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Date of publication:2012-7   Press: Chinese press   Author:Chen Shaofeng, Zhang Libo,   Pages:341   Words:330000  

This book is so far the first to domestic cultural enterprises as the object of the research report. Analysis of China's cultural environment for the development of enterprises, the development of cultural industry trends and national industrial policy report through the perspective of domestic cultural enterprises operating conditions, the inherent laws and the prospects for development, to the enterprise culture and culture industry investment institutions to understand Chinese culture industry development, grasp the business development, strategic decision-making and reasonable provide valuable reference.
this report is an analytical report, the main highlight highlight development trend analysis and problem diagnosis research. This report tries to break through the general report on the phenomenon or the data listing pattern, and focus on the practical problems faced all kinds of cultural and business practice, pay attention to innovation and development mode and commercial mode of enterprise, especially pay attention to enhance the overall value of the enterprise investment, enterprises (including companies and M & A), human resources enterprise brand construction, accumulation and enterprises to participate in international competition and promote a culture of "going out" and so on competitiveness factors, and according to the development trend of cultural industry and trend, put forward the guiding and practical countermeasure and suggestion.
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Chen Shaofeng, now a professor at the Philosophy Department of Peking University, vice president of Peking University Institute of cultural industries, deputy director of the Ministry of culture - Peking University national culture industry innovation and development base, China's cultural industry 30 forum convenor. The main research field of ethics, management philosophy and culture industry, in recent years, focusing on social justice and government management, entrepreneur management philosophy and corporate culture, subject and culture industry's business model. Once published "justice" "excellent learning business" "culture industry" reader "cultural industry strategy and business model" "Chinese ethics history" "management philosophy" "enterprise culture and enterprise ethics" and other monographs,
Zhang Libo, the cultural industry research center of Ocean University of China research fellow.
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second chapters chapter one summarizes the industrial structure and the industrial trend of
third chapter industrial policy and policy support from
fourth chapter contents of culture of enterprise development.
fifth chapter culture media enterprise development
sixth chapter cultural service enterprise development < br > seventh chapter cultural enterprise business model innovation
eighth chapter of cultural enterprise human resources development
ninth chapter cultural enterprise investment and financing and M & a
tenth chapter cultural enterprise listed
eleventh chapter agglomerative zone of cultural industry and cultural enterprise
twelfth chapter cultural enterprises International competition.
thirteenth chapter culture of corporate social responsibility
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(5) the policy engine at full throttle in 2011, culture industry frequently good news. Of course, the main theme of good news is still the largest of the party's seventeen sessions of six CCP plenary conferences set "cultural power", further defined the cultural industry has become a pillar industry of national economy, puts forward the idea of cultural industry: building a reasonable structure, complete, high technology content, creative, competitive modern culture industrial system; the formation of public ownership as the mainstay and multiple ownership of the common development of the cultural industry structure; improve the culture of state-owned assets management system personnel management and asset management oriented combined pipe. In the appeal of national policy, in 2011 the social forces to the cultural industry unprecedented enthusiasm, the various departments on the development of cultural industry frequency methods, to create a good environment for the development of. Cultural industry special fund at the end of 2011 has allocated 6000000000 yuan to support the project more than 1000, the cumulative. In 2011 July 6H, the first Chinese national culture industry fund, China's culture industry investment fund was established in beijing. The funds from the central finance capital, absorbing guide state-owned backbone cultural enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and financial institutions for the establishment, mainly in equity investment news publishing, broadcasting, film and television, culture and art, network culture, culture and leisure culture and related industries. The fund aims to deal with the problem faced in the development of Chinese cultural industry market vigor insufficient, difficulties in financing, investment channels are sluggish. At the same time, is also the central finance improve innovation efficiency in the use of funds. The size of the total funds of 20000000000 Yuan, the first to raise $6000000000. The Ministry of Commerce in the "arbitration" principle, to further improve the support of cultural products and services to "go out", the newly revised "the export of cultural products and services the" catalogue for the guidance, support cultural exports of key enterprises and key projects, fostering the growth of a number of international competitiveness of export-oriented enterprises and cultural intermediaries. Both the six plenary session of the programmatic document, or departments targeted support files, all show the policy engine at full throttle, development pattern for today's culture industry formed a kind of open, not only culture "industry", not only the cultural sector "only Kok Drama: Science and technology to join in and improve the level of technology and equipment of the cultural industry, enhance the core competitiveness of cultural industry; financial participation, the cultural industry to solve the" financing "bottleneck; travel together, promote cultural consumption; manufacturing industry and culture complement each other, improve the cultural value of Chinese manufacturing.......
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Report the first cultural enterprises as the object of analysis in · perspective of cultural enterprises, highlighting the development trend analysis and problem diagnosis of · to provide a useful reference, comprehensive grasp the dynamic development of enterprises and strategic decision
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