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The culture industry is a new, independent discipline, is the general culture of science and culture can't be replaced, nor by industrial economics all inclusive, it has its own specific research object. So, before discussing the research object of this subject, it is necessary to understand the three important categories of the cultural industry, namely the three basic concepts: culture, industry and culture industry. Culture is the human world transformation results representation, different nationalities, different times have their own different cultural spirit and cultural products, cultural progress is determined by its material form and the communication mode. With the development of science and technology and the coming of knowledge economy, cultural industry is the economic cohesion from the edge to the center of the emerging industry, become the new point of economic growth and sustainable development. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the 90's of the twentieth Century socialist market economy since the reform, Chinese culture industry has achieved great development. The development of cultural industries, the high the whole industrial structure, promote economic growth, enhance the comprehensive national strength, and achieving common development with strategic significance in the.
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Liu Jifa, born in 1960, Shaanxi Shangluo people, Han, Professor, tutor of master of industrial economics. The Chang'an University, Dean of Humanities & Social Science, Xi'an Yanta District fourteenth session of National People's Congress Standing Committee, CPC Chang'an University Committee, China conditions of industry researcher, National Law Education Research Association, Shaanxi Province Federation of social science of Shaanxi Province, the value of Philosophy Research Center researcher. For a long time, teaching and research work in Marx's political theory, industrial economics. Writing "contemporary Marx's view of science and technology of the multidimensional perspective", "politics" and so on two monographs, edited "industrial policy", "science technology research productivity" and other works six, the book has been Canada University of Toronto library, Renmin University of China library, the Central Party School Libraries at home and abroad a number of Library collections. At the same time, in the famous academic journals published more than 60 papers, presided over a number of provincial research, have won the Shaanxi province people's government "teaching achievement award two", Shaanxi College of Humanities and social science research "two outstanding achievement award", and was awarded the "advanced individual of Chang'an University science and technology... Civilization "and other honorary titles.
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The macro positioning first chapter 1 first Festival cultural industry micro structure of 1 section second cultural industry 8. Analysis of 60 II status analysis of 49 section second of China's cultural industry development analysis of festival culture industry 54 third 49 section of Western cultural industry analysis of the status quo of the history evolution history history second chapter 15 the first Festival cultural industry cultural industry 15 second section of Western cultural industry 31 third 36 third chapter China cultural industry cultural industry trend. 111 Ⅲ culture development conditions of cultural industry development condition fourth chapter 71 section 1 the development of cultural industry material conditions 71 second development Festival cultural industry capital condition 78 third the development of festival culture industry resources 84 chapter fifth culture industry human resources 10L the first Festival cultural industry human resources 101 second day culture industry human resources consist of 105 third day culture industry human resources. The market development trend of market consumption development mechanism sixth chapter of cultural industry market in 121 first section of Western cultural industry market in 121 section second Chinese culture industry 134 third day Chinese culture industry 140 The seven chapter of the cultural industry system innovation of 157 section of cultural system reform era requires 157 second day culture system reform according to the theory of 166 key links in section third of the reform of the cultural system 176 IV. policy orientation policy system era characteristic culture industry policy orientation eighth chapter 195 section industry means information 195 section of the second industry operation the market day industry 198 third 206 ninth chapter Globalization Policy Orientation of cultural industry cultural industry 213 section 213 section second of Western cultural industry 219 third day China culture industry policy 231 references 243. 245
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A study of cultural industry, cultural industry science research object is the cultural industry, the regularity that has common characteristics in the cultural industry in the production of economic activity subject collections and cultural industry development process. Culture industry is a production in common, but also has its own particularity, is the cultural industry production of products with ideology, belongs to spiritual products, create, manufacture, communication, consumption, it has its own particularity, can not be equated with the material production, circulation, distribution, sales. Therefore, research contents of cultural industry are mainly in the following aspects: (one) the historical process of cultural industry cultural industry is first put forward written by representatives of Walter Benjamin the German "Frankfurt school" in 1926, "art in the age of mechanical reproduction