The well-known mountains and rivers Chinese

Date of publication:1997-09   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Xie Ninggao   Pages´╝Ü221  

This series of predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board to adjust the category, the category of ancient, history, thought, culture, education, science and technology, military, economic, cultural, sports ten categories, a total of 100 topics, published by the commercial press exclusive. Each project has expanded by more than 50000 words originally is about eighty thousand words, content is more rich, more detailed narration, hope this series multi angle, multi-level reflect mainstream and characteristics of Chinese culture, readers can understand the basic features, culture to understand Chinese national spirit of the system, the maximum this is the editor of desire.
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A well-known mountains and rivers of the origin of 1 natural worship 2 religious and aesthetic 3 aesthetic and scientific education two well-known mountains and rivers Chinese meaning of the 1 well-known mountains and rivers of the natural beauty of 2 of the earth's history museum 3 people and natural Symphony three magnificent northern mountains L North China mountains 2 loess plateau mountains 3 northeast mountain four show colorful south southeast South mountains mountains mountains L 2 3 southwest mountains five turned out West Mountain six ethereal sea mountains l the Yellow Sea, Bohai mountain East China Sea South China Sea seven 3 2 famous mountains in different poses and with different expressions of the 1 famous mountains rivers flowing into the sea 2 north-south Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale 3 West River's unique landscape
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What landscape is "open"? The open landscape mainly distributed in the vision of regional. Open, flat open and high open division. Ping Kuang landscape, common in the wide water, or stretch as far as eye can see plain. Such as "gufanyuanying blue sky to make, I see is the great river, the river" is the vast open view. "In the vast Dongting water eight hundred", "five hundred Dianchi ran the fundus" are Ping Kuang landscape. High open, is climbing mountains and, as the top of the Taishan, "list of small hills," the landscape. Open view a feel fresh, Shensi dances, romantic imagination imagination. Evaluation on the landscape image of the many well-known mountains and rivers, such as the Taishan world is male, Mount Huangshan world Qi, Huashan all risks, Emei show the world, the world Qingcheng you etc.. This refers to the overall characteristics of the mountains. In fact, a well-known mountains and rivers, in the overall image of it, also contains the characteristics of male, odd, dangerous, show, quiet, Austria, open the basic image. Such as Taishan, majestic in also contains risks, show, odd, quiet, Austria, open and other attractions. The image characteristics of natural landscape, is the evolution, in the long geological formation of landform development, ecological evolution process. It according to the natural rhythm and form a rich and colorful and beautiful space. The basic characteristics of the image, not in isolation, but each other organically linked and change, like the notes may be composed of infinite.
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