• Those things the ancient feast

    Brief introduction of "those things" the ancient feast of content: This is a field of ancient feast of beauty, like jade, banquet dream: a wine with song and dance, food all over the table; the more the glint and flash of cold steel, Machiavellian struggle. Toast each other, and pull off the cap on the concubine of jade like stone, and the sword comes with fish maw...... ,

  • Renaissance / the history of world civilization

    "The history of world civilization" is the world famous philosopher, cultural history expert Will Durant lasted for more than forty years to write 'masterpiece, is widely recognized as one of the classics, the author therefore won the 1968 American Pulitzer award and in 1977 the medal of freedom award. This set of books totaling 11 volumes, records the history of human development,

  • The examination system of ancient Chinese

    Adult readers to a higher cultural level and experts, personal professional knowledge is always limited, the series for adults is also a high, reliable knowledge books. This series of predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, the Commercial Press, the Central Party school out,

  • Advanced reading the Analects of Confucius

    "The Analects of Confucius advanced reading" is prepared from the beginning of 1963, after nearly half a century of carefully polished, constantly revised and into the. This set of books well inherited the essence of the first half of last century China traditional Chinese textbooks, and financing of ancient and modern, advancing with the times, full of modern flavor, will China traditional cultural basic code,

  • Chinese silk culture history

    "China silk culture history" tells the story of China: is the home of silk, silk is one of the important features of Chinese civilization. Silk and China etiquette system, culture and art, folk customs, science and technology have much contact. Imperial silk to highlight its authority, Baiguan silk identifies its grade; literati write aria silk,

  • Peking University Teaching

    The Chinese culture forty-seven, Mr. Yu Qiuyu once a year, to teach students the Chinese Department of Beijing University, Department of history, Department of philosophy, Art Institute of Chinese cultural history, curriculum arrangement after the publication in the cross-strait greatly welcome. In 2012, the Chinese cultural history by Mr. Yu new revised and entitled "Peking University Teaching". The book is divided into two parts,,

  • A brief history of western culture

    American culture, American society is an unusual social, is formed through the integration of several thousand years of development. It is both an expression of cultural consistency, and show the complexity and variety of. "Western culture" in the western culture to inquire, focusing on its origin, formation, development, features are distinctive almost,

  • Discussion on the China history and culture

    This book is expert, everyone with profound knowledge as the basis, to the general reader wrote a book, explain profound theories in simple language, vivid expression, which contains profound insights, and life, closely related to society, to the general reader to read. "China historical culture" a book called China history of excellent works, the author,

  • The cultural history of Shangyu

    "The cultural history of Shangyu" tells the story of Shangyu's culture is not only a variety, and many can be called the history of Chinese culture monument, even a place in the history of world culture, its representatives in the cultural field in the leading position with or is the leader. As is the Chinese sage Shun, Cao E is the Chinese filial generation,

  • The French cultural history (II)

    From the Renaissance to the enlightenment, Eve (Third Edition), this book is the four volume illustrated from the French book is by far the most perfect, the most authoritative works of cultural history, enjoys a high reputation in france. The book consists of the middle ages, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment of Eve (16, seventeenth Century), enlightenment and freedom (18, L9 century) and mass age (20 century,

  • The availability of Chinese civilization

    Brief introduction of "the available Chinese civilization": no matter how brilliant ancient civilization if it is difficult for people to understand death in human cognition, will be forgotten in a fading. No matter how great traditional culture if difficult to be modern applications, will be regarded as mysterious data pool size in the museum. Fortunately, we,

  • Haiyan Ying Zheng in twenty-five years

    "Twenty-five years in Haiyan Ying Zheng: event for clues to the historical and cultural narrative" Haiyan main content description: sea salt has occupied an important position in the Chinese historical and cultural landscape, the county set up the Qin Empire time than even a year, is one of the birthplaces of Neolithic Majiabang Songze, Liangzhu culture. The ancient sea salt,

  • China ancient costume history

    (bonus: Exlibris five) book for us famous costume history expert, former Shanghai Theater Academy Professor Mr. Zhou Xibao's posthumous works, since 1956 as the research department of the Ministry of culture, education, and included in the teaching colleges and universities throughout the country in 1961 wrote directory. Mr. Zhou has always been known for rigorous scholarship, and clothing,

  • China history of aesthetic culture

    "Chinese aesthetic culture history: Tang Song Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties roll roll" introduces the history of the development of aesthetics Chinese Tang and Song Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties. Content includes: let us also start anew in early Tang Dynasty, Tang: vast, Tang: resplendent with variegated coloration, gathering of talents, the Northern Song Dynasty: Yuan Dynasty prosperous stage Daguan, literati calligraphy style case, the Ming Dynasty gorgeous city earthly,

