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Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:[method] Jean Eve Renaul, Catherine Valenti   Pages:368  

"The European social and cultural history, do not exist in children: in the 19th and 20th centuries abortion history" from social development, population change and the feminist movement and so on, discusses the development problem of 19-20 century French abortion. Author bringing together all the people's point of view, reflecting the different social classes, different gender and cultural position of different views on the issue of abortion. This relates to the social. A comprehensive discussion of political, economic and cultural events and ethical issues, from one side of the situation of social reproduction in France and Europe at that time.
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Author: (method) of Jean Eve Renaul, Catherine Valenti editor: Gao Yi, Chen Feng, Yu @##@ high "Your body belongs to you" was published this year, the same year is the Archie Jerzy case. Henriette Archye is an arrow with communist ideology of primary school teachers, in 1927 in the "free school" (LEcole emancipee) published a supplement, the term a year ago by public education feminist groups through the report, put forward a and premarital education program. Asserted that "youth should know, must according to the source of life, mother's health voluntarily limiting family size. Whether should withstand the inevitable birth pains, women have the right to freely determine. The new Malthus method of education can open "[28]. In December 10, 1927, the Liat Archye is sent to Saumur misdemeanor court; her lawyer to her defense into the 1920 law to condemn the defendant was acquitted. [29] Archie Jerzy case has aroused widespread sensation in public opinion, and the Human League, Communist and anarchist groups started, a time to inspire people to 1920 this "evil law". In 1928, representatives 西克斯特 French section of the workers' international a Kennan request the left-wing parties on the issue of position. French section of the workers' international and Communist Party support the repeal of the law. Once in favour of the law of Edward Daladier, to show 西克斯特 Kennan in his March 7, 1928 letter: "radical party and the radical socialists are staunch supporters of the law abolished the evil." These statements have not been obtained, came to power in 1936 left did not put them into practice. However, the Archie Jerzy case and the results give some new Malthus doctrine renewed hope, especially Oren Nebel, he decided to ignore the censorship in 1930, published a new paper "great reform" (La Grande Reforme), strangely enough, until the outbreak of the Second World War, the newspaper is not subject to any investigation, have not been sealed. But the "great reform" relates to the topic, so that it was the 1920 law. In 1933 February a title as "abortion - amnesty" article, Eugene Nebel and advocated increasing population is exactly the same, also stressed that the annual number of abortion and the actual subject to judicial investigation the number of cases of a huge difference: according to what he said abortion number tens of million pieces, but the court trial of the 200 year only or 300 abortion women. From the fact, but he found the opposite and anti abortionists conclusion: when the anti abortionists wish to increase the effective punishment, Nebel instead advocates "of the new Malthus doctrine and all the abortion of forgiveness", and look forward to "realize the legalization of abortion, save countless young woman's life". No matter is related to contraception and abortion, against the 1920 and 1923 law actually has launched a struggle. However, their struggle is not only one purpose: because in launching the struggle people often advocated the promotion of contraceptive, use it as a means of preventing the crime of abortion. In a debate in twentieth Century 50 years began to rise, this idea has been fully expressed.......
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The father and children and modern country to break through the first chapter of medical abortion question: mother or fetus? A debate about the origin (1609 - 1852) Medical Association said is recognized, but not acceptable (1852 - 1939) between chapter second of the new Malthus doctrine and abortion rights from the Malthus doctrine to the new Malthus doctrine from literature to the public debate from the medical abortion to abortion rights new Malthus doctrine: is in favor of abortion right, or discouraged? Feminism and the new Malthus doctrine: the ambiguous attitude third chapter abortion on women's freedom to dispose of his body to the right, the problem concerning the survival of a country (1870 - 1920) abortion: Custom and crime of abortion fourth chapter heading forward a little punishment for misdemeanor crimes against abortion abortion: is a felony or misdemeanor misdemeanor? The fifth chapter punishment completely failed abortion (1923 - 1944) to the Vichy government from the "family law act 1923 problem: punishing obviously victory in the sixth chapter the elimination of Taboo (1944 - 1972) 1944 - 1956: 1956 - 1962: unanimous condemnation of abortion is contraceptive measures, prevent abortion? 1962 - 1970: the end of the 1970 - 1972 taboo: towards a liberalized abortion in the seventh chapter, the legal freedom to women's Liberation (1973 - 1979) draft of 1973: "thunder and rain" Weil: free solutions won victory (1974) from the conditional free to liberation (1975 - 1979) the eighth chapter abortion rights people (1980 - 2001) tolerance, or freedom? When the end of data source reference name index
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From the beginning of human civilization that day, abortion is not a family or personal choice, especially in relation to society, politics, economy, culture and ethics of events. With the development of social change, people's views and positions on abortion occur gradually change, and because of different position and showed great difference. Jean Eve Renaul, Catherine VaranPedicle edited "does not exist in children: 19-20 abortion history" will reveal hidden in those behind the "no children" secret culture and social conditions for you.
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