The French cultural history (Juan Si)

Date of publication:2012-9   Press: East China Normal University press   Author:Jean Francois Sirinelli   Pages:437   Words:500000  

Author: (method) to Pierre Riou (Jean-Pierre Rioux) (France), Jean Francois Sirinelli (Jean
Author brief introduction

"The French cultural history (fine)" France is the four volumes of the pictures from the book, is by far the most perfect, the most authoritative works of cultural history, enjoys a high reputation in france. The book consists of the middle ages, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment of Eve (16, seventeenth Century), enlightenment and freedom (18, L9 century) and mass age (Twentieth Century) four volumes. The "French cultural history (Ⅳ mass age (fine)" (Twentieth Century)Author Jean Pierre Riou, Jean Francois Sirinelli) is the series of fourth volumes.
Catalogue of books

The first part secular mass splitting (1885 - 1918)
the first chapter Marianne leading
1 Republic continued sunny
2 approximation of the Democratic
3 elementary education from kindergarten to university.
5 reading and art
second chapter conflict culture
1 Catholics and free thinker
2 free the separation of church and state
3 Dreyfus youth
third chapters to public view
1 decline in recession and modern
2 print of the golden age of
3 symbolic challenge and the new art
fourth chapter entertainment era
3 celebrations tourism paradise movie
4 sports
fifth chapter mid tone split
1 the children of Cezanne
2 in 1913.
3 outside of the three effects in the area of
sixth chapter death and agree with
1 defensive promise
2 pain
second part acceleration time (1918 - 1962)

seventh introduction chapter is still the Republic
1 Republic of
2 single culture, right and left: a re activation of conflict culture
3 A pacifist France?
eighth chapter school, mass and electric
1 "parchment take-off victory"?
3 image and sound
2 primary school teachers in the Republic of the use of
ninth chapter repeat time?
1 changing light
2 a surreal fuse?
tenth chapter culture at
3 crazy years? Frustrated Western puzzle
2 history
3 the awakening of enlightenment philosophy?
eleventh chapter India summer midnight culture
1 Paris Berlin? The intellectual community of German poet
3 French honor prisoners escape culture?
4 ideology change
twelfth chapter no postwar
1 a reflection of era culture?
2 under the shadow of the cold war
3 "French snails have no shell"
thirteenth chapter mass culture deeply rooted
1 radio peak times
2 of France: time delay?
3 "Meng days age"
third part at the end of the century (60 years)
fourteenth Chapter 60's early style
1 "innovation"
2 "partner" droplets era
3 TV irreversible rise
fifteenth chapter "30 glorious years"
1 in mid 1965. A turning point in the year
2 1968 May storm: an exception in France?
3 popular culture, or a new social and cultural differentiation?
4 Republic persistent
sixteenth chapter state tight
1 various crisis
3 maintenance culture education disappointing exception
seventeenth chapter mass culture consumption
1 is not the law of supply and demand of
2 behavior
3 frequent changes of audiovisual heart drunk in
4 bread and game
eighteenth chapter
1 value subject regression
3 image to create world be confused
4 memory in confusion, characteristics of
names, place names and name index @##@ works Years may wrinkle in the long centuries, those who live in the land where the people, how to understand the world around them?
this with education and reprimand from generation to generation of the world, the literature has given depict it varied, so that sublimation; numerous social norms and value system to the specification; entertainment as it up; the great knowledge and idea which planning construction; science explain it; control of the step by step; myths and legends and beliefs and endow it with unique implication of such a world, people formerly inhabiting this how to say? How to think?
in other words, this show is another kind of writing history of French culture, to forget the people unremitting efforts in the western edge of Europa the land side of the. We try to explain in this history of Gelber and Sutter, Lv Li and Cezanne, Jean? Goujon and Dino? Everything's hometown of Rossi inherited, acquired, say, think, imagine, create. This is a new generation of cultural history of ambition, but also nourish and sustain us in this set of works of philosophy: Paul? Li Department said, everything we want to France in the 15 century by "inheritance and creative principle" of the decision, made a profound and vivid description.
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  •   This book, like a deep well, Everfount provide a cultural oasis.
  •   The mass of the times, also is the society and the state (government), to realize the separation of politics and national socialized time, so is the people really have "social history" era. In China, society is political state control firmly and is equivalent to the national.
  •   These books, although more thick, but it is still worth reading.
  •   Rough turned over, is interested in the book. Send instant!

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