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Date of publication:2007-12   Press: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Author:Hu Fan   Pages:260   Words:286000  

This book is the cultural history of ancient China research. The 19 parts of the book, including the theory of culture and civilization, definition and relationship Chinese cultural history stages of Ming Dynasty, gift and Confucianism were Zhu cultural tradition, the Qing Dynasty and its influence on academic, northeast culture, Chinese ancient honest characteristics analysis etc.. The book is rich in historical materials, research deeply, to discover and develop the excellent traditional culture of ancient people in China, has important reference value.
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Hu fan, born in 1951, doctor of history, Professor, director of the Heilongjiang University China ancient history research center. Has published 11 books of history published nearly 90 papers. Won the first prize in Liaoning Province seventh session of Social Science Award papers, Eleventh Heilongjiang provincial social science awards the prize two; bear and provincial research project of national social science fund items; Director Chinese Ming society, East @##@ China Definition of culture and civilization and its relations since the mid nineteenth Century, culture has become a hot topic for anthropologists and other social scientists study the enduring. Chinese scholars began to explore the culture from the beginning of twentieth Century, then the problem of imminent disruption for national salvation. Since twentieth Century 80 time metaphase, along with the reform and opening up the deep Chinese, cultural issues has become the focus of attention of the whole nation. In the upsurge of cultural studies in the world, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research on cultural issues, has attract sb.'s attention achievement. However, with the cultural research in depth and extension, a prominent problem in front of the scholars, that is so far, the concept of cultural and academic circles at home and abroad is not a general unified, can for the parties to the generally accepted definition and can reflect the essence of culture. According to American scholar A.L. Krupp and Clyde? Clark Hong, to twentieth Century 50's definition of culture has reached 161 (164, said Ding Shouhe, "dictionary of Chinese culture"). By the late 80's, our country scholars believe that the current definition of culture has reached more than 200. This is every kind of scientific research and development often will encounter the phenomenon, the basic concept of any scientific research and the most general ideas in the beginning is always uncertain, to clarify the basic concepts, to give a scientific definition, people need to pay hard, insist unremitting efforts, especially research on social science. "In our science, no strict definition is not clear and accurate." It is precisely because of the cultural definition differs from person to person, affect the culture research, restricting cultural studies the establishment and development of the discipline system. I am making a consistent with the cultural characteristics of the definition of cultural problems, and for the establishment of science to create the conditions for an independent culture, is to promote the in-depth development of cultural research key ring. Therefore, will own a small opinion that might be suggestive contribution in the study of it, right makes the bait, the academic circle's criticism, or to promote the culture of clear and accurate and cultural studies to establish the system of benefit.
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Sequence of a sequence of two on culture and civilization of the definition and relationship between Chinese traditional shame sense culture formation Chinese cultural history stages of Confucianism on the palace sacrificial rites of the Ming Dynasty ritual and Confucian patriarchal culture of the Ming Dynasty palace fire and Confucianism heaven human induction theory of Ming Shizong of Mongolian "tribute" policy and the years of farming culture conflict theory Manchu during the formation of the cultural structure theory in Qing Dynasty and its influence on the academic contribution of Ruan Yuan on the cultural development of South of the Five Ridges in Qing Dynasty official academic atmosphere and culture in the Qing Dynasty the development of northeast culture theory "Kanto" historical place names of the changes of the contents of Chinese ancient honest characteristics on historical research on the hierarchical structure of matter data production and its own production of human relations China traditional culture research review of twenty years of Qian Jia school reasons and academic, research summary name family history and regional culture research
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"Chinese ancient cultural history research professor Hu Fan" is one of many large large fruit harvest. The research of cultural history in the Ming and Qing Dynasties as the focus, but not limited to the Ming and Qing Dynasties cultural history, but starting from the basic theory, not only do the macroscopic overall grasp, but also carries on the discussion to the regional culture and shame culture, realize the combination of macro, meso and micro, give a person a kind of three-dimensional thick.
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