Sanjiang the Yinzhou history collection (3 volumes)

Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Zhu Guofu of the Ningbo press (2012-04)   Author:Zhu Guofu   Pages:2198  

Yinzhou District is the hinterland and Ningbo. Ningbo due to location and traffic, since the Tang Dynasty in China's growing influence, two the Song Dynasty is prosperous, become a developed economy, prosperous culture southeast metropolis, and several were pushing the frontiers of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the Ming Dynasty to a place renowned the world, the human subject in Yinxian business to help Ningbo to help in their campaign will Yinxian influence extended to all parts of the world. Yinzhou is known as the "literature of the state" and "southeast Zou Lu with its unique regional culture". This is the history gifts to our precious heritage, is Yinzhou people's survival and the creation of the spirit, is the development of Yinzhou inexhaustible source of wisdom and human resources.
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"Sanjiang the Yinzhou literature and history selected (Figure volume)" directory: preface a loyal heart belongs to the country Tang Mingzhou governor Huang Sheng Lou Yu Zhixing song educator maverick writer of the Northern Song Dynasty imperial - Shu Gu review rise in Southern Song Dynasty Yin era of the Southern Song Dynasty Prime Minister Shi Hao Shi Mi phase in the Southern Song Dynasty scholar Yao Ying first people away from the prime minister Shi Songzhi Prime Minister Wei Qi of the Southern Song Dynasty scholar Yuan Fu mission Shen Huan: the Southern Song Dynasty Confucianism in the beam "loyalty nineteen years history forever - national hero Zhang Cangshui Shen Guangwen: Taiwan to spread Chinese culture pioneer generation wizards stunning four - ming to the Qing Dynasty Zhou Rong and painting and calligraphy teacher of two emperors, the revolutionaries Zhang Jiaxiang Mr. Chen Jiheng Zhang Xiangshan biography unlimited scenery in search of the Northern Song Dynasty horticulturist Zhou Shihou's life and achievements of teacher of Confucianism the first song you high be Wu Mengchuang Chen Yunping's life and poetry theory for short words Feng Fang Jiajing wit Chen beam life and poetry creation in Ming Dynasty painting of flowers and birds all Lv Ji Hanlin calligrapher Gao Zhenxiao famous sports educator Jiang Lianggui Zhang Qin (Yi Tong), Mr. deeds of preschool education masters Zhang Xuemen devoted himself to the cause of nuclear energy Dai Chuanceng devoted all his life to scientific research as the country -- Hongkong scientists, Zhang Zixiong academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Art giant Zhao Shuru Zhu Fukan who exploits long dies -- to commemorate the famous historian Tong Shuye's 100th birthday and the butterfly dance century science and life -- the international well-known insect expert Professor Zhou Yao feeling in the motherland Landscape -- into the famous geographer and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ren Meie dragon and Phoenix two gang interest -- Fu taught monks leaders send Zen monk and the round beautiful jade master epigraphy and Archaeology you left by Ma Heng really is good in the world -- Mr. Xue Zhihao literati calligrapher Zhang Yuxiang modern eastern Zhejiang scholars Zhang Qiyun historian Chen Qinghua contemporary forecasting master Weng Wenbo. On the water can pass for Zhu Guoxuan Chen Qingcai, a patriotic financier Yan Kangmao Shanghai beach fishing king Huang Zhenshi Chinese geek Fan Wenfu generation of celebrity Chen Luxiang Yong on the master model Zhang Shenzhi patriotic and democratic personage Zhu Xiufang Xian Yin Dong three...... "Sanjiang the Yinzhou literature and history collection (culture volume)" "Sanjiang the Yinzhou literature and history collection (comprehensive volume)"
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The copyright page: when the imperial court edict Shi Songzhi planning city, Shi Songzhi said: "I think played on the fundamental, week conseq, suffer slow ridiculed, thought out plan. Jingxiang in pools of water on locust disaster, famine exile with trying to save, not talk health, requisition is numerous, the husband 岂堪 life? The bound for Zhuhu disposable industry to escape, Yifu middle and channeling Yi, no to people, gathered for the pirates, famine died, before the battle to break. At this time, it may re Yi 宵旰 of worry. The army and the people, his Majesty the soldiers and the people also, paper notes issued, but life. However, concerns the fundamental, to gauge the, will plan which is considered, beginning, will be considered final, prudent and trial, and Z. -- the Secretary depth gauge and cooked map. Well and good and enterprising, never coexist. Chen was appointed 守边, appropriate will be to flush, controversial occasion. Identical and attached, so that the custom, which did not shift when Zhu; fools, meet Ding Ning on purpose, the crime also when you. Wu will check in a body, the country and the world." Shi Songzhi said the truth, but mainly as an excuse. Shi Songzhi in Xiangyang for more than ten years, the main achievements is that managers of wasteland. Last winter to siege Cai Zhou Mongolia military to 300000 shijunliang, this summer will not give Kaifeng and Luoyang provide rations now? Prime Minister Zheng Qingzhi asked himself that if the court has decided that we must work together, consistent foreign. So he wrote to Shi Songzhi, calling him "not for the similarities and differences". Shi Songzhi or to quit the job, but in the end only reluctantly accepted the job. According to customs 守河 strategy implemented according to plan. The year June must all is handsome front in Bianjing, then right Bingbu, Jing River Zhizhishi and huaidong governor Zhao Kui led the Huai east main force arrived in. Meet Zhao Kui asked all sub said: "I was seeking according to shut 守河, today in order to arrive near the half moon, not sharply in Luoyang and Tongguan, where to stay?" All is the truth: the city is not set, not soldiers. Deployment in accordance with the song the original strategy, forces should really struck Luoyang, Tongguan, completed the strategic defense against Mongolia army. But the reality is simply unable to send troops to! Hungry army even to Tongguan what? Can withstand the assault? But then Zhao Kui but there is no way to consider these. Several teams he would come all the way from the hard line into two teams, respectively, under the command of Xu Minzi and Yang Yi, because of food shortage, Zhao Kui ordered all armed forces with only five diets, even so, food is still not enough, let every gradually. Xu Minzi army into Luoyang on the second day, carrying army Quartermaster report 5 days rations had eaten in the past 8 days, the army began "collecting Artemisia and flour cake and eat". But that night, the command of Yang Yi Luzhou Yong Qiang of more than 15000 people march to Longmen, suddenly by the Mongolia army officers Liu 亨安 portion of the ambush, completely annihilated. The song of Xu Minzi and the officers and men, like a bolt from the blue, because it not only means that the song will not get reinforcements and supplies, but also that the Mongolia army has been the main form of Luoyang song encirclement trend. The song have appeared in such a battle scene in Longmen: in the Central Plains earth Yimapingchuan, an exhausted and hungry infantry in retreat, and countless Mongolia cavalry are kept! Mongolia army running hundreds of miles, killing nine out of ten song. Will Fan Xian song, Zhang Di died, Xu Minzi body blows, wounded, battle ofThe horse was shot dead, had to walk the path to break. Along the way he collected will collapse with more than 300 people, have two leaves, seven pear Fern was able to survive.
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"Sanjiang the selection (set of 3 volumes)" is the history gifts to our precious heritage, is Yinzhou people's survival and the creation of the spirit, is the development of Yinzhou inexhaustible source of wisdom and human resources.
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