The introduction Chinese cultural history

Date of publication:2003-02   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Qian Muwei   Pages´╝Ü261  

Qian Muwei (1895-1990), the word bin four, a famous historian of Wuxi, Jiangsu. Beginning in 1912 for the rural primary school teachers, after the calendar of middle school and University, successively in Yanjing University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, southwest United University such as the number of schools. In 1949 went to Hongkong New Asia College, founded in 1967, settled in Taiwan.
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The first chapter preface revised order geographical background Chinese culture chapter second national and ethnic amalgamation into third chapters of ancient concepts and modern life chapter fourth ancient academic and ancient text fifth chapters at government created the sixth chapter and seventh chapter of new socialist economic policies of ethnic and religious harmony new again the eighth chapter literature art and personality stretching ninth chapter religion clarification of national integration and social culture then spread and further the tenth chapter of Chinese and Western contact and cultural evolution of appendix China cultural tradition @##@ complement sequence "The introduction Chinese cultural history (Revised Edition)" was written in the period of Anti Japanese War, is Ancient Chinese Literature Search master money Mu Jiqi "Outline History", the first part of Chinese culture systematically expounded his views of the book, is also his important academic masterpiece. As the cultural history is a history of the book. This book as "Outline History" close reading, we can obtain the effect of the author in writing. "The introduction China cultural history (Revised Edition)" is mainly in the monograph China, also on the similarities and differences between the Chinese culture and the western. Mr. Qian on cultural issues discussion often works, but generally not beyond argument "Chinese cultural history (Revised Edition)" the main Gang Zong outside.
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  •   The introduction China cultural history (Revised Edition)
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  •   The introduction China cultural history

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