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Date of publication:2000-9   Press: Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Zhao Jinzhong   Pages:221   Words:162000  

Zhao Jinzhong, born in 1962, Henan Guangshan people, China New Literature Association, Henan Province, Henan Province Institute of literature and Contemporary Literature Research Association member, associate professor. Graduated from Henan University in 1985 Chinese system, the same year was assigned to Henan Xinyang Normal University Chinese department, engaged in the research Chinese now, contemporary literature teaching, in 1998 the "Journal of Xinyang teachers." editor in chief. Has chaired or bear the National Social Science Fund
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Digest in heavy teaching, scientific research work, Jinglan went out of the classroom and laboratory, around to the on-the-spot investigation, footprints all over the Central South China, southwest, northeast, northwest and North China areas, do a lot of basic geological work, laid the foundation for quality work long-term to these areas. In his exploration of ore deposits, especially non-ferrous metal (gold, copper deposits) of prospecting and exploration, has a wealth of practical experience, is one of the founders of China's geology, but also one of the pioneers in China engaged in the deposit prospecting. In 1927, he went to the black copycat Hebei Changping County watershed investigation of gold. The autumn of the same year, Ren Liangguang geological survey technology is. In the meantime, the regional geological survey of Guangdong and Guangxi, and put forward the "named Danxia topography", for the domestic, international scholars admit, is still in use. In 1928, with the music. The Sen Guangxi Luocheng coalfield geology and moved to the gate of the Temple River Heshan coalfield geology. In 1929, Java Bart Via attended the meeting of the fourth Pan Pacific Science congress. In 1936 the gold geology in Shandong Zhaoyuan County, Qixia county area, and the Taishan complex of geological observation, write "Shandong" of the Zhaoyuan gold deposit. In the Southwest during the general assembly, had also serves as the director Chuan Kang copper industry management office and took part in the investigation of copper mine. During this period, he also did a very memorable for him. That is the parent table is different along the public and then footprint, on-the-spot investigation of Geology and mineral resources of Yue Han railway, and write down a thick diary. The people's Republic of China soon after the establishment, Jing Lan from Beijing travel, inspected Jilin Tianbaoshan copper ore in Xingcheng copper mine in Jiangxi mountain, and Po Le coalfield; from 1956 to 1957, he took part in the investigation of Heilongjiang basin. His opinion and the Russian Far East chief engineer views agree without prior without previous consultation, highly praised by the peer. According to the investigation, he wrote "Heilongjiang River, neotectonic movement and the modern signs wetland causes", "Heilongjiang River geological and engineering geological preliminary exploration", "on the Heilongjiang River comprehensive development and geological problems" and other works, make a valuable contribution to the development of the Heilongjiang River Basin and the. Because of his positive performance and outstanding contribution, in 1956 he was elected as "activist" socialist construction, respectively, attended the national and Beijing municipal advanced workers congress. It is worth mentioning that, He Chuan, Kang, Yunnan Copper genesis types and secondary enrichment research quite. 40's writing "Chuan Kang Yunnan Copper summary" (1942) by the then Ministry of education Academic Award; in 50 he presided over the preparation of the "metal industry deposit", type of deposit is not limited to isolated, and stress deposit paragenesis regularity. The academic thoughts reflected in the 1962 thirty-second annual meeting of the Geological Society of China paper. He pointed out: "there is a single deposit and the deposit type may be a minority, while the majority of ore deposit, often is a symbiont complex." His conclusion has pointed out the direction for the comprehensive study of regional deposit later. Jing Lan also specializes in research on endogenetic metallic deposits, especially on the hydrothermal ore deposit research attainments, 30 time begin to study the problem. After thirty years of efforts, to the early 60's, he had the profound insights