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Date of publication:2007年1月第1版   Press: Guangdong city   Author:(British) Lucas Boya   Pages:223   Words:175000  

Enjoy the "longevity" place or at the time of the ultimate, or at the end of the world, which not only reveals the former enjoy longevity of nostalgia, shows how difficult it is to longevity, let alone whether this may. The longevity of the living, or different generation is not at the same time, or at the different place, and physical characteristics, their way of life and many details have shown they are different from us. Several of my mortal inside the fearless foolhardy boy always sailing to the end of the world, looking for ever-young operation. The legendary Sumerian king Gilgamesh did to find cents, but end up empty handed. However, if there is no one day can achieve a fabulous immortality and longevity of hope, what will happen? These are not the dream come true? Maybe; if immortality and longevity have been, and now still exists in some parts of the world, we can search, further understanding of the big secret, may be able to get the same ever-young -- at least a few God's favored one of us may longevity and immortality. In history, in the world end, imagination had a long life, so this desire is to be without rebuke. Furthermore, if there is evidence of previous fantasy! So how can we achieve the objective? The following are some methods. Many ancient Greek myth narrative, prolong life, renew one's youth and ever-young methods contains two themes. One is to be held to be immortal religious ceremony for newborn babies, especially in the edge of the ordeal is better, so as to remove all can cause the flesh decay nature. Homa in the epic hero Achilles at an early age by his mother Thetis inverted lifting the heel, immersed in the river styx. In addition to his heel, and invulnerability. But it is the heel let the hero died in the battle of Troy. In the 4th century BC / 35 historian Teo Pentti Bos's argument, to renew one's youth, a recommended method is to eat of the tree of youth, "any taste the fruit of the people, can regain his youth". The ancient Rome poet Ovid in the "Metamorphosis", slip over nothing whether big or small record of such a story: in Greek mythology, Cole cascade King Princess Medea stunt, let the husband Yi AsongFather aeson was able to return to youth. The technology used in the drug carefully modulated (containing thousands of components, including a variety of roots, seeds and flowers, and the liver, werewolves viscera), and the first time in the history of blood transfusion in operation. Medea sword cut the frail old aeson throat, let the blood completely dry, then to the blood vessels enter her pre prepared liquid. I saw aeson hair shall immediately become black from white, wrinkles disappear, all the limbs and bones back to life, the old king suddenly young 40 years old. Many seek a method of ever-young recommended for people is extraordinary, entered a fairyland. Including the removal of the flesh. Asia is the ancient leader. According to sources in the middle ages, practicing yoga can live 200 years, and even can live to be 350 years old. They have been liberated from the bondage of flesh, from the "heart" the will to "". At the highest level, people can become a superman, live forever and never die. An example of existing today is Babaji, he is a Hindu leader, living in northern India. The Sage Body eternal; he need not eat, even eat just to dine gay companions; his flesh body does not have the shadow, walking will not leave footprints, and so on, and so on. Chinese Taoism has similar training. The Taoist priest by gas, keep a, inner alchemy, and eat fast, to get away from the flesh and cause corruption. In accordance with the Taoist ancestor me that way, enjoy the life of a thousand years; the Taoist more into a layer, a Taoism classics believe fairy can enjoy the life of ten thousand years.

Author: Lucas Boya (UK) translator: Chen Yan Xu Yourong
Author brief introduction

The previous series, have great ambitions. Big head "Si Ku Quan Shu", although not say, small as Lu Xun's "flower series", but also to "transfer of new knowledge, and wisdom" for the purpose of. Ocean such as Charles Elliot (Charles Elliot) "the Harvard Classics Series", was recorded in 2000 to the progress of human traces, "education is not complete person, a pocket of the library, to encourage thinking, cultivate the soul, which in the civilization pass pay list". This is confident, cheerful, grave of the past times. We age, temperament to gloomy, spirit is flagging, for good, to beauty, to progress, hold are cynical heart. The book is and others, still in the writing, still in reading, but the purpose is: to teach, or to learn the survival of war, or for the survival time, loosen the pressure in the heart. Whether writing, reading, it is more than survival. For writing, reading and to pay people, are not available. Therefore, to compile a series, but before the purpose for the purpose of. The publisher, is "no", "not" in the editor, for readers, is ridiculous. This is called "three foot shelf" series, is applied to Charles Elliot's "five foot shelf", namely "Harvard Classics Series" alias. But in the face of its ambition, we are ashamed, so on two feet, to say not as good as others. But the "five foot" is the man, "three inch" is the "nail"; was cut two feet instead of four feet seven inches, is we have a little ambition, still can boast. We outline the meaning, taught to the readers. The objective standard, is not for the classic, but had to be "good iron". It is not for the reader as the guide thought, action, is to let people know: there are such people, thought of such a thing, have had such experience. These knowledge, ideas, experience, all we had was not clear, or want to have no. Don't talk about odd, don't blame, don't mean to be mysterious and profound knowledge, to ensure smooth, experience of sophistication, and human features. People unwilling to some things, this series will not take. Second standard, is a book not according to the classification of knowledge, such as the pigeon cage, uncover the science, from the pigeon cage, dig a literary. We only choose the birds of heaven, only was handsome, good call, flying beautiful, that whether it is linked to science, literature, philosophy, or difficult to class labels, we are in the select list. Because the knowledge categories, experience is the whole. Third standard, is a style of text, if not, also want to clear. However, anti said, oblique, side said, but every sentence is the people. The style of the translation, but also as a pursuit of, at least not let readers broke a finger, to count the sentence "". A: some of the show, and that is all. In short, the translation purpose, is to provide a means of knowledge, ideas and experiences for the reader. So we in the "art of war", and have some of the knowledge, in addition to the dull life, a man should have a better experience, in addition to the popular idea. Also let us feel self-esteem, self-confidence, feel to do not waste and human thought. In this cynical age, that is the civilization, although not enough to "male", "Ho also to".
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Preface: Medieval before beginning Shouxing medieval: Grace shines the Renaissance: the flesh back in eighteenth Century: rational wonders: Nineteenth Century half of twentieth Century: Utopian era of scientific Utopianism in late twentieth Century to date: the health @##@ religion "Ever-young" from the perspective of cultural history, study various cultural and historical periods, of human longevity record life prolonging method, all sorts of strange things, and around the scientific progress of longevity, analysis on the longevity of the pursuit and exploration of human culture. Religion, folklore, science and literature, art and other aspects of the data, both the messenger, and absurd ingredient, author of one one little cattle come up, make a minute long story. At one's leisure lie read, can satisfy the desire of seeking novelty psychology of longevity, but also unexpected harvest a little common sense.
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