The magic 30 degrees north latitude

Date of publication:2011-2   Press: The Taiwan Strait   Author:Medea   Pages:241  

It, is one of the most horrible zone, everywhere with life's blood. The area under its rule, the mysterious death events emerge in an endless stream, beyond count. Be rather baffling plane crash, no trace of the mysterious disappearance, curse, such as a nightmare lingering Pharaoh come and go like a shadow ghost submarine try by hook to look for sth....... As long as the killer near invisible strange lines, are unable to escape the fate of death. It, is one of the most magical zone, both the ancient Maya civilization mystery, there is fear of the "alien bases"; there are built right on the continents of the earth gravity center of the ancient Egyptian pyramids group. There is a mysterious riddle of the Sphinx, there are mysterious wall painting, the Dead Sea, Babylon "air the garden"...... Or they Art beats nature. build amazing, or to the destructive force of mysterious people tremble with fear on hearing of, or behind the numerous difficult to explain. It, or one of the most spectacular scenic belt, the magnificent sea, pure snow capped mountains, majestic castle, the perfect building, magnificent Canyon, beautiful creatures, beautiful mountains, beautiful cave, all together in this latitude line. It is 30 degrees north latitude, -- a mysterious line, a splendid line, is a line with the breath of death.
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Medea, graduated from the Northwestern University history. Has been engaged in the research work of ancient world history, research field mainly concentrated in the "history of ancient West Asia and North Africa", "ancient Greek history of Rome", "European medieval history". OncePublished several department and scientific and spiritual color mass culture books, the easy style of writing makes many is not easy to be ordinary people to understand the profound knowledge is interesting. Loved by readers. His major works include "magic of the Mayan", "Greek women", "the mystery of India", "mystery of the universe", the representative of "magic of the Mayan" is on the bookstore bestseller list.
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The first chapter horror -- equidistant distribution of the triangle of death the Bermuda delta submarine missing -- heaven devoured ships and aircraft in the explanation to the bizarre "devil." Japan Longhai -- in the Pacific ocean ships are of no return the glittering sea "wheel" ravine, Laoyemiao -- Chinese also have a warrior to Bermuda also no longer Laoyemiao "lifesaving red boat" distance of the "triangle of death" 12 "the devil in" seven "dead zone" of the same latitude area in life and immortality "Dead Sea" Sahara Desert: your hell is my heaven who put the highest mountain in the deep sea? The second chapter coincidence -- the same latitude of the Arabian Nights unbearable "heavy" Santa Cruz: violation of Newton's law of gravity "river city" tilt and repetition of the Yangtze River is to "pull the plug"? Ancient rift block mysterious "dumb village" who tamed the Qian Tang tide? Qian Tang why the special quasi? Qian Tang is particularly high tide and why? Where the stone mining echo chamber gods will "one after another arson" martley phenomenon of strange fire strange stone square mysterious England Jushi "thunder line" island of Malta? The third chapter end -- latitude line "Noah's Ark" latitude line "shake" Wenchuan earthquake in north latitude 30 degrees? You Is it right? Is located in the seismic belt? The Qinghai Tibet plateau seismic zone 30 degrees north latitude on "death" civilized "saints" buried alive with unbelievable Yoga dormancy water "Walker's tomb" do not fall soil "coffin" 2012 "Noah's Ark" strikingly similar flood of God's "plan" submerged in the Millennium snow under the "Noah the ark" [SideB bright civilization, art] Chapter one prehistoric -- to be delivered from oppression of ancient civilization of Atlantis prehistoric civilization -- "Platon" a paradise a whirling the legend of the Sanxingdui -- the prehistoric bronze in different poses and with different expressions of a mysterious one Chinese civilization lonely eternal mystery San Francisco -- prehistoric petroglyphs art can not reach the height of a white arrow Maya -- prehistoric "civilized" a huge number of unit a "altar" type of Pyramid an accurate predictions of reduction of civilization -- the second chapter legend immortal eternal legend Pyramid era Pyramid aliens built? From the "Pharaoh's Curse" to "Pharaoh blade stropper" mummy on the Titanic immortal Sphinx Hu Fu hath cursed the strange dream vanished Castle legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon: exactly where you are? "Babel" Tower of Babel: cited numerous heroes jingzheyao Persepolis: after the bustling city into 一梦 third chapter art masterpiece -- the world article incomparable: magnificent; ornate; fascinating ancient buildings in Taj Mahal: love is a beautiful sadness Baalbek site: Lebanon sun domain diners Portis archaeological sites: North Africa's most spectacular city ruins quseir Amra: well preserved Desert Castle Chinese: bright building picture Potala Palace: on the roof of the world: the world is a very bright pearl Leshan Giant Buddha statues of Wudang Mountains ancient buildings: the best in all the land mountains [SideC visual world together] the first chapter -- qishanxiushui Canyon 30 degrees: it can only exist in another world, the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon: style show pays Colorado Grand Canyon: USA true symbol of Nu River valley land of idyllic beauty: for the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River: the thousand Jiangling day also Tiger Leaping