The Yellow River

Date of publication:2008-12   Press: The Yellow River Water Conservancy Press   Author:Wang Zhigang Xu Lixin   Pages:319   Words:243000  

The Yellow River, the cradle of a great nation. She is. Accompanied by human beings through evolution from upright to modern whole long mileage. We call this a mileage called ancient. "Ancient" the Yellow River compared with derivative history. What is not. But the implication of ancient human history consciousness, creative spirit and which are derived from the ancient human culture, is clearly marked with the relationship between human beings and the Yellow River can not be separated. Said that the cradle of the Chinese nation is the Yellow River, is because the mainstream of Chinese civilization, since Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns since thousands of years, beginning around the the Yellow River River Basin development. Huang Di, Yan Zhuolu war. Yu Li Kyushu the first dynasty of Tang, the battle of mingtiao by summer, battle of Zhou Wuzhaoge De Zhou, Qin and Han Empire, "universal" slightly literary grace lost Tang Song Zu, Gen Gi Khan bow shooting; Shen Nong tasted Baicao "dear" teach the people farming, Shang Shang Dynasty oracle bones, bronze civilization, hundreds of debate in spring and autumn and Warring States, Confucius EMI teacher, historian Sima Qian's masterpiece, extraordinary weather Shixian Shisheng, busy on the Qingming River picture, immortal dramas and novels -- Wugong and since these ancestors, which can leave the Yellow River. The interpretation of what a drama is not the big arena in the Yellow River! In the symbiotic relationship between the Chinese nation with the Yellow River, has never been Everything is going smoothly., 000 Leaper flat. From the beginning of the goddess patching the sky, great flood, human in and mixed in the Yellow River, fighting in the symbiosis, coexistence. Human beings in the Yellow River to enjoy the "the world is at peace" in a time of national peace and order at the same time, also have numerous encounters the surging yellow water, heavy sand blow. Deep beneath the Yellow River Northern Song Dynasty prosperous Kyoto Kaifeng, a case in point is the river of Wei gave humans the pain.

"The Yellow River: visit the hometown of the dragon" tells the story: that the cradle of the Chinese nation is the Yellow River because of the mainstream of Chinese civilization for thousands of years is always around the the Yellow River exhibition. The first dynasty and unified empire began to the early classic thoughts and all classes of authors was born here from here, agricultural Xing and the Silk Route here to start...... The Yellow River is famous for its simple Cangjin powerful mind body makes a great nation.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of human when put into the arms of the the Yellow River
the river came from the ancient times. Rev.
the horizon East into the sea.
a "Yellow River" surname life characteristics
loess ridge of ancient times
second chapter River chase open civilization big screen
civilization dawn
Fu Xi, Nvwa plan the radius of
the battle in Zhuolu and the Huang Di initiative
River Wei and Yao, Shun, Yu Shengming
Xia Li China Kyushu, the first dynasty of
third chapters the first golden age of
and when the model: Tang Yi Yin Oracle and
Jingu legend
-- witness the
the king "the bronze age play easy", Wang "," Shang "Duke of courtesy and music"
"worship music collapse" contention of a hundred schools of thought when listening to
Confucius, Mo-tse left the treasure of
Agricultural, industrial and commercial, water conservancy and Tai Hing "humanitarian" era
fourth chapter "unification" emperor won from here starting from the Terracotta Army to see Qin Shihuang

with the rail car, Shu Tongwen, Qin political bes.
Tianhan airflow and the Silk Road
the Qin agriculture, handicraft industry and medicine
the Qin and Han Dynasties, the alchemist, food culture and human
"Chinese father of history" of Sima Qian and "historical records"
white negative" and Buddhism to the east to
fifth chapter the tumultuous times of renewal
warlords disputes and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
the migrations and rivers dialogue
and unification and the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale
Confucianism, Buddha, Tao coexisting with the blend of
the Han culture, a strong magnetic field
sixth chapters and the river dance days
looking back on the Tang Dynasty Changan
generation queen and "God" Luoyang
"poem immortal", "Shi Sheng," under the pen of the river
Chen Qiaoyi mutiny and Song Taizu "to the country"
neo-Confucianism and song of Arts
noisy bustling "along the River during the Qingming Festival"
Wrangler South and most kinds of rhyme
masterpiece sur
to far and large treatment River first people
seventh chapter homeland forever, not rest echo
"Hakka" hometown, my hometown
"the Yellow River Taiwan sing", National resonance
Dunhuang, Shaolin, the Great Wall...... Our favorite
the rise of the call, the dream of the future
touch the Yellow River life rhythm of
the Yellow River culture, forever the world heritage
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: greater harvest open trade routes is outside the Western Han Dynasty set up western frontier, and in the western region, its sphere of influence, including almost all of central asia. The Western Han Dynasty, the northern Xiongnu by Central Plains war, then from the western regions, the Silk Road 60 year break. Following the Eastern Han Dynasty, ban Chao, ban Yong two father and son regained once the Huns occupied the western regions, western regions frontier command resets the governor. Ban Chao clever use of diplomatic and military means, the more than 50 nations clothing subordinate. In this way, traffic and trade on the Silk Road and prosperity. In 97 ad, ban Chao sent his envoy Gan Ying Daqin (Rome Empire), Gan Ying was afraid of, can't lose contact with Rome directly, to create a more brilliant historical opportunity, however, the mission is Chinese first arrived in the eastern Mediterranean, brought back a lot of Asia, India, West Asia, Rome and other places of intelligence. In 166 ad, the Qin King (emperor of Rome) Anthony angel by the sea and by land came to the Eastern Han Dynasty in the hall, ivory, rhinoceros, giving gifts to the Han Emperor Huan tortoise. From Rome to South Alexander China jurisdiction in maritime trade entered the heyday. At that time, China silk is inexhaustibleThe input of Rome. The nobles of Rome competing in China silk, Rome city of silk and gold quite expensive. The late Eastern Han Dynasty, China one divides into three, into the Wei and Jin Dynasties northern and Southern Dynasties, because of China mainland is a profound economic and cultural creation and integration of the nation, and the western region contact temporarily weakened. In 618 ad, Tang Dynasty, this is Chinese history has a strong and unified feudal empire in Chinese. At this time, the owner of North plateau has been replaced by the nomadic turkic. As the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty in national prosperity after the rout of the Turkic, make it crumble into the Central Plains, East West trade more prosperous than the Han dynasty. "Cultural exchange between the Han Tang Yan" era, become the history of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges the most splendid chapter one.
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