of works", his view was that "Frankfurt school" another representative of Adorno in the 1947 issue of "Dialectic of enlightenment" a Book of the strong attack, at the same time, Adorno put forward "the term culture industry". Then, for the concept of "cultural industry", and its social status, western scholars have made delay for a long time debate over the years, this debate has not stopped. China theoretical circles for the understanding of the cultural industry has also experienced a debate. However, the concept of "cultural industry", with the development of theoretical research, arguing and our social culture, economy and gradually mature, especially in the "big sixteen" later, the status of cultural industry obtained the affirmation, so as to promote the cultural industry research further. (two) culture conditions for the development of cultural industry is the creation of human beings, different nationalities, different age has its own cultural spirit and cultural products, cultural progress is determined by its material form and the communication mode. Therefore, the birth of the cultural industry embodies the cultural progress, at the same time, the development of human society also has an important significance. The development of any industry must have certain conditions, cultural industry also needs the development.Parts, including material conditions and human conditions, the material conditions include the material conditions, capital and resource conditions. The development of cultural industry is built on the basis of certain economy, in the material conditions, economic base is the cornerstone of the development of cultural industry; science and technology is the driving force for the development of cultural industry. The cultural industry management main body to carry out asset merger and reorganization in the process of development, there must be the participation of financial system, so the capital condition is the rapid development of security. Compared with the cultural industry resources and other industrial resources, have special, its therefore, under the market economy system, how to rely on the market, effective allocation of cultural resources and development culture resources, is one of the important conditions for the development of cultural industry. In the cultural industry of the human condition, by the culture industry of personnel and material production enterprises, has its own particularity, to employees in the knowledge structure, the level of thinking and innovation ability and have higher requirements. (three) the operating mechanism of cultural industry cultural industry development must be in a certain condition, both Chinese or foreign developed countries, the cultural industry to operate only in a benign, perfect mechanism, can the fast development and growing. And the establishment of China's socialist market economic system, changed the economic base of the original cultural system. The fundamental relationship between economic basis and superstructure, the inevitable requirement towards the culture system to adapt to market economy system reform. In the public ownership as the main body of a variety of system of ownership coexist, not only is the form of system of main economic future now and our country, but also will be the main feature of the cultural construction of china. From the present stage of China's reform of the cultural system, to promote the content, it relates to all aspects of cultural production, cultural exchange, cultural organization structure, culture, culture, culture right of distribution, and the key to the reform of the cultural system of state-owned cultural enterprises, the theoretical basis of the reform of the cultural system is to a correct understanding of the relationship between culture industry and culture the cause of the. (four) the policy orientation of cultural industry cultural industry make a spurt of progress has been obtained in developed countries, some have become the pillar industry or leading industry. With the development of our socialist market economy, culture industry proportion in GDP is more and more, at the same time, along with the gradual increase of Chinese residents of the material standard of living, cultural consumption accounts for the proportion to increase, there is an urgent need for policy support related to promote the development of cultural industry. However, due to Chinese cultural industry is still in the initial stage of development, the development of difficulties and problems also many. Therefore, need the help of the national policy of strength, through the development of an effective policy of cultural industry, the cultural industry to support China extraordinary transformation and development. Therefore, the policy of cultural industry development strategy formulation in our country, it is necessary to learn from foreign developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, American, France, Finland and other countries formulate industrial policies and relevant laws and regulations, so as to better serve the development of China's cultural industry.
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This book is directed by the basic theory of industrial economics, the inherent law of the cultural industry development as the main line, the interaction pattern of cultural industry system as the framework, the formation of the theoretical system of characteristic. The book follows the inherent logic of the cultural industry, process uses history as a logical starting point, and then extended to the development condition, extending to the operation mechanism, finally settled on policy orientation. As a theoretical works of the culture industry, the book has the integrity of its own logical structure, it embodies the innovation theory.
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