into the ore-forming conditions of hydrothermal deposits. In the 1963 academic annual meeting of the Geological Society of Beijing, published "on the metallogenic regularity of ore dug and Qi several important issues", "metallogenic closed basic concept and preliminary study of" academic report. He pointed out: "the formation of steam water hydrothermal deposits, shielded by the trap effect. Transport, storage of ore bearing hydrothermal solution of mineral accumulation and petroleum and groundwater set similarity." Geologists think, many of his incisive judgment, still has its practical significance. Jing Lan also painted a good picture. This is the accurate drawing, design and lay a solid foundation. His painting vivid, muddy if natural; he painted the figure is accurate and clear, at a glance.However. He is frank and upright, and dare to Bian time top reflux, uphold the truth, correct mistakes. After 1957, has long been the unfair treatment in politics, "the Cultural Revolution" period is the persecution. However he on geological science glowing hearts without the slightest change. Not only that, but also to encourage the son also engaged in this one seems dull as ditch water, it seems sacred work in his. In July 7, 1937, the Lugou Bridge incident, Japanese imperialism began a large-scale invasion of China. Soon, China troops out of Beijing, the city surrendered to the japanese. In the Kuomintang army withdraw, Japanese troops invaded, there are several weeks "vacuum", Tsinghua School will decide to take the nursing action. Feng Youlan also devoted to library staff said: "China will come back, if Chinese back, these books were lost, that's not good, as long as we in Tsinghua University one day, we will protect a day." He and the meeting of the people lived in Tsinghua, guarding the campus. One night, he and Wu Youxun together to patrol, Tsinghua University Park, the bright moon in the sky, very quiet. Wu Youxun said: "terrible, terrible, quiet terrifying!" Feng Youlan suddenly have a feeling of disillusionment. They felt that protect campus already did not have what meaning. Thought for Chinese guard a piece of academic, education on the integrity of the garden, Beijing is now no longer belongs to the Chinese, still here, not for the Japanese service? Think about it, they decided not to keep. Beijing does not keep people expected. Tsinghua has also prepared. A few years ago, has started to set up a branch in Hunan, Changsha, start in the Mount Yuelu building buildings. Feng Youlan and Wu Youxun together, with the subjugation of the sad and dreary and unable to part from south, left the Tsinghua Yuan, go to changsha. Pass by when back home in Zhengzhou, he invited Wu 有训 eating out the Yellow River carp, say not to know what time to come back. Just met playwright Xiong Foxi, three people together to eat the Yellow River carp. During the dinner, like dog Xiong Foxi about dog story. Said Beijing has a lot of people come, put the dog threw down. And those without family dog, yet still faithfully keep in the doorway, refused to leave. Feng Youlan said with emotion: "this is called an outcast, we are an outcast." After the Lugou Bridge incident, the Nanjing education ministry ordered the south of Beijing University and Tsinghua University, Nankai together form a "temporary University Changsha", in the original three school principal as a member of the Standing Committee, presided over the school, the original three school dean, Dean of university president, elected interim dean. Dean of the college by the former north as Hu Shi, Tang Yongtong as director of the Department of philosophy. Because the campus tension, the school located in Changsha south of more than one hundred of the Nanyue city. In November 3, 1937, Feng Youlan, Zhu Ziqing, Wen Yiduo, Ye Gongchao, Liu free ten rain ride from Changsha arrived in nanyue. Their living room on a small hill, is a small building, there is a beautiful name, called "stop Yun lou". Ting Yun Lou back Heng Mountain, there is a down from the Heng Mountain Creek River door. After the heavy rains, the river will become a small waterfall. Place very quiet. In Binghuangmaluan years, one for reading the "net", Feng Youlan this to help learn how many people also feel some consolation. They temporarily put aside the transmigration of the sentimental, into the academic research. At one ten the strong academic atmosphere. Ten years later, Feng Youlan gave a speech at University of Pennsylvania China philosophy American, once affectionately aftertaste