  • China ancient myths and legends

    This book seeks to order carding produces development according to myth, the first general the myth type front, sequence. There are a few exceptions, such as cultural hero god, society from hunting and fishing, farming community until the late primitive society, slave society, along with the cultural progress, has not stopped producing. The creation of the word god,

  • The grassland culture history

    "The main content of prairie culture history": grassland culture with distinct characteristics of the times, in the process of continuous blend of modern civilization, to make their own has been extended, sublimation, realizing the cultural function promotion, show the prairie culture is an important carrier of the spirit of modern civilization. To prevail in the grasslands for thousands of years,

  • Cultural revival theory

    "Cultural revival Theory: an introduction to public Confucian approach": the modern times, historical and cultural value have been suspected, leading to serious cultural dilemma. "Cultural revival Theory: public Confucian approach" to "historical culture has the problem, put forward what with" cultural renaissance of Confucianism -- public route plan their,

  • The Dongyi culture Encyclopedia

    Ancient literature, generally referred to as living in Shandong and adjacent area of the ancient tribal barbarians. This book from the viewpoint of cultural, and use of history, language, archaeology and anthropology, research methodology, research and explore the Dongyi culture far and near source, and its civilization beginning, differentiation and fusion, the similarities and differences of Xia, Shang culture, and the,

  • The French cultural history (Volume 1)

    The Middle Ages (Third Edition), this book is the four volume illustrated from the French book is by far the most perfect, the most authoritative works of cultural history, enjoys a high reputation in france. The book consists of the middle ages, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment of Eve (16, seventeenth Century), enlightenment and freedom (18, L9 century) and mass age (20 century,

  • China history and culture

    "The main content China history and culture:" China enjoys a long and magnificent history and a splendid and colorful traditional cu,

  • The history of Sino foreign cultural exchanges

    "Our history" and cultural exchanges with foreign countries from more than 10000 years ago, before the bridge submerged may exist around the island to the immigrant culture output write, from outside the said period of stone adzes Yin people across the sea, from the "pilgrimage to the West about Matteo Dou Donglai mission -- a road meanders, tells the story of Chinese culture and foreign culture,

  • The Chinese civilization

    The book is divided into two parts. The first part is the political history of China, second Chinese social history. He to the feudal family system as the core, to the ancient society of China in politics, economy, culture, religion, military, capital and other aspects of performance are studied and analyzed thoroughly. He is ancient Chinese farmers and the emperor alone each column volume,

  • China cultural history

    China cultural history, Chinese cultural history (color supplement), ISBN:9787040206319, author: Feng Tianyu, Yang Hua Ren Fang, ed.,

  • Teaching record

    "Teaching record" the main content: Wang Yangming (1472 - 1529), China philosopher in Ming Dynasty, the Song Dynasty center school representatives, a group formerly known as cloud, later renamed Shou Jen, the word Bo An, Zhejiang Yuyao people. In Shaoxing the Kuaiji mountain Yangming holes built side chamber study, founded Yangming school, alias Yang Mingzi, known as yang,

  • China history of aesthetic culture

    "China aesthetic culture history (pre Qin Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties roll roll)" main content: from the Terracotta Army of Qin, Han Dynasty stone carving, proses, song and dance, you can feel the real "big beauty" from the weather; Jin Song landscape, margin interest is, dual metrical, Gong Tiqing business, you can feminine taste of endless charm,

  • In ancient Chinese wine culture

    "Chinese ancient wine culture to look" from the different side of ancient wine culture, from the sixteen special, unique charm to spy on wine show in the history of Chinese ancient culture. In the traditional Chinese culture in the huge system, wine culture is a complete system of branch, the branch and the other culture system ",

  • A read China cultural history

    "Introduction to the main content of the cultural history of Chinese breath to read:" Chinese culture has a long history, our ancestors created, accumulated in the long years of cultural treasures, which records the history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization, show the Chinese splendid. Inherit and carry forward the Chinese nation's cultural heritage is a,

  • Chinese ancient architecture

    "Chinese ancient architecture" is "one of the books of knowledge" cultural history China. This series of predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board to adjust the category,

  • In China academic thoughts

    "History" Chinese academic thought is a first Qin Zixue, Confucian classics in Han Dynasty, Wei Jin metaphysics, Buddhism in Sui Tang, Song Dynasty Neo Confucianism, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, modern new eight mainstream academic thoughts as the subjects in the study history, the rise and fall of the rheological be concise and to the point, each mainstream academic ideas of the two dry for five hundred years,

  • China ancient schools

    "China ancient school" of each project is rich in content, detail. Hope this series multi angle, multi-level reflect mainstream and characteristics of Chinese culture, readers can understand the basic features, Chinese culture to understand the spirit of the Chinese nation is the greatest desire, this is the editor. ,

