Yu Feng Chu Yun, Xinyang

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Henan science and Technology Press   Author:Zhang Chunxiang   Pages:232  

Li Xiannian south around mountains, the game jump horse 豫鄂 edge in January 17, 1939, Yanan received from the Central Plains bureau at -- a pen Gou Zhen a telegram. This telegram to Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other leaders of the Central Committee report: Henan and Hubei border area the New Fourth Army guerrillas by bamboo ditch two connected, has this morning in Li Xiannian led, starting in Xinyang...... As everyone knows, former president Li Xiannian's hometown in Henan and Hubei border area of Huang An county (now the Red County). In his youth to join the revolution, to participate in the "jute uprising", gallop fasten hill greatly, raises the Hubei Henan anhui. The Fourth Red Army expedition, he is one of the three main divisions of the Fourth Army of the Red Army Red division commissar. Be known to all the world in the Long March, Li Xiannian served as political commissar, thirty Red Army, had fought the severe test, three grass, Qilian Mountains wars, has become a legendary experience of the famous Red Army generals. After the Sino Japanese war broke out, Li Xiannian is shouldering the important mission, to return to the big don't create mountain, Henan and Hubei side Anti Japanese base areas behind enemy lines. South of Henan Province is located in Central China strategic. In 1937 September, the CPC Henan Provincial Committee after the reconstruction, there has been a vigorous development of the Anti Japanese armed forces in the area, has a good mass base. Shortly after the fall of Xinyang, south of Henan and Xinyang to QC team rapidly opened up to around mountains as the center of the guerrilla base. In January 20, 1939, Li Xiannian arrived at the Huanglong Temple around mountains, to rendezvous with the South and Xinyang to the team. The Huanglong Temple is in the west of Xinyang County of a mountainous town. Down a long time ago there had been big drought, there is a dragon has a timely rain, life on the verge of total destruction of crops, so that local people from a disaster, and people have money, temples, statues, and incense are in a continuous line. Huanglong Temple, hence the name. Later, I do not know is the Dragon King is ineffective, or people suffer from a livelihood, Huanglong Temple gradually broken incense, this small town has become increasingly scarce, lonely people. How time flies! When the war of resistance against Japan in Henan and Hubei border area with the occasion, many deserted the Huanglong Temple, because of living on the Anti Japanese team, suddenly becomes lively.
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Talk over past and present history scene -- between the brilliant memory of Xinyang Jianghuai heavy and thick brilliant history and culture Yu Feng Chu Yun Culture Inheritance promising Xinyang charm to playback -- wonderful Xinyang Shen Hou Nu, auxiliary King Ping of Zhou started the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Shen Xi division to gallop in Central China, will become dominant negative function Confucius Chu in the spring and autumn, virtue and justice, if the emperor dug hongxibei irrigation project, on both sides of Huaihe into a land of fish and rice Qi Wei, Liang Wei for the division, Xinyang is in the two big monk turmoil Da Su Shan first practice, Tiantai Pingding Huaixi military armed separatism, on both sides of Huaihe to achieve stability, Song Jin tug of war, Xinyang became the anti gold front from Lang army moved to Xinyang, Yuan Shikai Beiyang army, army encirclement breaking over Xinyang again, people slaughtered mall uprising, create the second revolution according to the red twenty-five army syndrome, in Northern Shaanxi to the Central Red Army Li Xiannian south around mountains, the game jump horse 豫鄂 edge break through the Central Plains, open the people's war of Liberation Army into the curtain Liu Deng fasten hill greatly, sounded the horn of celebrities -- Humanistic Xinyang liberation scanning the celebrity style exhibition in China making lady The first - phase Sun Shuao Sue Shanghai civilization pioneer Huang Xiekai Zhang Min Wang Shenzhi "King Chen Yuanguang and Wang Sanlong" historians, Northern Song Dynasty name Sima Guang Central Plains Confucian Matsu often Ming literary leader He Jingming III patriarch Hu 沧晓 civilian lawyer Song Shijie botanist Wu Qi dissolved high official in the late Qing Dynasty Zhou Zupei Chinese revolution pioneer Jiang Guangci Huaxia, the legend of Deng Yingchao general Xu Shiyou concealed front the outstanding leadership of Liu Shaowen generation star Zheng Weishan literary Shuangjie Chen's two brothers root dear Xinyang historical trace their origins to Xinyang surname Kwangju Gushi and Fujian south of the origin of Kwangju Gushi and Taiwanese origin of Xinyang and Hakka origin xungenwenzu root culture -- dear new century friendship spectrum new roots...... City Impression -- Culture in Xinyang History Archaeology of ancient Xinyang -- underground legend scenic spots in Xinyang -- Landscape multicolored beautiful pruducts blend of rich -- Xinyang famous heritage "intangible cultural heritage" -- the rich heritage of civilization of Xinyang city card -- the charm of Xinyang @##@ a gilded signboard "Yu Feng Chu Yun Xinyang" -- including talk over past and present glory memory heavy Xinyang; historical lens to playback -- wonderful Xinyang; celebrity scanning -- Humanistic Xinyang celebrities; xungenwenzu root culture -- dear new Ji roots union spectrum; city impression -- history culture of Xinyang; archaeological exploration -- in ancient Xinyang underground legend; scenic spots in Xinyang -- Landscape multicolored beautiful etc.. Pruducts blend of rich -- Xinyang famous heritage "intangible cultural heritage" -- the rich heritage of civilization of Xinyang city card -- charm of Xinyang a gilded signboard etc..
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