this day: in Heng Mountain just a few months, spiritual encouragement. At the same time, we are in the history of the largest national crisis;...... We are suffering, and Jin Dynasty Nandu Nandu a similar fate. But we live in a magical environment: so many philosophers, writers and scholars are in one building. When the world changed, boarding mountain, a gentle: so the three together, make this a life more exciting, look attractive. In this short span of a few months, I and my colleague Professor Tang Yongtong, Professor Jin Yuelin, had finished after began writing books. Mr. Tang's book is "China Buddhist history" the first part. Mr Kim's book is "Tao". My book is "new science". In this section the life really is both serious and lively. To teach the students to become integrated with, enjoyable. The university has a student says, in the months to learn more than one semester in peiping. Feng Youlan also think that, in this short period, higher education China has an unprecedented development, the college's academic air than at any time in Qinghua, Beijing University, Nankai three school have strong. We improve education in save strength, in order to reduce the pain of subjugation, carry forward the Chinese culture, cultivating talents for the country. Once, Feng Youlan and friends came to the mountain, "two Yin temple". It is said that here is Zhu Xi and Zhang swab from moral cultivation and learning. Temple House called "Jia hall hall", set up a piece of writing "a century" hengbian. Friends see, became the Nandu desolate feeling, just when the number of first, two of the first: two Yin Temple worship Zhu Zhang, while a fine hall. CCBA can swim the ear, Jiangshan half too sad. Luoyang cultural relics and dust ash, material prosperity and grass. Not only in public wound past events, things can sad acquaintance nandu. Zhu Ziqing very appreciate these two poems, in a meeting, he took the stage to read, feeling very input. All the teachers and students as deep as two gentleman patriotic feelings of the infection, feeling miserable grief. At that time, the scholars in addition to bow to scholarship, stuffy mind homeland, and responsorial poems, or in the play. To the "feudal" life took many in a leisurely and carefree mood. Once in the dining room, the food is too salty, hard to swallow, someone quipped: "good food is too salty, can prevent people eat." Wen - just the case with Confucianism, dragging a long cavity said: "salty are idle, so the anti stop eating." What made people laugh. Lived in the house on a philosophy professor, have some hobbies or anecdotes. Jin Yuelin's eyes is afraid of light, often wears a pair of goggles; Zheng Xin love drinking; Feng Youlan was awarded a Wu Mi poem, that "takes a non spring tea" can't write well; Shen Youding is paper gold instead of yarrow, researchZhouyi divination method. Wen Yiduo to compose a poem, Department of philosophy, ridicule gentlemen. Said: only philosophy most GUI Hui, Jin Gong Zheng Gong cup. Yin 诗马 two on tea, divination redundant three paper gold. "Ma two" as the "Feng", "long three" to "sink". Gentlemen of remarkable interest. Is this a few philosophers commentaries on each have a one's special skill. Feng Youlan is good at simplifying complex problems. In this capacity, he in ancient times and modern times, both East and West, turn bad into good. But Jin Yuelin is just the opposite, he is good at making simple things complicated, in outsiders do not see the problem areas, not only see the problem, and can make the problem emerge in an endless stream. As Chinese have a saying, called "money like dirt, a friend worth". Jin Yuelin in his teens think it wrong: if the "money" is the dirt, then the "daughter" is also clearly dung. Put these sentences as the premise, the logical conclusion is that "friends like dirt". Thus, and proverbs. On the contrary....... Illustrations