Gorge: a breathtaking splendor mountain: in different poses and with different expressions with the vast Sedum Taishan Jigong Homeland: Mount Sanqingshan: sets of heaven show, cosmopolitan spirit Qi Yunshan: Jiangnan first Meili Xue Shan: the sacred mountain glaciers in Qingchengshan Treasure: Legend of the Mount Lu: difficult as the true "Lv Dongbin" Cave: the magnificent Yerebatan Sarnici TENGLONGDONG: China largest cave cave of Zhijin: the magnificent landform of Karst Furong: cave is one of the most beautiful Carlsbad Caverns National Park: the world's deepest cave the second chapter City -- walking the world elsewhere scenic 30 degrees: 30 degrees around the world trip Cairo: Egypt's history: one thousand one the night Baghdad's hometown of Kathmandu: in the temple, the palace and the roadway asked wandering New Orleans: Jazz village walk Chinese: us mark of Hangzhou: a paradise under Jervois Shanghai: Day Three fireworks in Lhasa: the sunlight on Chongqing: City alley. Building and beauty Chengdu: Leisure City Yu Yuancun: Castle Peak among the "Tai Chi": Zhuge village shrouded in the eight chart on the third chapter -- through the fog of bio ecological culture of the Shennongjia 30 degrees -- passed raise a Babel of criticism of the "savage" Shennongjia "savage" long what kind of? Shennongjia "savage" witness: we didn't lie legend and true all over the Castle Peak human not old people in the speculation Shennongjia savages? Himalaya -- the legendary "changeable" snowman Snowman will "the hero save the United States" "the snowman" is brown? "He gave us a throw stones"
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The copyright page: illustration: at 30 degrees north latitude, the most puzzling about to occur in a series of aircraft and ships of the Bermuda Triangle disappearances. Reportedly, where sailing ships or aircraft are often mysteriously disappeared, don't say that to find out the reason, is that even ships and aircraft debris can't find. So the most experienced crew or pilots through here, are not in the mood to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the sea, but be always on tenterhooks, trembling with fear, fear the touch of luck, not clear to put an end to fish. The Bermuda Triangle, refers to a specific location on the Atlantic Bermuda, Miami (USA Florida Peninsula) and San Juan (Puerto Rico) connect these three points form a triangle, consisting of more than 360 islands, covering an area of 400000 square miles. In twentieth Century 60 time metaphase, the author of "a merchant fleet" magazine pioneered the "Bermuda Triangle" is a word. So, people put the fearsome Bermuda area called "death triangle", "ghost River" or "devil's triangle". Be "swallowed" ships and aircraft to Taylor: "I was captain Taylor, abnormalities! We don't know why off course." Command: "report your position!" Taylor: "I don't know their position, I do not know in what place!" Command: "so you're flying west!" Taylor: "orientation instrument is out of order, the pointer does not move. We are disoriented, only see the sea!" This is the December 5, 1945, outgoing call a frame over the line of latitude 30 degrees north of the airplane. Responsible for the flight, is American air force Capt. Taylor, a highly experienced pilots. Therefore, the severity of the base command did not feel the problem. Because, the plane has plenty of fuel, can cope with 4 hours of flight. Say, Captain Taylor's flight is reassuring. And this is an ideal flight weather, everything is normal, good weather. But after ten minutes, base headquarters received a report: "warning! We got lost and now, no land in sight...... All hell broke loose, even the sea seems not as usual!" "We seem to be in the Gulf of Mexico......" Base surprised, how they deviate from the course to fly to the Gulf of Mexico to? The 5 aircraft mission is to fly in a triangle range, to the east to fly over Bahamian archipelago, then flew northward along the triangle, then the last line. When the flight team crossed over Bahamian archipelago, base suddenly received Taylor lieutenant and pilot Bowers report, called compass failure, they did not know their own height. For a moment, base command signals are received and worse, it seems that all pilots panic God, command also panic. The 5 aircraft do not know in what place, also blindly in flight, and they contact between each other of dialogue, let base greatly surprised, all the instruments are a failure. Their readings are not the same, there was no sign of even the West Ramp sunset, if they can see the sun course correction.
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"Mysterious latitude 30 degrees": in twenty-first Century, a time to explore the world of the most comprehensive archaeological circles -- 30 degrees north latitude! This is a magical curve does not see, here there are many mysteries. Here is located in the north temperate zone, however one here on top of Mount Everest is the coldest places on earth, one of the Sahara desert is the most hot area; here are the most abundant animal and plant resources, there are also the most desolate desert on earth zone; here is the birthplace of the four great ancient civilizations here is the prehistoric civilization left traces, most place; here are the holy site of Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism Wonderland center distance; here the distribution area of the devil; had the highest mountain, the deepest trench, the strange lake, the most beautiful mountain, the most spectacular tide, the most turbulent current...... An ancient prophecy, a strange journey, a mysterious ark, a popular global latitude line, a matter of vital importance to human's startled day.
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