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The copyright page: illustration: calendar occupies an important position in the thousands of years of Chinese civilization. The Chinese descendants multiplied, the first is to rely on farming and agriculture based, ancestors of sunrise, sunset, after a long-term accumulation of experience, mastered the sun changes, which separates the seasonal change of seasons, and with the heavenly stems and earthly branches to the computation time, this is the early calendar. In order to determine what time should be cultivated, what time the harvest, this calendar has been used for thousands of years, this also is come first on the list in the world. It is said that in ancient times of the Yellow Emperor, there are special observation of the sun changes when officials, according to local production and living needs, through long-term observation, the year as 366 days, and distinguish the four seasons in a, B, C, D, e, F, G, Xin, Wang, sunflower, for the heavenly stems, sub, ugly, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, did not, Shen, unitary, Xu, Hai is the twelve Earthly Branches, with each other, into Jia Zi Ji day law unique to china. This is our lunar calendar is the Jia Zi Ji day law, continues to this day. The ancient calendar after the accurate calculation of the modern, or extremely accurate, it is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people in ancient china. In the Western Han Dynasty Dade series "Da Dai Li" in an article called "Xia Xiaozheng" data, it is to retain the Xia and Shang Dynasties calendar. "Xia Xiaozheng" the month of the lunar calendar is, today's lunar calendar. The record of 12 months in a year, every month, meteorological, phenological astronomical farming and farming related information. Also called the lunar calendar lunar calendar, the year is called a year old, the twelve Earthly Branches in December and cooperate with each other. Every year lunar January (January) as the beginning of the year, lunar January day as the beginning of each year. Can say, now our annual Spring Festival, is the first day of the beginning of the year. There are certain differences of the lunar calendar and the lunar calendar. As early as 4000 years ago, Mesopotamia (bottom of Griess River, the Euphrates) people have used this calendar, which is a round moon rules get calendar according to observation. It is also a year is divided into 12 months, monthly in crescent looking for at the start of the month, the full moon day for months, and when at the end of a crescent moon moon. In order to correct the error, each separated by a few years to set up a month. The lunar calendar to the moon cycle time is one month, 12 months is doing a year. However, the moon cycle for one lunar month, is the 29 day at twelve forty-four and 3 seconds, it is 29 days, 30 days less than. For the partyThen, the lunar calendar the month into large and Luna two, every single month is large (30 days), every two months are small (29 days), the total of a year is 354 days. In fact, a lunar month is not exactly equal to the average of a large and a small month of 29 days, 29 days more than 44 minutes 2.8 seconds. So the 12 lunar month in fact than 354 days 8 hours 48 minutes and 34 seconds, 30 years will be more than 11 days. Therefore, the lunar calendar to place 11 years leap year 30 years, every year in the 12 months to add a day. Lunar leap year is 355 days, so, the lunar calendar every 30 years 19 years 11 years 354 days, 355 days, the average length of the year is 354 days 8 hours 48 minutes. It's a year than the tropical year almost short 11 days, 3 years is a short one month. So, the use of the lunar calendar, new year must not be in the winter, it can in the spring, also can be in the summer or fall. The only advantage of it, is what every date on the lunar calendar can know the shape of the moon. The lunar calendar is a calendar, because it and agricultural production and people's daily life are not coordinated, so the world except several Islamic countries because of religious reasons still use, other countries have abandoned. The lunar calendar, the lunar calendar month of time as the average time. This point and pure the same, but the use of Intercalations way and twenty-four solar term way, so that the average length of calendar year is equal to the years, it also has the solar components, so it is purely the good. The lunar new year, is said to be our ancestors in the Xia Dynasty (seventeenth Century BC) have used a calendar, so, after the founding of new Chinese people still call it the traditional Chinese calendar, after 1970 China called the "lunar". As for the origin of "Chinese" one, probably because in ancient agricultural country, so making calendar must be based on agriculture. The lunar calendar is a lunar base. Synodic month time is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 3 seconds (29.5366 days), therefore, the lunar calendar is about 30 days, 29 days Xiaoyue, but it is not exactly the same as purely lunar calendar, purely because of the lunar calendar is the size on alternate arrangement, and the size of the month after the Lunar New Year calculated and determined. Lunar calendar each month as it happens is "new moon" (that is, the moon in the solar terrestrial intermediate, and the black with the half side toward the earth.). May sometimes appear two big, also can be two consecutive month. Because of the synodic month is slightly greater than 29 and a half days, so there are 53 large and 47 month in lunar calendar every 100 calendar months in rio.

