Reform and opening up and development of city culture

Date of publication:2009-2   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Peng Lixun   Pages´╝Ü544  

30 years of reform and opening up not only a great change of social economy, also contributed to the prosperity and development of culture. This book as an example in Shenzhen, revealing the evolution and achievements of city cultural construction since the reform and opening up, this paper analyzes the new situation, the new tasks facing city cultural development in the new historical starting point, to greatly enhance the city cultural soft power as the center, to cultivate humanistic city spirit, city cultural and creative, innovative development city culture, city public cultural service system perfect, and city culture industry strength, in-depth discussion, summed up the new experience, put forward new ideas, new countermeasure, for theoretical study and practical reference.
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General report in the reform and opening up a new historical starting point to improve the city's cultural soft power of reform and opening up and the Shenzhen cultural development of reform and opening up a historical retrospection of the development strategy of Shenzhen culture and Shenzhen culture development in the last 30 years: 1980 - 2008 in Shenzhen since reform and opening up the development of the academic culture of innovation: Shenzhen literature in the past 30 years since the reform and opening up Shenzhen City Cultural Study on cultural cooperation -- a case study of Shenzhen city cultural soft power development of cultural resources optimization of cultural capital to enhance the Shenzhen cultural soft power enhance Shenzhen cultural soft power strategy of Shenzhen Hong Kong Cultural Cooperation Strategy of the cultural soft power and the construction of enterprise culture in Shenzhen cultural soft power and creative Shenzhen city culture construction competitiveness evaluation index of the cultural system and mechanism innovation in Shenzhen state-owned cultural assets supervision model of Shenzhen broadcasting system and mechanism innovation practice and exploration of Shenzhen Huaqiang cultural group of science and technology innovation of Cultural Industry Development Pattern Research Report on the construction of public cultural service system "Library City" construction of the sustainable development of Shenzhen to promote the equalization of public cultural services of the cultural rights and public government Shenzhen city cultural industry development "report eleven five" planning of Shenzhen in the middle of construction feasibility study of national creative industrial park on the policy of cultural industry in Shenzhen city public service platform construction investigation report about the choice of the development of cultural industry of Shenzhen cultural industry development strategy and path...... Reference
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General report in the reform and opening up a new historical starting point to improve the city's cultural soft power general report of the group of Shenzhen cultural development review in 2008 2008 is the first year to comprehensively implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the CPC, cultural work shoulder the historical responsibility to promote cultural development and prosperity, the rise of a new upsurge of cultural construction; in 2008 is the 30 anniversary of China reform open, through the development of rich and colorful activities show the reform and open policy and the cultural construction achievements, is the glorious mission of cultural workers. Shenzhen city cultural workers adhere to the Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, and vigorously promote the socialist core value system, and further promote the construction of public cultural service system, to accelerate the development of cultural industries, enhance the city's cultural soft power, to better meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, the culture of Shenzhen continue to maintain prosperity and development. (a) to commemorate 30 years of reform and opening up major cultural activities and literary and artistic creation, rich and colorful, extensive social impact in the Chinese 30 anniversary of reform and opening up, Shenzhen this rise because of reform and opening up the city, planning to organize several key Memorial Museum and cultural projects, such as the history of reform and opening up exhibition engineering, theoretical research project the stage performing arts, engineering, art, literature, film and television engineering project quality engineering etc., have achieved remarkable results.......
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