The history of world culture

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"General curriculum teaching materials of colleges and Universities: the cultural history of the world" from the global point of view, the system elaborated the pluralism of human culture development course, outstanding achievement of the world culture and communication between each other. This book describes the aristocrats and commoners, elite and popular culture, all the different social groups of male and female and other creative activities.
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Special primitive period of human culture material 1 original art materials 2 primitive religious material 3 language production and the development of science and technology of materials 4 budding two topics in Mesopotamia rose the dawn of civilization material 1 of ancient Mesopotamia political, legal and religious material 2 ancient Mesopotamian literature and art materials 3, other regions ancient culture material 4 Persian Empire and culture the holy ancient Egyptian culture materials under the rule of the 1 Dynasty Pharaoh and apotheosized regalia 2 material for afterlife of religious materials 3 large-scale construction and the pursuit of the eternal artistic material 4 ancient Egyptian scientific and cultural achievements in four after suffering the Hebrew culture material 1 Hebrew nation and the origin of culture material 2 the state of Israel and the Jewish country material 3 Jewish and classic: "Old Testament" material 4 Jewish Diaspora and polymerization project five South Asian subcontinent ancient India civilization material 1 India civilization beginning and Ganges RIver basin culture starting material 2 caste Brahmanism and Buddhism materials 3 the emergence and spread of the 4 materials of ancient India literature, art and science topics six has a "permanent charm" in ancient Greece La culture material 1 Aegean civilization material 2 Homer and the Greek city states material 3 ancient Greek literature and art materials 4 ancient Greek philosophy and historical materials 5 Macedonian Empire and the Greek era topic seven profound culture of ancient Rome 1 Rome culture and Rome Empire material 2 of Rome's political and legal system system of material 3 of Rome's literature, history and philosophy material 4 Rome architecture and sculpture materials 5 Christian origin and early development of eight century European Christian culture material 1 medieval European and Christian material 2 medieval philosophy and art materials 3 Byzantine and religious Division material 4 Byzantine culture achievement materials 5 Russia and the rise of the ancient culture of Russia nine Islamic and Arabia culture material 1 Mohamed and Islam founded material 2 Islamic religious system and teaching material 3 Empire of Arabia and the spread of Islam material 4 Arabia cultural achievements and influence of project ten in East and Southeast Asia ancient cultural material 1 Japanese culture origin and development of material 2 Japan Buddhism and Shintoism. Material 3 Medieval Japanese literature and art materials 4 Korean culture origin and development of material 5 Southeast Asia Buddhist art in eleven African and American ancient cultural material 1 ancient African countries and their culture material of 2 American Indians and American culture twelve Renaissance, European bourgeois of the new culture movement material 1 Renaissance and humanism ideas generated material 2 Italy Renaissance literature material 3 Italy Renaissance art materials 4 Renaissance in Europe spread material 5 Renaissance political and scientific material 6 reformation and the Catholic Church in thirteen European reaction enlightenment culture material 1 European Society of great change and natural the development of science materials 2 bourgeois revolution early philosophy and political thought material 3 enlightenment and rationalism material 4 classical literature and literary materials 5 Baroque and Rococo art style material 6 Baroque and classical music on fourteen industrial revolution of culture in the process of ideological materials 1 Industrial Revolution and the development of Natural Science Materials 2 economic theory and social thought The change trend of modern art materials and the development of science materials in twentieth Century the western culture and Western art philosophy material material material material 3 to reflect the trend of the times the tide 4 romantic literature and critical realism literature material 5 schools in 6 romantic music fifteen diversified 1 times 2 modern western philosophy material 3 schools of western literature materials 4 all manner of 5 popular changeable modern music material 6 multi polarization of the world cultural tendency in the appendix the recommended bibliography, bibliography
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The copyright page: illustration: "Odyssey" a total of 24 volumes, 12110, returned home to Odysseus after the war experience as a clue, describing he and his companions adrift at sea for 9 years, through all the hardships, overcome difficulties, to return home to Ithaca Island, and resourcefulness and courage to regain their property, the final couple to the reunion. Two epic content bizarre twists and turns, language colorful, reflecting the ancient Greeks heroism and collectivism thought, sing the praises of the Greeks loved life, longing for peace. Epic affirmed the strength of people, with positive thoughts and feelings, known as a model for the European epic. Drama in sixth Century BC, the Greek city states into the period of prosperity, the original rural harvest celebration activities gradually evolved into the drama activities. Because of the promotion of the rulers, before the fifth Century Athens tragedy and comedy creation of unprecedented prosperity, the emergence of a large number of writers and works. Askew Ross (BC 525 ~ 456) was born in an aristocratic Athenian family, had participated in the battle of Marathon and the battle of Salamis, heroic fight the invading army. He wrote 90 plays, won 13 awards, handed down by 7, to "the lashed Plo Michel J" the most famous. The story is based on Plo Michel J as the man to steal Skyfire mythology, created a dedicated to the cause of human justice, courage to rebel against the authoritarian theocracy, indomitable heroic image. He is the real founder of Greek tragedy, known as the "father of the tragedy". Alfonso Fochler J (BC 496 ~ 406) was born in business and home owners. He wrote 120 plays, won 24 awards, the existing 7, "Oedipus the king" is the representative work. The story is based on Greek mythology, is written by man and the fate of the struggle. Oedipus the king is a strong willed, fear no evil, for the people, dare to struggle and destiny hero, but to bear their sin. In order to get rid of that killed his father and married hisMother's fate, he left there, but the more he tried to resist, the more into the claws of fate, not consciously accept the fate finally lead to the tragic ending. "Oedipus complex" structure rigorous, clever layout, the circumstances of the compact, ups and downs, known example of Greek tragedy. Euripides (BC 480 ~ 406) is a man of noble birth, his play more with philosophy, known as the "stage of the philosopher". He has written 92 novels, won 6 Awards, the existing L8, which "Medea" the most prominent. The story is based on Jason steal the golden fleece of the legend of heroes, Medea sincerely passionately in love with Jason, Jason soon, old, abandoned her to remarry. Medea by warm love into a strong hate. She poisoned bride, and killed two of his sons in pain, to show the unjust punishment. "Medea" a drama for legal status of women, to challenge the social phenomenon of inequality between men and women, and Medea image of social significance. The script realistic description and psychological description have reached a very high level, is a great development of ancient Greece tragedy art. The ancient Greek comedy mainly drawn from social life, is of practical significance. The famous comedian Ali Stouffer (BC 446 ~ C. 385) is a three comedy home only have a complete work, reportedly wrote 44 comedies, spread so far there are 11, won 7 awards, known as the "father of comedy". The civil war against the masterpiece "the acharnians", expressing the Athens farmers desire desire for peace, has won the first prize. "Bird" is based on myth as the theme, describing the ideal society works, art is very high, as the most outstanding works of aristophanes.
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"General curriculum teaching materials of colleges and Universities: the cultural history of the world (Chinese Edition)" published by the University of International Business and Economics press.
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