The riddle of the universe

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Introduction to the first edition eleventh edition in second parts: first part of anthropology Psychology: the soul part third: the universe cosmology fourth part Theology: God the ending sequence
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Introduction to the eleventh edition of this film about "the riddle of the universe" book, came out twenty years ago had caused a lot of controversy of the article. Here we also to the original form to be reprinted. This book has a lot of foreign language translation (published in 24 different text). In 1904 I wrote an important supplementary reading "the miracle of life". I put my other relatively new supplementary works attached here. Dr. Heinrich Schmidt recently published the "evolutionary history" (Jena), is one of the most abundant reference materials natural philosophical works on me, supplementary reading is the most valuable. This book tries to put the basic concept of the entire field of science thought evolution analysis, trying to internal relations of every human exploration and thinking ways to prove. The first attempt to win a high degree of attention, because, it with the natural evolution of rational to overcome the traditional mysterious creation, keep us from dualistic theology coined to monistic naturalistic world epistemology. About the thorough reform philosophy details, please see my aardenburg speech "monism is link" between religion and Science (sixteenth edition) of the book, the book recently published at the same time.
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Haeckel (E.Haeckel, 1834 - 1919) German naturalist, defenders and disseminator of Darwin's theory of evolution. He put forward a monistic philosophy, think of inorganic and organic world is unified, life is composed of inorganic compounds, through the process of naturally occurring generated, and the heart is composed entirely of material change, the human mind is just the sum of brain cells, heart function.
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