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Motor, University of Leeds master of creative industries, creative industries, Queensland University of Technology in australia. The famous cultural and creative industry research experts. The Qingdao municipal Party school teachers, cultural policy of Qingdao creative 100 chief planning and enterprise operation consultant, Qilong group culture consultant, Qingdao Ying Sen creative planning Consultants Co founder, Chinese culture creative industry network (creativity) ( created by. Cultural and creative industry advisory adviser he has served as the Qingdao city 100 creative industry park planning, Shanghai ECO-TOWN industrial chain planning, Dongtan eco city China Langfang cultural and creative economic planning, Qingdao City Southern Blue Economic Cultural and creative industry planning, Qingdao city cultural industry "1025" planning projects. 2007-2009, worked in London ARUP (Ojana Global Corporation) headquarters in cultural strategy consultancy work, culture research work involved in the project of China Langfang ECO TOWN project, Shanghai Dongtan, global summit. In 2008, presided over the introduction of the "Justin Ocona culture, media and Creative Industries Research Center" in Qingdao 100 Creative Industry Park, became the only international creative industry master service agencies and international creative industry planning service team. Beginning in 2009, Qingdao municipal Party school as a teacher of Chinese cultural and creative industries. The same year, the Australian National Research Council "new media and creative industries and Creative Industries Research" project group, the joint Peking University, Communication University of China, Queensland University of Technology in Australia, the Australian ARUP planning Consultants Co, Shanghai M50 Industrial Park, Creative Industry Park: 100 creative industry research scholars, to complete this project jointly. This project is one of the international creative industry the highest academic research topic, research results will become the creative industry planning of new media and international standards. By the end of 2009, plans to promote Qingdao to apply to join the UNESCO Creative Cities Alliance "music" in the project, the project has been Qingdao municipal government confirmed that the project, are proceeding. In 2011, as the Ministry of education funded CSC visiting scholar went to Australia to study. In addition, he has published several books, editing. "2008" of Qingdao Creative Industry Research Report on the development of creative industries in China and Qingdao the first author; South Korea in 2009 forty Seoul international mayor summit will be a "circular economy" report the project team members, the "low carbon economy" 40 city statistics report, is considered as one of the general core report; "Ying Sen creative industry weekly" editor in chief, has launched the 126 phase; "the world of the creative industry gathering area map of the world" in the planning creator.
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(two) pay close attention to the project investment introduction, savings culture creative industry development vigorously implement the orientation of investment, has introduced and reserve the China University of Petroleum Qingdao science and technology culture industry base, Zhushan small leisure resort, the newspaper industry to cultural and Creative Industries Park, Antaeus mangrove and more than 30 cultural creative industry and related projects, a total investment of over 15000000000 yuan. Implement system, family service mechanism focus on tracking the cultural and creative industry project, social soft environment to create a relaxed and harmonious cultural creative industry project, creating good conditions for the smooth progress of the project. (three) the construction of Dani cultural and creative industrial park planning through the Dani Artist Village and its surrounding areas to conduct in-depth investigation and study, invited the Peking University Cultural Creative Industry Research Institute, Shandong Provincial Department of culture and the Shanghai Dai planning company experts on-site investigation and evaluation, based on Dani painter village is the core area and the start area the idea of development and construction, the jurisdiction of 7 villages, a total of 15.77 square kilometers of Qingdao Dani cultural and Creative Industry Park in Zhang Jia Lou Zhen area. Preliminary already planned out development and construction scheme and relevant investment of Chinese film and television art cultural creative industry base, China Maoti calligraphy culture creative industry base and other projects of cultural and creative industry came to negotiate. (four) and actively carry out various cultural festivals in China Langya tourism and Culture Festival, Jiaonan folk art performances, Jiaonan summer square performances, "screen came true, free movies every day", "new glue Nanxin rural small opera performance" five big brands activities. The audience of millions of people, to participate in the performance of the folk theatrical troupe actor more than 400, more than 2 people, active in the cultural life of urban and rural people. Organize the Zhang Jia Lou Zhen "blueberry Culture Festival", Hai Qing, "Tea Culture Festival", "Ying Huang Valley Scenic Area cherry culture festival", six Wang Zhen "jujube Festival", Development Zone Management Committee International Balloon festival. By cultivating and building local cultural festivals, effectively raising the Festival cultural activities influence and radiation force, cohesive force. (five) to cultivate and create a culture of quality and exhibition to the beautiful scenery of Jiaonan as the source material, and the China oil painting society, the Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese oil painting magazine jointly organized the "Chinese oil painters painted Jiaonan series painting activities" for publicity and promotion of Jiaonan has played a positive role in promoting. Organized the "Russian oil painting exhibition", "I miss your hometown" military painter Lei Jinting painting and calligraphy exhibition, "dream home" -- Chinese painting exhibition of Jiaonan, "the good and beauty - ginger also painting art exhibition" and other large-scale exhibition activities, the cumulative participating works amounted to more than 500, providing a rare learning opportunity for artists and art lovers. (six) the transformation of government functions, strengthen the service consciousness and actively seek the cultural and creative industries in Qingdao City Party committee and government support, and the development of cultural and creative industries as Jiaonan's twelfth five year plan, the development of cultural and creative industry into the development of the platter. And enterprises to strengthen communication, good tracking service, will star printing company limited, the mountains melt Park as Qingdao financial loan support project.......
