The outline history of western culture

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"Social science classes in China Library Philosophy: compendium" history of western culture consists of five part, briefly introduces the history of western culture, including western culture the brewing time -- the dark age, the first period of the feudal era of western culture, western culture of second -- old regime, Xi Yangwen third period of the era, and discusses the dark the era of politics and society, feudal politics and society, capitalism and the rise of the Protestant Ethic problems. "Social science classes in China Library Philosophy:" outline of history of Western civilization is the author in twentieth Century thirty. The course outline, regardless of its overall structure, and analyzes the concrete problems, still has very important academic value.
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Lei Haizong (1902 ~ 1962), word timberland, Hebei province Yongqing county. The famous historian. The former Wuhan University, Tsinghua University, Professor of history at the Nankai University. Ed the "general history of China" "western history" "Chinese culture and Chinese soldier" and "world history" and so on soil exchange notes.
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"The demise of outline" in western history of culture introduction in the first part the first chapter describes the background of Rome Empire (376-476) politics and society in the second chapter the dark ages (476-911) the third chapter dark age of religion and the Church of the dark ages fourth chapter second Western culture first period of the feudal era (911-1517) - feudal period (911-1321 the fifth chapter) politics and society in the feudal era (911-1321) the sixth chapter feudal social and economic development of the seventh chapter to the feudal society, the Crusaders eighth chapter feudal country progress - France (987-1328) the ninth chapter the feudal state in Britain (1066-1327) the tenth chapter and the eleventh chapter of the church and religion Shinto the twelfth chapter College Philosophy Science and superstition in Chapter thirteenth, education and the rise of the fourteenth chapter of the feudal era literature of the fifteenth chapter of feudal culture: Dante and third western culture first period of the feudal era: the late feudal feudal culture rupture, the sixteenth chapter of the seventeenth chapter of political unification, to overthrow the feudal aristocracy and monarchy countries decline rise of the hundred years war The eighteenth chapter geographical discovery motion the nineteenth chapter and twentieth Chapter 4 religious philosophy of Renaissance Italy, outside the twenty-first chapter - General and political Italy Renaissance humanism and the new literature of the twenty-second chapter of the Italy Renaissance broadcasting - German, English, law and fourth western culture of second -- old regime (1517-1815) new philosophy ethics rise of the twenty-third chapter of religion the twenty-fourth chapter - the reform of German religious reform -- France and Switzerland, the twenty-fifth chapter Reformation -- the British chapter twenty-sixth new modified twenty-seventh chapter capitalism and the Protestant view of the twenty-eighth chapter of autocratic monarchy has twenty-ninth chapters new science at the beginning of chapter thirtieth at the beginning of Xing Xing thirty-first chapter, thirty-second chapter of new literary renaissance reformation review (1300-1600) the thirty-fourth chapter and the thirty-third chapter of political and social system of old age of rationalism and enlightened despotism the thirty-fifth chapter art old system in the era of the thirty-sixth chapter of Philosophy in old regime of science thirty-seventh chapter old system in the era of literature in old regime thirty-eighth chapter chapter thirty-ninth The old system in the era of fifth series at the end of the western culture and Civilization -- third stage (after 1815) religion forty-seventh chapter science and life in the fortieth chapter of middle-class revolution and democracy forty-first chapter industrial revolution and social revolution in the forty-second chapter of nationalism, imperialism and peace cosmopolitanism chapter forty-third American prosperity and Western cultural center gradually transfer the forty-fourth chapter and the forty-fifth chapter civilization philosophy of science and the scientific attitude is developed in Chapter forty-sixth European civilization concept art forty-eighth chapter the new situation of social science and social ideal forty-ninth chapter and fiftieth chapter civilization era of literature and civilization of the fifty-first chapter of western culture and the new trend
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"Chinese Library (fifth series), philosophy and the social sciences: Outline" in western history of culture by the Shanghai ancient books publishing house.
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