To the other side of the world

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Station in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand Suthep mountain, toward the northwest direction, is a slope and a slope rolling green forest, the forest hides many stories. &ldquo poppy flowers in full bloom, Wang Kunsha ” toxicity; heroin base camp, was routed soldier of the dens, isolated mountain tribes. Among these tribes, the long necked tribe always attracts outsiders look amazing … … “ long necked family ” the stranger's popular name, the tribe's real name is “ Karon family ”. They had a Burma mountain tribes living in the deep mountains and forests, Yushiwuzheng lived, self-sufficient farming life. The women of the tribe of life are maintained in the neck sleeve copper ring tradition can be up to 32 times, weighing more than 20 kg. In the copper ring under the action of the women's neck is very long, the longest is said to reach 32 cm. This is “ the long necked tribe ” the origin of the name, is full of horror that. Live in the thick forests of the day, lets the people long necked tribe forgotten a lot of memory. How do they begin? Where did that come from? In this world has survived for many years? Even if the long necked tribe knowledge rich old man, also cannot answer these questions. Their eyes appear illusory &hellip in the jungle of fog; … the largest of a long necked tribe living in a place called Mei Hongshun. The tribal elders said: many years ago, in order to seek a more stable and beautiful paradise, long necked family ancestors about two or three people form a migration team, or take a few days and nights here to settle down, stay in the beautiful Mae Hong son. “ Mae Hong Son ” in Thai language means “ fog city ”. Today, long necked tribe living in harmony, has about 200 people, the formation of a 3000 meters above sea level of the mountain town, fresh air, beautiful scenery. Although in the years of dust, a lot of historical memory long necked people drowned, but the woman wearing a copper ring custom is strongly inherited, maintained the same ancient ancestors and nature. Because of a lot of memory tribes have been fuzzy, so the origin of this custom is also different opinions. Compared to the usual interpretation of three kinds of. The first argument is that the long necked family ancestral generations living in the forest, and the beasts are neighbors, and the copper ring voices have driven beast effect. Second between the law and indigenous tribal war. In order not to let the tribe woman was swept to other tribes, long necked clan by wearing copper ring style elongated women's neck, let women become ugly. Behold, now helpless to demonize the way, but it has now become the tribe's unique aesthetic view. The third argument is the most romantic. Long necked tribe is a worship of dragon and Phoenix nation, man should seek to do long, women should seek to do feng. The woman was in the neck ring, the neck too long, and slightly forward, plus on the arms and legs of the copper ring, walk like a phoenix flying attitude. Now, people in the community have not to pursue the origin of wearing copper ornaments custom, they believe that this is the symbol of wealth and beauty, customs from generation to generation. Wearing copper ring let neck longer, if this is a kind of beauty, but it also must be cruel beauty. The tribe has specialized in the winding copper ring technicians girl wrapped around in the ring before the first good massage for several hours. Wrapped around the ring after the girl to please the whole family together lively celebration. When all the people of song and laughter, and no one will notice the girl in the eyes of tears, … … most started wearing copper ring, their skin is worn and hot and itchy, catch will be wounded and bleeding. For a long time, long necked woman can only silently endure pain, slowly habits. The most difficult season is summer, the neck of the copper ring will be the hot sun baked hot, make the skin is hard to bear, and they can only go to the river, with the most primitive way to copper coil cooling, through the summer. In order to protect the neck, the women to wash his neck with a Chinese herbal medicine. In the copper ring supporting layers of heavy, women's head and neck bone has been severely degraded into adulthood, their head and neck cannot rotate freely, but can't remove the copper ring — — lostFragile neck copper ring support will break easily. Even her husband also forbid to peep the forbidden long necked woman's neck. Their life only in marriage, birth and death will remove the copper ring, scarred neck. … …
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The small self, into the infinite world, explore and those unknown people, until the end of life.
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