The Central Plains culture memory

Date of publication:2011-1-1   Press: Henan science and Technology Press   Author:Xu Xiaofan, ed.  

Famous scholars Zhang Xinbin Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Archaeological Institute executive chief editor,
Henan provincial Party Secretary Zhao Peng, Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau Director Fan Xiufang deputy editor,
Zhengzhou University, Museum of Henan Province, Henan province folk literature and Art Association and other experts carefully guide,
all propaganda minister, chairman of the Federation and the famous scholars, writers and other written.
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Illustration: Gongsun aunt is a very clever man, she is good at learn widely from others'strong points, and absorb the essence, make the sword routines, rhythm organically, perfect. The sword from the dance was the sword, huntuo two dance, sword sword originated from the spring and autumn and the Warring States in the Central Plains, huntuo originates from the western dancing figure, her years of training, the two blend as a. She also in the Tang Dynasty is known as one of Pei Mann's sword as the foundation, to create a "general Pei full potential", but also by the people of the world. This dance is a large range of movement, full of dancing, be struck with fright, 'was a fierce matchless sword dance is. Gongsun Wu dance "the sword" and "the sword from the", dressed entirely different, so stick out a mile, dance "the sword from the head", Hu cap... (huntuo hat), pedal Hu boots, a pair of ethnic dress. "The sword dance", the uniform dress or colorful hats, shark and ribbon, breaking wind, body a swordsman of the wind, the Central Plains war gas. So Du Fu wrote a poem: the burnt as Yi shooting nine sunset, the groups such as the emperor can longxiang. The Sun Wu dance scene grand occasion. Gongsun "sword" dance routine rhythm, is the progressive rising. In the opening fire dancers holding flag, flying swing, so gently and with drums, singing, sometimes single sword dance, and double phase from, walking gradually accelerated, growing up, dancing, breathtaking. Gongsun aunt is really a strange woman, and her skill, beautiful, free and easy, swinging the sword dance in the soul, not only makes a feast for the eyes, but also can comprehend by analogy, a click into place feeling, and germination of Turing machine. Therefore, the Tang Dynasty bookPainting view Gongsun swordplay benefit. The great calligrapher Zhang Xushan cursive, Ye County, see Gongsun aunt dance "Xihe sword", he stayed there in thought for a long time, from see to indulge elegant, when illness when Xu, in order of importance and urgency of rhythm and evanescent evanescent, poly scattered like broken structure, and even incline, and its use the creation of calligraphy, from the "write and paint as cloud". Zhang Xu talked about his cursive writing progress, also feeling said: see Gongsun aunt sword dance, and the god. Another calligrapher Huai Su monk creation also inspired by her sword, "the Tibetan front turn crazy strange engorgement, gesture, expression of dancing, like a whirlwind, full of momentum, and as the sword Lingyun, God was devil may cry". "Continue Book Broken" column, the book is a masterpiece, "such as mighty sword, vivid and moving", and Gongsun aunt have different approaches but equally satisfactory results with the wonderful. "There is Chinese" Hao Dao Zi, also inspired by the paintings, strokes as if high ancient gossamer description, used in Figure plait ribbon, very lightweight trend, with Gongsun dance rhythm feeling.
