problems of cultural industry in Hebei province and Countermeasures folk music culture resources industry present situation and Countermeasures of cultivating cultural market to upgrade the city from the Baoding City Cultural Construction -- Talking of the ancient city of Shanhaiguan cultural industry project development and application of the financial means to promote Hebei province leisure tourism industry belt around Beijing Tianjin Tangshan cultural and creative industries in the development of animation industry in China to see from the Shijiazhuang animation industry development prospects for the construction of cultural information resources sharing project of empirical thinking -- Taking Langfang City of cultural information resources sharing project as an example the development of Hebei cultural and creative industries research and discussion about the state of the ancient city protection With the development of the investigation report of Hebei cultural tourism industry sustainable development -- a case study of Qinhuangdao historical and cultural resources of Hebei's media industry development in Hebei Province, Beijing and Tianjin sports tourism industry prospect analysis of Hebei Province Tai Chi culture brand creation and development about building with characteristics of Hebei network interactive multimedia suggestions of network culture industry in Hebei province with the development of legal issues and Countermeasures in Wang Yijie Yuan Yanping Wang Weidong Wan Zhong Liu Hebei province culture industry market cultivation and promotion of competitiveness Countermeasures of cultural industry in Hebei Province on the cooperation of the present situation and countermeasure research interaction and win-win on Hebei red culture and green ecological diversification development mechanism Fu culture and to enhance the soft power of Hebei "the research and development culture", the development of culture industry, strong tourism service TV program form for the development of folk culture industry and construction of Hengshui folk art industrial scale construction actively cultivate intellectual property culture to become bigger and stronger in our province culture industry deep history and culture of Langfang development of cultural industry have a brilliant future of Shijiazhuang tourism image promotion countermeasure of reform and opening up the rich cultural resources of large Construction of spiritual home -- eleven step entered since the Third Plenary Session of the construction of Hebei the spiritual home of the historical process and experience of Yan culture and the Hebei culture industry development of Hebei red tourism industry development trend of the museum as a leading construction "cultural supermarket" industrial model suit one's measures to local conditions the development of cultural industry -- on the promotion of Baoding culture industry fast development of the research on Yixian County inkstone carving industry development problems and Countermeasures of the integration of historical and cultural resources of ancient city culture Shanhaiguan District show -- "six dynamic" strategy to help push the city prosperity development report on Scientific Outlook on Development in Baoding from the perspective of city culture brand construction
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Practice and Thoughts on the development of animation industry in recent years, the cultural industry of our province has created outstanding achievements of spiritual culture, but also create a huge material wealth, it has become an important industry in chaoyang. Our school actively adapt to the trend of the times, to the laws of the market and social demand as the guidance, efforts to explore new ways to the development of animation culture industry, has made some practice and theoretical research, made due contribution to promote the cultural industry development of our province. The status and effects of Hebei University, animation culture industry development as the only key comprehensive university and "of Ministry of" University, Hebei University actively for local services Chang of social economic development, in recent years to the development of animation culture industry, and has taken significant steps. (a) the integration of resources, focus on the advantages, explore new areas of animation teaching and scientific research in the school Party committee and administrative attach great importance, in recent years, our cultural industry development in the province from the overall situation, from the cooperation with enterprises realize the integration of the breakthrough in the direction, firmly relying on self multiple cultural resources, complete discipline personnel support system, rich equipment facilities, vigorously mining and scientific integration of various resources, to create distinctive animation culture industry.......
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