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Wedge plowing the home back when Wang Nanyang "reading" family first chapter Shuxiang Lu Qi Yi Feng rooted immigration in Ming and Qing Dynasty and South in Qi Yi Feng Yuwen: "bitter founder reading" style of childhood planner Godson gentle people only women chapter second Jinshi menting tree Hou: key figures "family inheritance of three different" fame Ru Wuchang Chongyang county magistrate Hou Que Fen Qiao poems lay a good foundation Chinese Feng Yunyi: our family: "reading" always brotherhood discipline father Zi Zhiyou Wu Qingzhi: to hold high the "reading" the banner of the elder sister can set ten are family teacher records people Xin Hai Fengyun behind the third chapter three pine competitive decline Rong Cui Heng Kong born three slack Qi Yi style Fengfu collection the three song contest Cui geological romantic Feng Jinglan generation talented Feng Yuanjun fourth chapter master ready and fifth golden beaches in Tsinghua Yuan trek on chapter sky Caixia Zong Pu: Feng family third generations of talented sky Caixia: feng children play great array Appendix A, the main reference two, Nanyang Qi Yi Feng @##@ genealogy. Kangxi fifty-five years, Shanxi Gaoping a farmer with his son went to Henan Nanyang find the way of existence, does not have really waded a wide road. The road extends to the fourth generation of the sun only to narrow, almost disrupted the V sun Eclisse shame planted a plum and a ginkgo tree in the courtyard, sleep on the brushwood, good governance, not only make the road gradually wide Chien Tan, and help the son will be "Jinshi" of the plaque mounted on the door. Since then, the majestic-looking, flags fluttering in front of the door. VII, king to sun, friends, uncle three gram, Lan Guiqi Mans, shock the world. And today, Feng Zi Bei San in domestic and overseas, build up establishment, establish one's reputation as an authority and make more such as Hong Xia, Xia San Chengqi.
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Postscript seventeen years ago from a village, I was admitted to Henan University Department of Chinese. The first semester courses in modern Chinese literature. In this course, I know the lady Gan -- Feng Yuanjun's name, and was interested to read her works. She is proud of Henan. This is the first time I met the Feng family in the spirit of the people. The classroom, teachers also spoke of Feng Yuanjun's two brothers Feng Youlan and Feng Jinglan, they are called "three Feng", is a famous university asked the home. My classmates and I marvel. Make us more amazing is, 还曾 Feng Feng taught at the Henan University, two. I have the feeling of pride for people in Henan to learn. An accidental opportunity, read Zongpu "red bean", was intoxicated with the beautiful words and good character, will find the reading of her other works, and that she is Feng Yuanjun's niece, and feel the Feng family. Last summer, I had the privilege of the press about, write Nanyang Feng family cultural history. I feel that time is: wrong, it will meet. Then, make a hurried journey without stop to scare up for the data, and wrote to Zong Pu about the situation. Data are basically complete, began to read, record, to find the feeling. A period of time, my whole life in the middle of Feng's children, their one's voice and expression always appears in front of my eyes. Although most of them I don't know. The time of writing, I feel myself through a long history of tunnel, from the Kangxi years to now, from Taiyuan to Nanyang, from Nanyang to Europe and the United states. Large tree withered and green, flowers bloom thanks again opened. When I finished the first draft, I breathed a sigh of relief, the eyes bright, as if out of the tunnel. In preparing and writing process, I got from every encouragement and support. Nanyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Nanjing, Beijing friends have sent me the information; the manuscript is completed, my colleagues and students fall over each other to help me copy. All these made me moved. Last summer, I am particularly impressed, retired teacher Mr. Feng Zhongjun, Nanyang's eighth generation successor Nanyang three division despite advanced in age, braved the intense heat of summer, give me a copy sent a thick stack of sub precious materials, to answer my question on the phone from time to time; Nanjing Jiangsu ancient books publishing house of Mr. Feng Baoshan and "Jiangsu higher education" magazine, Mr. Kong Qingmao also gave valuable help. Time out of Mr. Feng is still busy, help me to find information, proposed suggestions for writing. Then I said to them sincerely thank! Because it is bad, hard enough, the book places a lot of, ask for advice and readers criticism! Zhao Jinzhong in July 5, 1999 in Henan Xinyang Tan Shan Bao Zhai @##@ Binhe This book is mainly about the Feng Youlan family from decline to successful process. The Feng family from searching for a survival Road weary realm of development has become a cultural history of family, the bitterness of it in the book have been profound reflect, believe that readers will learn valuable nutrition from the book.
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