Yunnan ancient cultural history

Date of publication:2002-9   Press: Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:Wang Yizhi   Pages:322   Words:242000  

The book is divided into seventeen chapters, from the archaeological materials, literature and national data on Yunnan ancient human culture, about human origins and legends, Paleolithic, Neolithic culture, ancient history, geography and culture, Baipu Baiyue ethnic origin and various customs and Culture Department, information rich, outline clear, have higher the academic value, recommend acceptance, suggested some technical treatment prior to publication.
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Wang Yizhi, researcher, pen name Wang Jun, Yu Chun, submissive, Han nationality, was born in 1942 in Yunnan, Mojiang, Yunnan Province Academy of Social Sciences in ancient history, professional study of national history and culture, the Yunnan provincial CPPCC members, members of the Committee of the CPPCC history, nine three society, Standing Committee of Yunnan provincial Party committee, Yunnan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, nine three, Yunnan Provincial Standing Committee, Yunnan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher,
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Yunnan Provincial Academy of social sciences research appraisal opinions of experts on the "Yunnan ancient cultural history" review preface chapter second chapter of human origin and Yunnan ancient human culture and other ancient human situation of Yunnan hominoid discovery and research of Yuanmou human discovery and research of early Homo sapiens and culture of late Homo sapiens and culture of Yunnan ethnic about third chapter the origin of human legend from gourd out of legend by God create legends from cave out of legend from the animal evolution of the legend of the fourth chapter Paleolithic culture and its distribution in the early Paleolithic culture of the Middle Paleolithic Paleolithic culture of advanced culture in fifth chapters Neolithic culture and ethnic characteristics of the sixth chapter of ancient history and geography in seventh chapter of Yunnan history stages. The eighth chapter Baiyue family origin and culture ninth chapter Di and Qiang Department of origin and culture tenth chapter Baipu family origin and culture, the eleventh chapter Han and other nationalities of Yunnan test twelfth chapter Yunnan slave recording and its culture thirteenth chapter brilliant bronze culture of the fourteenth chapter of the national early text and calendar fifteenth Chapter sixteenth chapter introduces the original form of marriage residual culture art seventeenth chapter ancient religion and primitive worship in ancient
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