The French cultural history (Volume 1)

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Years may wrinkle in the long centuries, those who live in the land where the people, how to understand the world around them?
this with education and reprimand from generation to generation of the world, the literature has given depict it varied, so that sublimation; numerous social norms and value system to the specification; entertainment as it up; the great knowledge and idea which planning construction; science explain it; control of the step by step; myths and legends and beliefs and endow it with unique implication of such a world, people formerly inhabiting this how to say? How to think?
in other words, this show is another kind of writing history of French culture, to forget the people unremitting efforts in the western edge of Europa the land side of the. We try to explain in this history of Gelber and Sutter, Lv Li and Cezanne, Jean? Goujon and Dino? Everything's hometown of Rossi inherited, acquired, say, think, imagine, create. This is a new generation of cultural history of ambition, but also nourish and sustain us in this set of works of philosophy: Paul? Li Department said, everything we want to France in the 15 century by "inheritance and creative principle" of the decision, made a profound and vivid description.
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Author: (method) to Pierre Riou (Jean-Pierre Rioux) (France), Jean Francois Sirinelli (Jean
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the first part of Frankish kings under the rule of the cultural heritage and the innovation of
the first chapter Frankish culture consciousness of the real situation and the original myth
1 Frankish Kingdom Historian: tours the Gregorian (538-594)
solid literature culture.
a Rome Catholic historian
2 of Rome - Frank continuous
the Gallo Romans: Christian Romans
the Franks by Catholic Church in
Rome culture system for
3 "our ancestors Gauls" argument should stop
the modern idea of
from national and Republican
4 Franks in Gaozhuang social identity
the initial stress at the Gregorian book
from the Frankish kingdom to the Frankish Empire
from the Frankish empire into the kingdom of France
second chapter of French origin
third chapter of late antiquity culture and barbarian Gaul Christian culture (5-7 century) the Renaissance and the culture of
the fourth chapter Carolingian era of creative period (11-13 century)
fifth chapter knowledge and social
sixth chapter Culture of the church
seventh chapter elegant culture
third part of medieval culture colorful autumn (14-15 century)
eighth chapter in the field of education's vitality and difficulty of
ninth chapter culture and national progress.
tenth chapters of the social culture of polymerization, decomposition and contact
eleventh chapter prelude to the Renaissance
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The copyright page: illustration: in fact, the legend of Arthur is allowed Raetia de te Lu Ya sake he received a real development in champagne, but people know of the writer's just his name. He may be a priest, associated with champagne and Flemish court palace. His "the knight" is dedicated to the count of champagne lady Marie, the unfinished work "Peswa" for the count of Flanders Philip De, Alsace as. People think that there are five of the legendary from his hand, that is: "Elek and Queenie", "Kerry Jess", "Rancero", "Ivan knight or a cart or lion Knight" and "Peswa or the Holy Grail story". However, Christian in the "Kerry Jess" in the preface also mentioned some of his works, but almost all have ceased to exist. It was in Ovid's works adapted as well as an article about Tara and Iseult story. The writer is undoubtedly one of the most prolific medieval romance Literature in the field of the most talented writers. We may not be an overview of his various legends here. People can give to his work reveals that Christian is through some looks like is inconsequential narrative themes in the series of works has developed a comprehensive real ideological system, to help solve the internal structure of Noble Group and their relationship with the Church of the proposed problems. We will talk about two topics on the back also involves briefly here: the theme of marriage etiquette and the Holy Grail theme. Marriage elegant Christian de te Lu Ya works from the saved the first legend "Elek and Queenie", Christian confirmed the subtle love (amour fin) - from where Gaston criticized both the compatibility between and marriage it is called noble love. The Occitan lyric poetry that self-evident preaching is a real subversion, although this sermon at Tara story appeared, and obtained the affirmation in the Andrea 勒沙 made of love "in the". Anyway, in the relationship there is no love, by a lady of her marriage and her relationship with another person is her lover that form between the opposite disorders, may constitute the essence of true love. Christian's structural inversion is quite obvious: in principle, the lady of the upper figure, but the hero Enid is only a poor little nobleman's daughter, dressed in rags, and Rick is the son of the king. Through a series of various war episode, the story that love and marriage between harmony is possible, even though they always exist between the tension is not easy to overcome.
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