Catalogue of books

"Yu Feng Chu Yun Xinyang" directory: talk over past and present history scene -- between the brilliant memory of Xinyang Jianghuai heavy and thick brilliant history and culture Yu Feng Chu Yun Culture Inheritance promising Xinyang charm to playback -- wonderful Xinyang Shen Hou Nu, auxiliary King Ping of Zhou started the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Shen Xi division along the Central Plains, in the spring and autumn Confucius can become dominant negative function, virtue and fair, open the emperor dug hongxibei irrigation project, on both sides of Huaihe into a land of fish and rice Qi Wei, Liang Wei for the division, Xinyang is in the two big monk turmoil Da Su Shan first practice, Tiantai Pingding Huaixi military armed separatism, on both sides of Huaihe to achieve stability, Jin Song tug of war, Xinyang became the anti gold front since Lang army moved to Xinyang, Yuan Shikai Beiyang army, army encirclement breaking over Xinyang again, people slaughtered mall uprising, create the second revolution according to the twenty-five Red Army Long March, the Central Red Army in Northern Shaanxi to greet Li Xiannian south around mountains, the game jump horse 豫鄂 edge break through the Central Plains, open people's liberation the war curtain Liu Deng army into fasten hill greatly, sounded the horn of celebrities -- Humanistic Xinyang liberation scanning the name One style face interest lady China first low-cost phase Sun Shuao Sue Shanghai civilization pioneer Huang Xiekai Zhang Min Wang Shenzhi "King Chen Yuanguang and Wang Sanlong" historians, Northern Song Dynasty name Sima Guang in Ming Dynasty Confucian Matsu often literary leaders he Jingming III patriarch Hu Cangxiaoping civil lawyer Song Shijie botanist Wu Qirong important Minister of the late Qing Dynasty Zhou Zupei China revolution pioneer in Chinese heroine Deng Yingchao Jiang Guangci the legendary general Xu Shiyou concealed front the outstanding leadership of Liu Shaowen generation star Zheng Weishan literary Shuangjie Chen's two brothers root dear Xinyang history tracing origin the surname of Yu Xinyang Kwangju Gushi and Minnan origin Kwangju Gushi and Taiwanese origin of Xinyang and Hakka origin xungenwenzu root Culture -- dear new century friendship spectrum new roots...... City Impression -- Culture in Xinyang History Archaeology of ancient Xinyang -- underground legend scenic spots in Xinyang -- Landscape multicolored beautiful pruducts blend of rich -- Xinyang famous heritage "intangible cultural heritage" -- the rich heritage of civilization of Xinyang city card -- charm of Xinyang a gilded signboard "Chu Han Feng Yun Nanyang" directory: from ancient to modern times -- talk over past and present. Nanyang Nanyang Geography: South coherent North Property: Chu Han Feng Yun Sheng Nanyang culture characteristics of the Ming Nanyang District: a heritage of Nanyang: the rise of central China's position as support to playback - the event in spring and autumn three please Fanli type cast Qin home county of Nanyang Liu Bangyue and Nanyang to take the world Gengshi Dili capital Nanyang Liu Xiu established the Eastern Han Dynasty "parents Palace" origin Nanyang Cao Cao, Zhang Xiuzhan Wancheng Liu Beisan please Zhu Geliang Wei Emperor Xiaowen travel Nanyang Li Bai on the tour of Nandu Fan Zhongyan Yue Fei handwritten "Dengzhou model" Zhu Yuanzhang Feng Tang King Yu Nanyang the twenty-five Red Army battle Du Shu Zhen Xi pass defense forces to join Tongbai Zhongyuan our liberation Nanyang Xixia found dinosaur egg fossils (bone) of South to North Water Transfer Project the Middle Route Project of Nanyang section started a grand celebrity scanning - group World star brilliant ancient characters of modern character xungenwenzu -- blood inheritance back origin Xie Dengwu Liao Dingcen Lv Fanfan Xi Bai Dong Duli from Tang Yin Yu Zong Wan Mongolia Wang City Impression -- City Wang Zhen was brilliant ancient Wancheng Dengzhou town jingziguan credit Zhen archaeological exploration -- Chu Han Feng Yun Zhang colorful scenery of beautiful -- heavy crown Zhongyuan pruducts blend -- category prosperous aromatic english...... "Non left" -- folk treasures handed Qianqiu City overview of business card -- basin flower Yang Sihai "Yingcheng ancient Pingdingshan" directory: talk over past and present -- are