Cultural industry and urban development

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Zhang Shengbing, Shandong Zouping person, a bachelor's degree and master's degree from the Yunnan University and a Ph.D. from Wuhan University. In 1996 the promotion to associate professor in 1998 promotion to professor. From 1984 to 2002, at the Yunnan University, College of humanities, served as deputy director of the Department of Yunnan University graduate student, Graduate School Committee member and secretary general,
2002 year in March transferred to Guangzhou University Professor, director of the Institute of urban culture, Ocean University of China, deputy director of the national Cultural Industry Research Center Director, Cultural Industry Department of the school of literature and journalism. In recent years, mainly engaged in the research of strategy of development of cultural industry, cultural resource development and cultural industry development.
, was invited to Australia, Germany, South Korea, China Taiwan and other academic exchanges, the Zhonghua Book Company, China Social Sciences Press, published "from the far ancient civilization in the coming", "cultural resources and cultural industry", "poetry and rationality" and "cultural studies" (co authored), "World Cultural Industry Overview" (co authored), "ethnic arts and culture industry" (co authored) and more than 10 books, editor of "cultural industry management professional series, more than 100 papers published at home and abroad, many papers has been" Xinhua digest ", the" liberal arts colleges academic digest "," China Social Science Digest ", the National People's Congress press and publication reprint and excerpt, won the provincial level scientific research achievement award.
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4 Queensland University of Technology Creative Industry Park of Queensland University of Technology creative industry park is the worldFamous Creative Industrial Park, located in the Australian Queensland capital of Lanzhou Brisbane, it created a university built into production, learning and research in the integration of cultural industry park model in the world. And simple set up by the government, industry and enterprise culture industrial park in the park formed a distinct characteristics of its own, it is not purely Industrial Park, emphasis on commercial interests, but on the advantages of the University, for production, learning and research closely, the formation of industry, research and personnel training interactive development, production, learning and research integration, explore the development of a unique cultural industrial park. Queensland University of Technology has long been an important research center in the world of creative industry and lead the development of creative industry in australia. Creative industry, although from the UK, but this concept is the earliest in Australia, 1994, Australia has proposed a "innovative country", became the origin of the creative industry, which are with the Queensland University of Technology earlier in the creative industries research. Queensland University of Technology has established the world's first creative industry college, specializing in training creative talents, the school of Creative Industry Park is to meet the need of training school and the establishment of the creative industry, it is the school and the Lanzhou government invested $60000000 in Kevin Grove campus building, from 2001 began construction in 2004 completed the opening of the park has three major function: education and training, research centers, industrial center. It is stressed to the industry as the foundation of the formation of production, learning and research cooperation. The main creative industry park with TV media, digital media, creative design, visual art, music and publishing, performing arts, animation and game, new media, advertising, has provided the very good practice platform for creative talents.......
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of cultural industry and urban contemporary transformation of
the first "new economy" the rise of
second festival of culture industry and the "new economy"
third section of urban industrial structure evolution of
second chapter of urban cultural resources development and utilization of
the first resources culture industry in China
second cities cultural heritage protection development and utilization of the European experience.
third section of the Chinese city culture heritage protection and exploration of
third chapter creative industries and urban transformation of
the first festival of creative industry and cultural industries in the conceptual distinction between
Second Creative Industry Division of
third creative industry in China the practice and the existing problems in
Fourth creative to promote the urban transformation: urban function reengineering
Chapter fourth different cities in China "culture industry development mode of BR / > the first festival in China's eastern coastal cities and the central and western urban cultural industry development mode of
second > third festival culture industry restrict the development of cultural industry factors analysis problem and suggestion / > Fourth
fifth chapter of cultural industry and international city construction
the first section of the internationalization of the city industrial structure
second day culture industry to the international city and the role of the
third day of leisure industry and international city
sixth chapter of cultural industry and urban spirit
the first festival of traditional culture and the spirit of the city of
second section of urban cultural construction of space
third festival of culture industry to the spirit of the city of
seventh chapter of China's cultural industry park development and existing problems of
the first festival of China's cultural industry park development status of
second Festival Cultural Industry Park function and management mode of
third famous domestic and foreign cultural industry park analysis of
eighth chapter of cultural and creative talents of regional aggregation and urban environment
the first elements of cultural and creative activities and cultural and creative talents characteristics of
second day cultural and creative talents of regional aggregation
third environmental factors influence
ninth chapter of China's cultural industry development and the connotation type development
the first festival of China's cultural industry classification system of the background of the formation of
the second section extension type development and cultural industry chaos
third speed up Chinese culture Industrial intensive development path on the role of
tenth chapter foreign cultural industry development experience and Enlightenment of
the first government and the role of
second investment main body diversification diversified financing channels
third attached
fourth section by industrial agglomeration enhances the competitiveness of the cultural industry.
Fifth Festival Culture "the strategy of" going out "
sixth festival culture industry sustainable development strategy of
urban samples of technological innovation and personnel training: the present situation and the industrial chain of cultural industry in Qingdao analysis of

postscript @##@ reference Cultural industry and urban development of Zhang Shengbing's "(the role of cultural industries to the city and the development mode of China)" to the developing trend of the current world cultural industry as the background, the frontier issues in the culture industry development as the breakthrough point, through the analysis of the effect of special form of urban cultural industry and China's development model, content cultural industry and urban development, "new economy" to the urban industrial structure, urban cultural resources development and utilization, creative industries and urban transformation, different cities in China cultural industry development mode, the internationalization of cultural industry and urban construction, cultural industry and urban spirit, China's cultural industry park development and existence the problem of cultural and creative talents, regional agglomeration and urban environment elements of the relationship between the extensive development and connotation type development important theory of China's cultural industry and realistic problem. These problems are not only related to the development direction of China's cultural industry, is also related to the transformation and the path of urban development in the future, affect the future development of the city.
"cultural industry and urban development (the role of cultural industries to the city and the development mode of China)" made a in-depth discussion on the relationship between cultural industry and urban development, put forward the new thinking of development, has important reference value for the construction of urban development.
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