Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports cultural history

Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Wang Junqi's press (2011-07)   Author:Wang Junqi   Pages:250  

"Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports cultural history" Xia Liao Jin Yuan Dynasties from hunting, riding and shooting, wrestling, Cuju, ethnic minority sports game, age and ethnic minority folk sports and so on each side, explain profound theories in simple language describes the evolution of Jin Xia Liao history of physical education culture and sports culture, vividly demonstrates the rich Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports culture connotation. "Sports cultural history" Xia Liao Jin text concise vivid, rich in content and interesting, can make the reader on China's Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports history, culture and customs of minority sports have a more in-depth understanding, but also for the growing needs of minority sports tourism culture, open up broader space. This book by Wang Junqi.
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Wang Junqi, born in October 1956, Jiangxi Wuyuan, graduated from the Jiangxi Normal University. Professor, vice president the Nanchang Aviation University College of physical education. The provincial education teacher colleges in Jiangxi, Jiangxi province sports discipline leaders, National Sports History Association Committee, director of Jiangxi Institute of sports science, East China Jiaotong University, master's tutor, the backbone of academic philosophy and Social Science in Colleges and universities in Jiangxi. The study of sports history and folk sports culture has long been engaged in, participated in the domestic and international academic conference. The main achievements are "modern twenty Sports Thought on the draft", "Tang and song", "Chinese sports history in Western folk sports culture", "Jiangxi folk sports culture", "China ancient physical culture", "culture", "history of Song Dynasty sports football culture", "Tang Dynasty", the history of sports culture "in the Western ball cultural history" 9 books "," the general theory of Chinese folk sports culture history also will publish in the near future, published over 200 papers. Chaired and completed "Social Science Fund Project" national philosophy 1, presided over the provincial and ministerial level topic 11 items, which hosted the National College collation sub topic 1 items, in 2001 won the first prize of "Jiangxi Province fourth session of social science and Technology Achievement Award for youth", in 2009 won the "prize three Jiang Xigao school achievement in philosophy and Social Science Award". "A Book of national traditional sports and China culture" was awarded in 2009 the Ministry of education of philosophy and social science fund project late.
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The first chapter of traditional culture in flourishing period of Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports section of traditional culture, the Xia Jinyuan Culture Festival second Confucian revival of Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports influence section third, desire for Urban Sports Culture Festival fourth nomadic culture and farming culture conflict fusion influence on Sports second chapter Xia Liao Jin Yuan hunting culture first hunting the second festival culture Xia Liao Jin Yuan hunting culture third Xia Liao Jin hunting tools and techniques in Chapter third, religious and Liao Xia Jin Yuan sports culture first religion and Liao, Xixia religious second nature worship and Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports section third spirits worship and Liao Xia Jin Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports fourth chapter of the first section and culture Xia Liao Jin Yuan hunting activities in the second quarter and Xia Liao Jin Yuan military Wu Yi in the third section of Jin and Liao summer entertainment in life and the fifth chapter Xia Liao Jin Wushu culture first Xia Liao Jin Yuan wrestling second Cultural Festival Xia Liao Jin Wushu instruments sixth chapter Xia Liao Jin Yuan Arts and sports culture first day art and other arts festival second Xia Liao Jin Yuan painting art and sports section third Liao Xia Jinyuan sculpture art sports The seventh chapter Xia Liao Jin and Yuan literature and the sports section of literature and literature overview section second yuan Liao Xia Xia Liao Jin and Yuan poetry and third Sports Festival Xia Liao Jin prose and sports eighth chapter geography and Xia Liao Jin sports culture first Festival cultural geography and geographical characteristics of second day Xia Liao Jin from the cultural and geographical environment interaction in Xia Liao Jinyuan sports section third yuan Liao summer sports and social and cultural environment, the ninth chapter Xia Liao Jin Yuan ball culture and the characteristics of the first section of the Xia Liao Jin Polo second Liao Xia Jinyuan football culture and its characteristics in section third yuan chuiwan rise and cultural characteristics of the tenth chapter from the archaeology Xia Liao Jin Yuan first sports festival of sport archaeology Archaeology and basic the second section archaeological meaning in Xia Liao Jin ball games third cultural relics of Liao Jin and Yuan eleventh chapter other summer sports cultural change and Liao Xia Jinyuan sports section theory of culture change in section second, nationalism and sports culture vicissitude third day survival environment change and sports culture changes the twelfth chapter from the cultural adaptability of Jin Liao summer sports the first section adaptation and cultural adaptation in section second, cultural adaptation and Liao Xia Jin Yuan Sports Culture: the thirteenth chapter Xia Liao Jin Yuan and nomadic culture art section and skills of nomadic environment features second sections and worship of culture contents of the fourteenth chapter Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports and fashion culture first Xia Liao Jinyuan hunting dress second day Xia Liao Jin Yuan wrestling and clothing culture festival Xia Liao Jin Yuan third ball and clothing culture fifteenth chapter "national spirit" and Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports culture first national spirit basic meaning of section second, "harmony" the basic spirit and Xia Liao Jin Yuan sports section third basic people-oriented spirit and Xia Liao Jin Yuan fourth Sports Festival "as the basic spirit of" self "and the sixteenth chapter Xia Liao Jin Jin and Yuan folk sports the first festival folk sports culture and Liao, Jin, Yuan folk introduction section second, Liao, Jin Yuan folk sports features third Jin and yuan old folk sports postscript
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: in Shanxi province Hongdong County Guangsheng temple temple murals, retains a complete picture of the Yuan Dynasty chuiwan diagram (see photo). There are 4 people on the picture, two men are concentrate one's attention on the ball, next to stand the referee and waiting. From the paintings on the exterior wind around the clouds, pine green, stream water, should be in the outdoor scene, even field, it can make people feel this is the folk sports activities, but from the hitter posture and clothing, two hit the man body obesity, dressed in official robes, wearing is chinstrap upward standing hat. The yuan central plains, in the dress of reform, "the golden song", such as beam crown Baiguan robes crown, head of Fu, that is the first service, head of Fu in Yuan Dynasty generally used as public service or for health service, is to follow the Tang and Song Dynasties, head shape style. According to "history of the Yuan Dynasty, and clothing Chi" records, all right. "Fu tou, paint for the angle of yarn." This attribute head shape, is roughly a foot long scarf and song similarity. From the Yuan Dynasty chuiwan map, batters wear is the scarf hat, according to Song Dynasty hat, wearing this hat people's product is very high, but the picture stoodThe referee or the waiter wearing scarf hat. In the Song Dynasty clothes, general bureaucratic wearing unfold angle head of Fu, people wear no angle scarf hat. In the Yuan Dynasty apparel, worn by officials this scarf for generating angle scarf, made of lacquer yarn. But for health 的幞 head is more complex, with angle head of Fu, Fu's chicken wings, accused of crane head of Fu, Fu Hua angle class. Accordingly, the screen waiter wearing scarf is for health.
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