&ldquo ” culture; is often a word we say, such as western culture and eastern culture, clothing culture, food culture, and culture quality, culture, cultural atmosphere, cultural heritage etc.. So what is the culture? Simply speaking, culture is a group (can be national, national, enterprise, family), philosophy thought, behavior, customs, habits, representative form in a certain time period, all the activities and by the collective consciousness of the radiation out. Taylor founder of Anthropology: culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and others as members of society the acquisition of any ability and habits, is the total score of human to make themselves adapt to its environment and improve their lifestyle effort. “ &rdquo two words, ancient culture. According to our China classical interpretation, called “ ”, is intricate traces, refers to a variety of things organized together, forming a “ a beautiful and harmonious phenomenon; ” “ ” is change, transformation. Generally speaking, culture is the culture of “ ” “ &rdquo, a beautiful and harmonious concept of all. “ &rdquo is the highest requirement of harmonious culture. Culture is divided into broad sense and narrow sense. Broad culture refers to the total achievements of human in nature and society, including all the material and spiritual wealth. The narrow sense of culture is the ideology of the creation of spiritual wealth, including religion, belief, custom, morality, ideology, literature and art, science and technology, all kinds of system. To make a long story short, culture is a reflection of human life, the records, historical accumulation, is people's needs and requirements of life, ideals and aspirations, is the senior spiritual life of people. Culture is the people to understand the nature, think of their own, is the spirit of the people to the bearing frame. It contains a certain ideological and theoretical, and follow the people decide on ethics, morals and order, people live and criterion method. The thought and theory is the core, the soul of culture. Because the culture of “ ” understanding is different, often lead to the content and scope of its not the same. There is a need to explain, visual selection book mainly include: astronomy, calendar, myth, religion, language, writing, literature, drama, philosophy, thought, art, calligraphy, music, dance, architecture, technology, photography, film, clothing, diet, etiquette, customs, appellation, allusion and so on. The political, military, law, science, sports and other content not selected. Talk about culture, we again &ldquo ” knowledge; knowledge, called “ ”, hand refers to the judgment and innate ability, no special learning, hand refers to as everyone knows, without much explanation or proof of knowledge, there is a layer of meaning refers to a rational person it is the rational knowledge, namely the &ldquo &rdquo daily knowledge;. In a book called "the most classical culture", the editor to select the most basic and widely used in the world culture knowledge, but because of world culture has a long history, vast area, rich in content, form complex, editor level knowledge is limited, the omissions can hardly be avoided, please reader friend.
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Astronomy, calendar, planets, stars, black holes, satellite comet meteor lunar calendar leap, leap the world's first astronomical observatory at Greenwich, the international date line earth day week system origin a week from the day began to set foot on the moon, the first people in the world the first female astronaut twenty-eight nights and four images and twenty-four solar term heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of the origin of the traditional century chronology myth, religion, the gods of Olympus Zeus family, the father of gods and men human grace God Plo Michel J intelligence goddess Athena Rome God system Kua Fu a symbol of dogged determination Christianity three factions "Bible" Mose the Christian holy city of Noah's Ark three Jewish sects of Buddhism Zen Buddhism Buddhist precepts ocean's five hundred and eighteen, no, Buddha Hannan, O Amitabha interpretation of Islam the Quran "Hindu" Taoist language, word cuneiform ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs many minority languages -- mother of Phoenician word Sanskrit most ancient text -- Oracle Chinese characters of formation -- six pinyin is how the birth of the world language by means of a set of characters created by Blaye Braille illiteracy and punctuation. The U.N. of the six languages. "Digital" +, -, *,,, = "symbol" K "on the origin of V -- symbol of success literature, drama" Homa epic "the knight literature Dante Cervantes Goethe Alexandre Dumas classical literary romanticism romanticism literature leader -- Hugo critical realism literature of Balzac and the" human comedy "Roman Roland naturalism literature modernism literature of Kafka s stream of consciousness novels lost generation Hemingway black humor haiku of Oriental literature the three ancient Greek tragedy" Shakespeare opera soprano C king "Pavarotti expressionist drama theatre of the absurd Mowrey mourning Bernard Shaw Peking Opera four famous ancient Greek philosophy and thought of three metaphysics cynicism patristic philosophy Augustin Renaissance humanitarian enlightenment