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Date of publication:2009-01   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Deng Xinwen   Pages:307  

The first chapter in his bachelor can't firm, is a long way to go. Benevolence thought oneself, not heavy? Until my heart stops beating, not also far? -- "the Analects of Confucius Taber eighth" Mencius said: "color, nature." "Poetry" cloud: "有物有则." "Poetry" the so-called "objects" that Mencius so-called "color", "poem" "is that Mencius so-called" nature "". Ma Yifu said: "gas condensed to form, the shape of the changes is the color. By nature, even gas also known in 099 forms: nature, namely material known, not to that, director and harmless, namely phase that realm, is not cannot, therefore, "only the saints can then design". In his study, nature also have color on both sides. His biography is described, the meaning of nature. It tells in his study, there are two kinds of methods: one one is the "history", one is "mysterious" method. Figure activities trace history, its nature of the mysterious. History, things; Xuan, the micro. All involved on exit, all that history; whoever made that wise men, are called mystery. "History" approach, through the temporal cues demonstrates the character biography, equivalent to the current so-called "facts"; "Xuan" method, inquiry with interest to reveal the significance of existence is equivalent to the modern people, the so-called "speak the truth". In the history of metaphysics through allegory, in a very deep. Good at history, not poor in Xuan; swim in the Xuan, not rich in history, both, only then can the saints.......
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"Zhejiang Cultural Research Library" total order (a) "project of Zhejiang Cultural Research Library" total order (two) "series" Ancient Chinese Literature Search and modern research sequence (a) "series" Ancient Chinese Literature Search and modernization of order (two) order, two, named the purport of significance, writing the origin four, expected three the literature review, the basic framework of the five chapter of Ma Yifu and its first day Ma Yifu its person, Zhi Dao two, according to Yu Deyi Yu Rensan, traveling in the arts section second of Ma Yifu himself and the ancient so-called "Scholar", on the existing problems in the evaluation of Ma Yifu two, Confucius on "Shi" Yi and Ma Yifu's third day Ma Yifu, Ma Yifu a good two, Ma Yifu good what? Three, he studies the basic content of fourth section hippology characteristics and location problem, hippology features two, about hippological positioning problem the second chapter "Six Arts bent on" ideology and demonstration section views of "Liuyi" name and origin, styles two, styles three, Yi "filial piety" cause the extension section second views of "general theory", "control" view general statements two, six arts cover all academic three, six arts cover all words and deeds, interactive control, four 'five' into one in the third chapter, the history of "Six Arts bent on" first day "Six Arts bent on the background of" section second "six one" and through the study of the integration, the system integration of the two, the direction of the fourth chapter "Six Arts with torsion theory" moral metaphysics "six arts section a heart on" body theory, Qi said in two, from the body from the knowledge of German industry, said body with three, from Saint said body with second "Six Arts bent on" time on a general time, two, monograph "respect", "six classical arts as one of" the three time on the significance of "third day six a heart On "and" heart "theory," one "on the content of two," six one "theory is the key to" only "three," Six Arts bent on "and" heart "of the fifth chapter" Six Arts bent on "evaluation of the first festival" Six Arts bent on "academic value," six art was "theory for the innovation and development of traditional Confucianism," six arts as one of two "methodology in section second" six arts as one of "the cultural value of the sixth chapter Fu and Xiong Shili 'theory of the first section Xiong Shili and his school, One's fighting spirit soars aloft. revolutionary life two, the dust has settled the reflection of the history of the second day Xiong Shili" curse down group of Confucianism, "the six classics" academic, new in order to be different philosophy construction two, "beyond the traditional big two" since third day Xiong Shili six thought the basic content, often two, classics classics state three, six Yi four, Xiong Shili on the "Zhou Guan". Especially elucidating fourth Fu and Xiong Shili' theory, general similarities and differences between the six classics, "book of changes about the similarities and differences between the two" and "spring and Autumn" several specific view of the seventh chapter "six Arts bent on understanding" barrier to try Analysis of the first section is about the "understanding" of the general discussion in section second to understand the "Six Arts bent on" avoidance of a difficult, the value orientation of the barrier to the two, other aspects of the barrier to the reference @##@. Mr. Liang Shuming was known as "the Millennium Guocui, generation song" Mr. Ma Yifu, the understanding and grasp of traditional academic culture, in the twentieth Century academic circles, as there is no person of his right. In the modern ideological circle is the most intense of traditional and modern, Chinese and Western debate of the tide, Mr. Ma with his unique "six one" theory, a mainstay of spirit and extraordinary insight. Six, namely "poetry", "book", "ritual", "music", "easy", "spring and Autumn" six classics is also. The six arts into one, the intake of all six academic. On the basis of this view point, it should be given the status and evaluation on Mr Ma is the question of ethics and modern academic circles, this book gives a clear and incisive arguments are.
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