Looking back on the history of Dance - the ancient capital of the poor

Date of publication:2006-12   Press: Hunan Education Publishing House   Author:Lei Chiyue   Pages´╝Ü236  

Go on, Hunan Jiahe. 1957 studied at the History Department of Southern China Normal University is divided into the right wing, more than 20 years of reform through labour. After rectification, served as president of the Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department deputy director, deputy director of Hunan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference secretary, deputy director of the office of the director of Academic Committee. Member of the Communist Party of china. More than 10 years, published in literary and art criticism and historical and cultural essays about 50 words published monographs "Romance of Song Taizu", "Khan", "Romance of the modern political leaders speech quality evaluation", about 120 words.
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The history of ancient Beijing: History accidental coincidence: Xi'an in strategy rises fall during the war against Kaifeng: Civil and martial arts to the trend of the witness of Nanjing: a furihata stone from Luoyang: the source of culture of Hangzhou: "partial" and then to "security" Chengdu: Geopolitics achievement a different culture essay brilliant and heavy holiday traitor, informants and other China historical fate of intellectuals on the "secondary" problems -- from "Zhu An phenomenon" as heaven so people but is ultimately the cultural issues -- on Chinese intellectual nationalism from Don JiZuoDe to cut Guevara -- personality reflects idealism in paradox in @##@ embarrassed Soviet Russian complex This is a direct expression of knowledge and emotional person's book. "Ancient history" is the main part of this book, when beginning to write, and have no plans to series of writing, just want to take Beijing as the example to discuss contingency topic of historical development. In this table, caused the Beijing Sanlian Bookstore editor quiet lady interest, she proposed to write a series of suggestions of ancient capital, when the second, third have been completed, she was due to some reasons to give up the cooperation plan. The author has over sixty years of age, also know how to "shop big bully" rules, of course, have nothing to say, but also to the subject, the author was proposed by the authors, has to be grateful. Of course, after which the support and encouragement are mainly from the "house" magazine, Dr Hu Changming and his colleagues. Dr. Hu a number of published articles, from the reported topics, edit a manuscript, collect pictures, until the book (even the title were invented by him), is not afraid of hard work. Thus, we have become a real friendship between old and young people. Because as a "House Series" one out, behind the ancient history, but also in several other articles in the last few years I published in the "house".
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