Utopia Bacon Voltaire Encyclopedia of classical philosophy of voluntarism Nietzsche's" Superman Philosophy "humanism instrumentalism existentialism in Confucian and Taoist Legalists Mohist X, Y, Z three theory of art, calligraphy painting origin Botticelida Finchtixiangrafilbrandlakrova romantic painting impressionist painting Mo Nai post impressionist painting Cescon Van Gogh symbolism Painting abstract Fauvism Cubism surrealist painting Picasso Japan Ukiyo-e comic history the longest Gallery -- Dunhuang fresco "by" Wu Daozi Chinese painting master Qi Baishi of ancient Greece sculpture Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Terracotta Army the world's largest stone Buddha Maitreya -- Leshan mi Michelangelo Baroque sculpture with the charm of Venus Luo Dan Statue of Liberty futurist sculpture origin "Mermaid" statue "the saint" Wang Xizhi great calligraphy music dance "the father of western music" Bach "the father of the symphony" Haydn "music child prodigy" Mozart "Saint" Beethoven "the God of the violin" Paganini "the king of songs" Schubert "the piano poet" Chopin "King of the piano" Lester world sung "Marseillaise" notation history the numbered musical notation of Western musical instruments to know how much rock Daqu of the Tang Dynasty "colorful plumage" ambush on all sides "Butterfly Lovers" the birth of national musical instruments to know how much ballet ballet drama of the classic "Swan Lake" "mother of the modern dance" Duncan ballroom dancing ballroom dancing tap dance disco jazz dancing belly dance bharatanatyam Peacock Dance architecture and technology architecture of ancient Greece Rome Construction of the seven wonders of the ancient world of ancient India Buddhist architecture, Gothic architecture mosque architecture Renaissance Baroque classicism architecture "Rococo" building romantic architecture eclecticism architectural modernism architecture natural museum -- Pompeii Cologne Cathedral San Marco's Cathedral Fontainebleau Notre Dame de Paris Leaning Tower of Pisa Le Louvre Museum Palace of Versailles art Temple -- the Triumphal Arch in Paris of France the largest stage in the world -- the The Paris Opera House Eiffel Tower Sydney Opera House Pompidou national art cultural center in the world the biggest pagoda a Borobudur the world's largest temples -- Angkor Wat India Taj Mahal pearl -- China's largest wooden structure -- the hall of Supreme Harmony classical gardens of the palace of the London Wax Museum the Simuwu rectangle Ding the one and only the microfabrication process of Chinese folk arts and crafts three flower four famous embroidery photography. Film holographic portrait photography master Newman long lens montage movie Chaplin image of the origin of "master of suspense" Hitchcock's greatest actor Humphrey Bogas is the greatest actress Catherine Gbemi mouse and Donald Oscar and Hollywood Wu clothing, diet cloth raincoat pajamas tie coat zipper jeans heels Bikini swimwear Japanese kimono Simmons Bobbi doll Arabia veil judge why wear a curly wig wearing chef why white plain gauze PI Yi perfume lipstick chocolate Coca-Cola Kendl Ki wine yogurt birth "lion head" origin "Goubuli" steamed Wuchang fish China eight cuisines of etiquette. Custom handshake on European countries to spend the New Year customs Asian New Year customs Africa countries New Year custom American countries New Year customs chivalry five biggest Christian festival of Buddhism mainly holiday mawlid mother's day and father's Day Valentine's day foreign teacher's Day April Fool's day and honest day of Pei Kurosa Zhiai origin mast at wedding ceremonies in the spread of confetti the origin of the origin of the origin of the wedding ribbon glasses and drink terminology, allusions in ten countries of three major English name and title of the French name and Title Japanese name and title called Britain "bull" artificial reason says Americans as "Uncle Sam" reasons, Hou Bo, male, son of man, "czar" origin of doctoral, master the ancients, Bachelor China name, word, No. The origin of Chinese Qianci "offend city of God" foreign allusions "host" compilation of origin "cold-shoulder treatment" the origin of collection and other "Guinness World Records" of the Nobel prize sixth Broadway feeling psychoanalytic unconscious Sharon universe of 1,000,000,000 universes stamps gave birth to remember the "right" the origin of the zebra is divided @##@ Greek side the world history Culture is a reflection of human life, human history accumulation, but also the needs of people's life, the ideal and the pursue, is the senior spiritual life of people. Human life is limited, but the development of human culture is infinite; a wide range of all kinds of cultural knowledge, master of classical culture important to everyone success. "The most classical culture" at all times and in all countries cultural knowledge concentrated essence, introduced the multi aspects of history, geography, literature, folk customs, the most classic Chinese and foreign cultural knowledge to the reader, set knowGeneral knowledge, interest, science in one, to provide a shortcut for the readers to improve their comprehensive quality and ability. "The most classical culture" is a cultural knowledge dictionary, but also can be used as a leisure book readers work.
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