gathering of talents words Yingcheng Yingcheng overview of ancient town culture Eagle City Landscape Yingcheng energy capital vigor Yingcheng something back -- the more wonderful and had a long history should be country should the destruction in Chu territory "Fangcheng" rise and fall down the glint and flash of cold steel Cham Sakamoto war win a battle of Kunyang decided to break the battle of Ruzhou Zhongyuan revolution center of Zhongyuan University of Baofeng red Xingtan appendix: Pingdingshan large chronology celebrity scanning -- Yingcheng stars Shen Zhuliang, ye saints those people map out a strategy 里汉 run-off thousand Zhang Liang "humble generals" Feng Yi diet school founder Meng Sheng Tang Dynasty poet Liu Xiyi 'famous anti Jin Niu Gao Qing Dynasty writer Li Luyuan peasant uprising leader Blanc Henan new literature first Xu Yunuo xungenwenzu -- 滍 Ru earth is the home of Ye Gonghaolong and Shen Zhuliang -- Ye Ye Liu -- the story of Liu Leihuanlong should name -- ancient country born children should pass Liang -- came from the ancient land surname city impression -- billows should the old capital city Zong Yuan Hawk -- 滍 Yang town of Kunyang ancient historic city of old and new look -- changes of rural fortress contains more than 100 enduring history -- Jiaxian Linfeng Village commercial heavy tea horse road -- Ruzhou half Walled root of wine spring in China -- Baofeng town Wu Shang Jiu Wu merchants gathered outstanding -- Zhongzhou Town Zhang Liang Fangcheng beyond Chu Yun romantic -- Ye Yi City archaeological exploration -- the distant echo of stork fish tranchet out Yan Village -- Ruzhou stork fish tranchet pottery painting cylinder city built in Pucheng -- the beginning of Weidong District Pucheng shop site of Western Zhou Dynasty before the closure stress -- Xinhua District should country cemetery in Xingqing drum section stores -- Lushan Mountain Duan Dian kiln sites Song Dynasty kiln celadon Kui Baofeng Qingliangsi Ru Gong ruins of Song Jin Market -- Yexian County collection sites of picture scenery -- walk Yingcheng, taste culture pruducts blend -- skilled production, an important carrier of the city name card "intangible cultural heritage" overview -- witness the wisdom of folk culture -- energy base, landscape Yingcheng "Millennium Royal Park, Luoyang" directory: talk over past and present life of Luoyang -- the ancient capital of Luoyang shape: territorial control put in Heluo Culture: the Chinese nation's cultural history of Luoyang state: Ten The capital of Three Dynasties "Henan" title in 2000: Luoyang modern history of Luoyang: in the forefront to replay history -- Zhou constructing Luoyi surge high and sweep forward of the rise of Central Plains: established in eight hundred years and the Duke of Zhou ritual music: Confucianism originated in Luoyang as "moral" me: Luoyang Luoyang first emperor of Taoism of Han Dynasty three: Prelude the Eastern Han Dynasty "West Luoyang": Buddhism biography banchao mission to the western regions: Europe the development of Silk Road Liu Xiujian too: the largest "National University Cai Lun paper: to promote the process of world civilization a Wei Xiaowen emperor moved the capital to Luoyang: China national fusion Suiti dug the Grande Canale: the world's longest artificial river Wu Zetian became the only female Chinese: achievement the emperor clip Ma Ying Dan Song Zu: once Albert started in Luoyang this Mingfu Wang 就藩: prince when not given a country's wealth Wu Peifu entrenched in Luoyang: the Northern Warlords" on Government "Luoyang line: the eve of the war of the Fengyun occasionWill celebrity -- be perpendicular and horizontal scanning the outstanding figures Yiyin: white Chinese first Hg: treatment providers such as rule the world and the Warring States, Qin Han Dynasty Jia Yi: only my young talents will: Financier Bushi achievements Albert: Han sheep official Sydney: Tang president without avoid Buddhist master Xuan Zang Liu Yuxi: the Sky Crane on the blue sky Li He: a genius infatuated with fate adverse and circumstance unfavourable but yuan of micro Zhao Pu: half of "the Analects of Confucius" rule the world Lv Mengzheng: Prime Minister belly Teng Zijing: Yueyang Tower Xian Chen Northern Song Dynasty name Fu Bi "a gentleman" Shao Yongcheng Hao, Cheng Yi: the Northern Song Dynasty Neo Confucianism founder vigorous