The cultural history of Beijing

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The construction of learning party organization is an important and urgent strategic task put forward the party's seventeen plenary session, is to build the Marx learning foundation engineering oriented party, is an important way to deepen the theoretical work, enhance cohesion, combat effectiveness of broad Party member's quality and Party organization. The construction of learning party organization to promote, to better meet the needs of the theoretical study of leading cadres, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organized experts to prepare a "leading cadres half reading" series. Called "half read every book", in order to control the number of words within 50000, the leading cadres at the weekend with a half day to finish. As the cadre theoretical study reference books, books topics are needed to work with the current leadership development, capital of the closely related, new theory, new knowledge, new methods of this area as reflected in the content, in fact, explain profound theories in simple language to be concise and to the point, in the style of writing as far as possible, be lively and vivid, readable the. The author of the book series, are experts in their field of study academic attainments, and some also hold or have held leadership positions.
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Yan Chongnian, researcher at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing City Hall awarded the title of outstanding contributions of experts, enjoy special government allowance granted by the state council. Author of papers "Yan Shi Ji" and 4, "Nur Ha Che", "on Yuan Chonghuan" 16 ", CO authored with Yan Chongnian dialogue recorded:" master, chief editor of "full study" and other 14 ministries. In CCTV "100 forum" the history of the Qing dynasty.
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Introduction: speaking from a historical story (a) a historical story (two) the Beijing cultural development environment (three) Beijing cultural history of the development of personality (four) the three millennium change the culture development of Beijing, Beijing the first millennium change (a) bronze first Hui (two) Yandu thistle Cheng (three) for two, Beijing Jintai second millennium change (a) grassland culture map (two) the northern town of military importance (three) three Yan three, established the capital Beijing third millennium change (on) (a) forest culture southward (two) Nanjing (three) in the Jin Dynasty, Beijing four the third millennium change (in) (a) in the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty mostly (two) Beijing five, Beijing third millennium change (lower) (a) forest culture said Jane (two) moved the capital to Beijing battle (three) flag people city living (four) Palace Manchuria characteristics (five) outside the business column. (six) the construction of the Royal Garden (seven) ethnic fusion of culture (eight) six, Beijing City People's life into an international metropolis (a) International Exchange History (two) contemporary Beijing culture
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The copyright page: illustration: Beijing, the capital of the people's Republic of China, China 1300000000 central nervous system and political heart -- a rich culture of the city, a beautiful and prosperous city, a booming city, an international city. In China six big ancient capitals -- Luoyang, Xi'an, Kaifeng, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Beijing, in the world ten big famous capital -- USA Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Cairo, Moscow, Tokyo, New Delhi and Beijing in India China, with the history and culture of Beijing is the most long. But why do you say that? This should start with a story in twentieth Century 80. Held in 1987 "the history of the world city" meeting in Japan, the venue is in Kyoto, Kyoto is Japan's famous because of the history of the ancient capital, it can imitate Tang Changan and mode of Luoyang City, known as the "capital of a thousand years".
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"In the" history of Beijing culture is the leading cadres to read one of the semi diurnal.
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