Play in the Song Dynasty

Date of publication:2012-10   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Yu Zuo   Pages:275  

The Song Dynasty is a very special time China ancient history, military, diplomatic left the impression that people always seem to be passive, sum of, but at that time social commodity economy is extremely developed, especially in entertainment almost China ancient to reach the peak of perfection. On the left of the "play" in the Song Dynasty for us to show is a kinsman of the emperor, kings and officials, scholars and ordinary people to hang around in the "idle away in seeking pleasure", a glimpse into how the force of Huizong achievement "super game player", also took us to follow Sima Guang to go to the park, together with Li Qingzhao to the horse, with Jia Sidao go to cricket, with Gao Qiu go kickball......
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freelance writer, in 1989 graduated from the Nankai University Department of Library science. Published "play" in the Tang Dynasty (Zhonghua), "new Hua" (Guangxi people's Publishing House), "play" in the Song Dynasty (the Commercial Press, to be published), and "five Division" series of novels published in Taiwan. In the domestic literature periodical published "war", "Tao you to find what", "flying saucer" and other novels of marriage.
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  •   The song, I most like Dynasty, flourish
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  •   Entertaining look okay
  •   Yes, this is good, love.
  •   Introduces the basic rules of many of the Song Dynasty, for the understanding of the good life.

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