Catalogue of books

I always report
1 of Qingdao cultural and creative industry development status and Prospect of
a Qingdao cultural and creative industry development status of
two Qingdao cultural creative industry development opportunities.
three Qingdao cultural creative industry is facing the challenge of
four of Qingdao cultural and creative industries development goal of
five of Qingdao cultural and creative industries development tasks in
II on
2 to highlight the characteristics of marine culture construction of marine culture of
3 "cultural Qingdao" construction countermeasure research of
District III,
4 City, to further improve the cultural and creative industry development level and the level of
5 district - the development of new industrial projects, accelerate the construction of culture,
6 - Laoshan District, reasonable planning, promotion the comprehensive development of industry
7 - Chengyang District high starting point, large projects to boost the development of cultural and creative industries --
8 Sifang District Mining traditional culture resources, expand cultural and creative industry development space
9 - Licang District, seize the "Expo" opportunity, vigorously develop the cultural tourism
10 Qingdao economic and Technological Development Zone, and strive to build the city of film
11, creative new city of Jimo -- with "hot", The prosperity of cultural and creative industries in Jiaonan City,
12 - a small village rising industry, writing painting industry brilliant legend
13 Jiaozhou to Yangko as the core, bigger and stronger cultural brand
14 Pingdu -- the rational development of cultural heritage, to build cultural strong city
15 Laixi city - water culture way, the construction of ecological culture tourism circle
Ⅳ Park
16 Stone Cultural Industry Park -- faith, a
17 Qingdao Software Park Nanyuan acceleration advantage industrial agglomeration, leading the software and information industry development
18 Qingdao international animation game industry park of culture and science and technology, the achievement of animation and game "dream factory" Hu Yiyang Cultural Park -- with the help of
19 the celebrity effect, and local cultural and creative industries
20 "filial piety" source of cultural and Creative Industry Park - mining folk culture resources, push the folklore and the creative integration of development of
21 in the U Valley 2.5 Industrial Park - the old factory turned "Powerise" workshop, extension of modern manufacturing industry
22 industrial design Industrial Park, relying on the industrial culture, to build the industrial design of the whole industry chain
23 Qingdao International Arts & Crafts City - working Original, creating jewelry creative design of Silicon Valley
24 100 Creative Industry Park - operation Park, cultivate industry, investment, explore new mode of
V park enterprise
25 is not the bookstore bookstore independent, creative multiple
26 Qingdao Hao Fengwen Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. -- expand the culture of quality chain, building culture characteristics of the brand
27 Qingdao visual art design center, emphasizes the social value to the visual garbage
28 Qingdao Trojan industrial design limited company -- "360 degrees of design concept, show the design diverse features
29 Qingdao digital animation Institute, professional and efficient team, improve the animation industry" production of "
30 Qingdao ever Interactive Information Technology Company Limited - the body feeling game pioneer
31 Qingdao blue fly Information Technology Co Ltd - product oriented, mobile gaming creative
32 theatre in Qingdao -- the world stage theatre, Qingdao's new cultural landmark
33 ticket in speech communication and Culture Development Co., Ltd. Qingdao branch
create large chain supermarket concept ticket marketing network
34 Qingdao blue Ray Digital Video Design Co. Ltd -- to create value, the development of diversified
35 Qingdao diffuse visual media limited company -- Based on the local, adhere to the "anime + technology" with
36 Qingdao tianwu Fang ceramic culture Co. Ltd -- the inheritance of Chinese ceramic art, leading the public art
37 China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week activities release national professional, new "four one"
38 China? Qingdao Phoenix Island (Jinshatan) culture and Tourism Festival
beach leisure culture event -- the value of professional achievement Development Zone bright business card
39 Qingdao Jia Bo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., focus on achievements brand
40 Qingdao four-dimensional Animation Technology Co., led the fifth generation of high-tech indoor theme park
41 Qingdao wine, wine culture museum management limited the holy land, northern red wine trading center
VI special subject article by
42 technology and culture promote the integration of modern marine cultural city building
43 Music Island City dream interpretation of
VII expert
44 development of cultural and creative industry in Qingdao
45 of Qingdao city brand and culture Construction and development strategy of
46 integration development of Qingdao culture and technology is recommended by the
47 Qingdao Folk Museum to create a way to open Art Museum for the construction of Qingdao cultural and creative city
48 cultural heritage under the vision of />49
VIII appendix
502011 of Qingdao cultural and creative industries.
51 reference @##@ brand Book through to Qingdao each district, the representative cultural and creative industrial parks and key cultural and creative enterprisesDevelopment analysis, reflect the overall situation and trend of the whole city of Qingdao cultural and creative industry, analyzes the important role of cultural and creative industries play in promoting urban development. In addition, the book with particular attention to the "integration of Science & technology and culture development" and "the island of music brand" two themes, around these topics elaborated the development measures and experience, and explore the future development path.
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