World Culture Series

Date of publication:2003-2   Press: Shanghai foreign language education press.   Author:Zhu Yifei   Pages:506   Words:408000  

In order to carry forward the outstanding culture of different countries, and promote international cultural exchanges and teaching of Chinese language in the world, foreign community published "history of world culture system" series. This series featuring the essence of every nation of the world cultural history, multi angle, all-round, three-dimensional marks the basic feature of culture of different countries, reflecting the world cultural development context, outline and trend. "World Culture Series" provides an additional reading Chinese culture all over the world to tell the story of learning Chinese around the world of readers, but also to China readers and provide new books a set of national culture, in order to inherit and carry forward the fine cultural heritage of the world, cultural communication between nations exchanges, enhance understanding and friendship among the peoples all over the world. This book gives a brief introduction to the history of water conservancy construction achievement. Write this, can make it a little knowledge, story, science will and reliability, and strive to achieve an article about a cultural aspects of the topic.
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Zhu Yifei, after 1941, Shanghai Fengxian people, is a professor of International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University, member of Chinese language teaching institute world, member of Shanghai writing society. In 1966 graduated from the Fudan University Department of Chinese. As a Chinese teacher in middle school, the district government secretary. 1972-1975 studied at the Shanghai Foreign Language Institute and the Beijing Language Institute "Chinese teacher training abroad".
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The cultural history of all the children of the Yellow Emperor Chinese 1 2 the Yellow River 3 Yangtze River Dongyue Taishan 4 emperors 5 ancient official 6 your name 7 twelve zodiac 8 Huangdi Neijing 9 ancestors sericulture Lei 10 King Yu combating the flood 11 go 12 Dukang wine first 13 characters of 14 group after the first 15 bells charm of the philosophy of Lao Zi and Zhuang Qufu 16 17 18 19 Luban poetry anthology of three bridge 20. Show 21 Weifang kite 22 Jixia academy...... Bibliography postscript
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