The French cultural history (volume three)

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Years may wrinkle in the long centuries, those who live in the land where the people, how to understand the world around them?
this with education and reprimand from generation to generation of the world, the literature has given depict it varied, so that sublimation; numerous social norms and value system to the specification; entertainment as it up; the great knowledge and idea which planning construction; science explain it; control of the step by step; myths and legends and beliefs and endow it with unique implication of such a world, people formerly inhabiting this how to say? How to think?
in other words, this show is another kind of writing history of French culture, to forget the people unremitting efforts in the western edge of Europa the land side of the. We try to explain in this history of Gelber and Sutter, Lv Li and Cezanne, Jean? Goujon and Dino? Everything's hometown of Rossi inherited, acquired, say, think, imagine, create. This is a new generation of cultural history of ambition, but also nourish and sustain us in this set of works of philosophy: Paul? Li Department said, everything we want to France in the 15 century by "inheritance and creative principle" of the decision, made a profound and vivid description.
Author brief introduction

Author: (method) to Pierre Riou (Jean-Pierre Rioux) (France), Jean Francois Sirinelli (Jean
Catalogue of books

The first part of the introduction of the first chapter of

Enlightenment Culture
1 on the new world outlook

public criticism consciousness stage
the national court
2 criticized groups of actors and mouthpiece
Print world
enlightened social
3 between bucket struggle and compromise between the culture of
face criticism spirit of traditional
literati drawings
second chapter culture conflict shared
1 a popular culture? Share a culture
a public speech
Education warmly
culture popularization of
emotion regulation urban way of life

third chapter cultural political
1 traditional charm of the crisis of faith and the king face the test of

to relive the past, future
2 revolution on inquiry, or culture can update the
the spirit of freedom and free entity
(old man)
New an improved culture?
the imperial order
fourth chapter from the critics culture to civic culture
1 theocracy
enlightenment philosopher

criticism of Public Art: the romantic age
Forum: Cultural Council meeting and newspaper
Academy of Sciences: Thought and in the form of Parliament
Art: from the system of Academy of Sciences to market system
3 society
talk world: association, theatre and salon
normal and deviant
fifth chapter heritage
1 advocate two typical image history of the century
nostalgic taste
historical prose Memoirs of
battle legacy />2 policy.

: Architectural Heritage Merimee and Vileo Le Duke
Printing Museum, archive and library books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

sixth chapter toward democratic culture conditions of
political unification plan: cognitive desire and education policy.
trend "visible equality": native
unity and fashion
common culture: the change of
popular books and images of
2 sequence from emotion Political
gentle culture
the world wake up
3 a kind of culture and cultural
area cultural invention
the way
"poor" culture: cultural workers
the wish is to become a unified national
names, place names and book the index
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"The French cultural history (fine)" France is the four volumes of the pictures from the book, is by far the most perfect, the most authoritative works of cultural history, enjoys a high reputation in france. The book consists of the middle ages, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment of Eve (16, seventeenth Century), enlightenment and freedom (18, L9 century) and mass age (Twentieth Century) four volumes. The "French cultural history (Ⅲ enlightenment and freedom in eighteenth Century and nineteenth Century) (fine)" (author Jean Pierre Riou and Jean Francois Sirinelli) is the series of third volumes.
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  •   Although very thick but it is worth a look.
  •   The second part of the book from critics culture to the civic culture, cultural heritage, democratic culture section is very exciting.
  •   Very like, understand the cultural history of masterpieces!

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