Qilu Culture History (the Qin Hanjuan)

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Shandong University   Author:Meng Xiangcai   Pages:673   Words:564000  

However, Yueshi culture compared with the Longshan culture has changed considerably. On behalf of the Longshan culture pottery the highest level of egg shell pottery to the late Longshan culture period has been significantly reduced, in Yueshi culture has not seen this peerless products. The gradual decline in the proportion of black, brown pottery, pottery the rapid increase in the number of. Pottery made by refined to rough, fine pottery, brisk style is a kind of rough, heavy style replaced. Bands of the Dawenkou Culture and Longshan culture pottery have been popular for imitation bird, has been rarely seen in Yueshi culture. From the pottery making technology, Yueshi culture is indeed better than the previous Longshan culture took a giant step backward. In addition, compared with the Longshan culture, Yueshi culture were more influenced by the foreign cultural factors. The Lower Xiajiadian Culture distributed in the southeast of Inner Mongolia, and the Hebei area, with many factors in the same or similar culture and Yueshi culture, has the positive relationship between two kinds of culture, there is relationship of mutual exchange, mutual influence between the Central Plains region of Erlitou culture and Yueshi culture. These exchanges and influence the Yueshi culture is more complex than the Longshan culture, and personality characteristics of its relatively simple as source of the Longshan culture was as prominent and distinctive. Yueshi culture to the Longshan culture inherited, and variation, this phenomenon indicates that, after the establishment of the Xia culture in Shandong area greatly accelerate the pace of integration, cultural integration is becoming more and more profound extent, ancient Dongyi culture is in decay. The Dawenkou Culture and Longshan culture of Shandong is typical of the Dongyi culture, followed by the Yueshi culture change in cultural features, this actually means that the recession of the Dongyi culture. More specifically, the archaeology of Yueshi culture, is in the decay phase of the Dongyi culture. About the Yueshi culture of the clan and its position in the history of the development of Shandong culture is the archaeological circles have different views. Some scholars too exaggerated Yueshi culture compared to the variability of Shandong Longshan culture, that it does not belong to the Dongyi culture, different from the Longshan culture archaeological culture of a kind of nature but to create consists of many family name outside of the Yi nationality.......
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The first chapter preface prehistoric to Xia and Shang Dynasties of Dongyi culture section Dongyi culture origin second Neolithic Dongyi culture of Xia and Shang third section Dongyi culture in the period of the second chapter of Western Zhou and spring and Autumn period of Qilu culture first day Lu Shang and Qi school beginning in section second and section third of the early Culture -- from the brilliance of Qi Xuechu promote tube to Yan Ying fourth Confucianism start-up and spread -- Confucius and his disciples Fifth Festival in late spring and Autumn period of military science and military science of Sun Tzu "Qi" in section sixth, education and science and technology third chapter in the Warring States period, Qilu culture section of Mohism rise second Qi Jixia academic Sheng polar moment of section third Jixia Huanglao fourth section to carry forward the benevolence of Confucian school fifth neat propriety sun Shi Ru sixth Zou Yan founded the Yin Yang and five elements School seventh day military contests at Chuang-tzu in the eighth quarter, Ninth quarter advocate Taoism education science and literature and art of Qin and Han Dynasty the fourth chapter of Qilu culture first Qilu scholars with the cooperation and divorced second Shu sun 通定 toward the instrument and Han Gautier Qufu Confucius third Qi Huang Lao Studies into the Han Empire Temple Festival Fourth "deposed 100, only Confucianism" -- Qilu culture promoted to the mainstream culture of the fifth section by section sixth of Qilu scholars of education and science and technology section of the seventh chapter fifth literature and art of the Eastern Han Dynasty Qilu Culture in Section 1 of the Eastern Han Dynasty Confucian classics in Qilu scholars Yu Ji in the second quarter, house of worship and "Taiping Jing" as the third section and the fourth section of the Eastern Han Dynasty Zheng Xuan thought of social criticism and Xu Gan and promoting their fifth day education and science and technology section of the sixth literature and art @# #@ postscript Hebei area of Yanzhao culture, Shanxi culture of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia area of grassland culture, Shandong Qi fish culture, Henan as the center of the Central Plains culture, Qin culture in Shaanxi, Gansu Gan long culture, Sichuan, Yunnan Sichuan Yunnan culture, two lake Chu culture, two wide culture of South of the Five Ridges, Jiangsu, Bo Jiang Wu Yue culture, the region culture with different, different in the common, colorful, contests, made a unique contribution to the Chinese civilization is one of the multi pattern. Changes in these regional culture to the mainstream culture. Other regional culture just as a cultural factor into the mainstream culture. The secret is worthy of serious pursuit. "The first volume of Qilu culture" focuses on the history of the pre Qin period, Qilu culture and the development of law and it became the cause and process of the mainstream culture of Qilu culture, connotation, basic characteristics and evolution, tries to clarify the Qilu Culture in building a major contribution in the process of mainstream culture, a comprehensive display of major achievements in many aspects during this period, Qilu culture thought, education, science and technology, literature and art, and its status in the history of ancient culture China role and influence, and providing a reference to some historical in order to ideological construction of contemporary culture.
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