touches and fine strokes to write Wang Duo xungenwenzu -- "the best interpretation of the root Heluo" million surname GUI Zong, root Heluo Hakka ancestors, descendants and Luoyang by Luo Nanqian Duke Zhougong Temple Song Zu ceremony as "the world's seed and white fraternity" Luoyang "two home" worship Fan Zhongyan cemetery Memorial ancient city impression -- have sailed the seven seas solidification epic archaeological quest -- through the time brilliant reproduction of scenic spots -- deep culture of the lovely scenes pruducts blend -- day built Luoyang gift "intangible cultural heritage" overview-- Folk custom painting theory of Heluo Civilization -- turn city business card generation "Ji Yue days in Zhumadian" directory: talk over past and present -- ancient Xinzi system vicissitudes City silhouette Gutzeit multiple beacon Ru County, changed their hongxibei irrigation project celebrities know you Cai Zheng reputation ancient road road still is in today, change the world -- to playback stirring several spring and autumn Fu Xi Gua painting in Shangcai Zhi, Zhou Lianyin gave birth to the Confucius around the trapped Cai Pingyu the late Warring States period war Tang Gu up elegy, the death of Li Xiang snow night Cai 州金 Empire life off your water Xin Hai revolution pioneer Queshan peasant uprising Army force Liu Deng Ru 河祝 Wang Zhai a King Kong Temple battle "75? 8" flood celebrity scanning -- Xinghan brilliant in his original nice dragon screen through a phase -- Li Si "salt and iron" author Huan Kuan lit the prime minister -- di Fang Jin swept first house and sweep the world - Chen 蕃月 Dan Yi Hin fame -- Xu Shao, Xu Jingxin Tsai 千宝 ghost Dong Hu atheist simulation the poet fan five against Japanese pirates in Lu 镗天 talent Li Bengu from day China Communist friends as Chen Yaowen 芝铭 Anti Japanese national hero Yang Jingyu Xia Boyang -- China Wang Guohua, the father of modern opera fan Cui court military expertise -- Xu Zirong the mathematician Zhang Jingzhong xungenwenzu Sangzi feelings -- long ancient city impression -- day town charm archaeological exploration -- through the time of inquiry of garden scenery -- day pruducts blend come first on the list -- the number of "non left" -- our overview Jiazhen fluorescence million 代明 city card -- charming appearance and personality scraping eyes "the old man's hometown Jiyuan" "Zhoukou" three ancient capital "China business Shangqiu" "Three Gorges" door "of ancient word Saint hometown Luohe" "Cao Wei" "the ancient capital Xuchang, Puyang" "state of Jiaozuo" were "in the Makino Xinxiang" "Qi Shui poem source, Hebi" "cultural capital", Anyang "Kaifeng" dream song "the ancient capital of Zhengzhou" @##@ creation Since ancient times, our mother river nurturing each plant crops and every creature here, make here become a fertile soil culture. Since the ancient civilization of the plow land the first piece of land here, the land will be not desolate: for thousands of years, a change dynasties war beacon changing China historical development process here, a shining in the history of sages and heroes, name, the name of talent Jun like so many bright stars embedded in the vast sky, numerous historical markers like a flags, waving the region to its former glory and pride … … all this is, merged into a river of history and culture, and flows in the Central Plains of the land, it carries a long and deep cultural nutrition the national spirit, transfer gene, invasion from one generation after another. This national appeal and creativity continued to enhance the descendants of the Chinese nation's cultural identity, continuously enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, affinity, the Chinese culture and collective memory continuously stretching. So, we have reasons to say, the Central Plains culture reflects the China history, promoting the development of social economy Chinese, and its cultural ideal leads the Oriental civilization. She There is nothing comparable to this system, with its rich, integrity, become the subject and the backbone of the mainstream culture, become the important foundation of Chinese civilization.
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"The Central Plains culture memory (set of 18 volumes)" was published by Henan science and technology press.
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