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Date of publication:2012-8   Press: Southeast University press   Author:Liu Chunlong   Pages:266   Words:284000  

Have you heard of "Duotian"? Do you know the "thirty-six sections" and the old and young, rich
the legendary village? You know that produced in the duo Tian of fresh fruits and vegetables is how to grow? You understand the Duotian rich historical culture and unique customs? The magic, "magic duo Tian compilation group of
Duotian" will take you into the Duotian this magical land, help you interpret Duotian history culture, scenery and customs.
this is a systematic introduction of Duotian town Xinghua city Jiangsu province culture reader, divided into 9 series of 74 article, serves for the common readers, moderate degree of local history lovers and researchers.
"magical Duotian" with the latest research achievements, Duotian understandable language and text editing style, to tell Duotian history, village profile, fish farming characteristics, scenery specialty, colorful
culture, custom, historical figures and palm tales, and recalling the Pearl, Feng Yitong, Lu Xinger and other literary praise Duotian Meiwen poetry......
Catalogue of books

The first series of tracing the source
South down sites and
the once prosperous Duotian "Geng Jia Duo"
Yue Fei in Flagstaff on
victory Lake beacon
Zhaoyang ancient 景占 three seats
the hard margin
second series thirty-six duo Tian duo
"thirty-six sections" leave as
garden duo
Da Xu duo
He Jia duo
skins duo
Di Jia Duo Duo

Diao Yao Wang 横子
Lake West
Gao Jia Dang
week 家荡
Da Ling Gou
general temple
hole 戴舍
third series four
long fish farming

rapeseed seedling melon scoop water
the wrong bank
dredge up mud
grilled Ze dig Ze
out vegetables wipe grass
people leisure fishing busy
Fourth Series eight fresh fruit
Duotian past "Sambo"
blue blue and indigo
the most number of high yield rapeseed
across a shallot.
Duotian taro in
black sheep vegetable with
how to eat the leek turnip little known
Lu Zhou how to eat watermelon called "fool".
slender white root vegetable
"vegetable king" big green
fifth series of colorful cultural
people dance wonderful stilts dragon
a relaxation of judge
a unique dance Among the peasant painting
breaking volume residual book art to
folk culture temple fair
sixth series ten li Xiang wind

at 8, child marriage wedding
> funeral custom
seventh series character biographies
"Qiong Lin old" Wang Yuedan
Xinghua telegraph founder Wang Tinglian
Duotian revolution the first Shen Yun Lou
Chang plateau heroic
underground worker Wang Tingyue
County superintendent Shen selection
the old magistrate Zhang Songfa
fight in the north and south of hole cleaning
rape the girl Wang Lanying
monk fruit abundance
eighth series you pass me that
Duotian origin story
mysterious flagpole pier
if winning magic Lake
the deluge of "lost" Lu Zhou
Tieguai Li save fee Zhang duo
Wuniu stack on a black
ninth series of articles of
duo Tian / Jiang Limin
Xinghua Duotian impression / Feng Yitong
it is rape flowers / Weng Minhua
Duotian yellow cauliflower / memory
spring night pearl "gold" / Lu Xinger
feeling duo Tian / Liu Chunlong
production character place / Zhou Wei
Home rape / Li Songyun
Duotian, rare earth Physical space / Dong Jingyun
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Duotian peasant paintings from the folk painting. Early Duotian people many immigrants from Suzhou, including work on painting, paper cutting, pasting bar folk artists. In these folk artists and impetus, Duotian folk painting started and gradually active. Some people think that was born in Xia Dian Cun Qing Dynasty famous calligrapher, "" Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou representative Mr. Zheng Banqiao, it is the folk arts and devote themselves to the art of painting and calligraphy, eventually become a master, and Zheng Banqiao's artistic achievement and inspired folk artist duo Tian folk painting more active. In twentieth Century 90, the local government and the cultural department in accordance with the "mining and inheriting folk art tradition, the guiding ideology to the construction of characteristic culture village", through the establishment of organizations, exhibition, training, exchanges and other methods, training focused on the development of calligraphy and painting art and talent, a number of backbone stand out, Li Yushu is one of the on behalf of. He was born in the town of Lu Zhou Cun duo tian. The duo Tian, Luzhou is population big village, is also the art village, many dynasties are engaged in painting, paper cutting, carving, entertainers. It is under the edification and infection of the folk art of his childhood love of painting. After graduating from high school, he attended the relevant talent training, to ask for advice from the beginning of lines and color based, mastered the basic skills are solid. He immersed himself in studying, the bold exploration, efforts will be a cosmetic made from powder and glycerine folk painting, painting and Chinese painting techniques into one, forming a unique "peasant painting duo tian". Compared with Shaanxi Huxian Duotian peasant paintings, Shanghai Jinshan, Jiangsu Huaian and other places of the peasant paintings, although they are peasant painting, but one's own style characteristic. In the theme choice, Duotian peasant paintings to showRural modern life or pastoral scenery, works from life, higher than life, has a good idea and a certain depth of thinking; in the technique of expression, using scattered perspective of Chinese painting techniques with folk painting composition, the ancient Han Zhuo lines, with a cosmetic made from powder and glycerine painting techniques apply colours, lines of primitive simplicity and variable, colorful and harmonious, composition is simple and lively. The theme is outstanding, rich imagination, novel design, bright color, has the rich flavor of life, and are the traditional taste; not only entertaining, and decorative. Later, he was bold innovation, the use of Xuan paper, art paper, solves the peasant painting easy to fade, difficult mounting problems.
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