  • The ancient China culture and Chinese intellectuals

    A just ruler knowledge, persecution of intellectuals, not enough to subjugation. If you don't respect the intellectual knowledge, they will not believe in yourself as a person, it is not only the state, but also to "the world perish". When the intellectuals against China cultural and intellectual tradition, forget the responsibility and pride and self base self humiliation,

  • Xia San Chengqi

    The Feng Youlan family cultural history, Kangxi fifty-five years, Shanxi Gaoping a farmer with,

  • The memory of the heart

    List of folk literature, the memory of the heart, ISBN:9787805887333, author: Chen Ziren,

  • "Early cultural exchanges and interaction in China

    In the Three Gorges Reservoir Area as the center "seminar, Chongqing Municipal Institute of archaeology, Chongqing Cultural Heritage Protection Center prepared" early cultural exchanges and interaction of China -- Taking the Yangtze River Three Gorges Reservoir area is the center of academic seminar "was held in Chongqing in 2010" sixth West archaeological collaboration and 'early Chinese cultural exchanges with the interaction of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze river,

  • The human common sense know

    "The human common sense know all" is a concentrated essence of ancient Chinese cultural knowledge of books, many aspects from the surname, the ancient legend, the palace of culture, custom culture, ancient philosophy, ancient literature and ancient music, ancient medicine selected interesting strong knowledge point assembly into a cultural feast, to pass,

  • The well-known mountains and rivers Chinese

    "The introduction China well-known mountains and rivers" content: this series predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board to adjust the category, the category of ancient, history,

  • In the United States.

    Post-Soul Nation, twentieth Century since the mid 70's, American history has entered a new era. Under the civil rights movement fifty or sixty years of efforts, African Americans began to participate in public life to political figures, advertising star, pop singer and identity, to enjoy the rights of citizens, but the progress is not as expected,

  • Chinese ancient etiquette and custom

    Chinese has always been to "a state of ceremonies" known to the world. The so-called etiquette, is that people follow in life, production, social communication activities in the social rules and moral standards. These rules require certain etiquette and form. This kind of etiquette for months and years on end, spreading, gradually followed into,

  • Greek life / the history of world civilization

    "The history of World Civilizations: the life of Greece" is the world famous philosopher, cultural history expert Will Durantle for forty years to write 'masterpiece, is held in the recognized classics, the author therefore won the 1968 Pulitzer prize in 1977 and the America Medal of freedom award the series a total of 11 volumes, records of the people,

  • The Naxi political culture history

    "Naxi political culture history" new topics, research perspective is unique, harmonious society, promoting the modern development of the construction of socialist political civilization and minority has a strong theoretical and practical significance of such a unified multi-ethnic country construction in china. The political culture of the Naxi Dr. Zhou Junhua ",

  • Something moved on

    West Sichuan a salon,

  • Sichuan ancient cultural history

    Summary of the Book Prehistoric Culture of Sichuan, focusing on a systematic research on Sichuan culture of Qin and Han Dynasties, starting from the burial culture, pursue a variety of cultural relics. Comprehensively describes the political, economic and military situation. "Sichuan ancient cultural history" a book, is the famous archaeologist,,

  • Adherents of South of the Yangtze River

    "People south of the Yangtze River: the main content of community" China cultural history: from the political point of view, people is a kind of attitude; from the moral point of view, people is a kind of ethics; from the perspective of philosophy, people is a kind of value belief; from the cultural, aesthetic point of view (perhaps only from the view of culture essence connotation is more in line with the group, left),

  • Besieged and breakthrough

    "The blade series: enclosed and breakthrough" expression of contemporary culture is a senior researcher of literature. The author points out that in the beginning of powerful environment, "siege" doomed to collapse fate, it makes people lose itself in vacant, meet in mediocre wear ideal, destroy the faith, grow crafty. But this situation changed,

  • Chinese thought history (three volumes)

    Introduction: history writing "Introduction" up and down; originally placed in the first volume and second volumes of the front, entitled "history" and "continued writing history writing", is intended to account and explains the research angle, material choice, writing ideas, now reprinted, put them together in one volume, referred to as "Introduction: the history of an idea,

  • Contemporary Sinology research highlights • ancient history

    Contemporary Sinology research highlights, this book includes famous Western sinologists paper on the study of ancient history of China in the 12 article, Ji Dewei "ancestor's creation: the late Shang religion and heritage", Xia sources "< Bamboo Annals > and King Wu of Zhou Ke Shang era", Pu Liben "Maggie, ginger: heterosexual population in the week the political overall organizational role", Lu wei,

  • Sven: in this study of traditional Chinese culture and the objects of study

    Study of Chinese traditional study culture and artifacts, Sven in this research, the traditional Chinese culture and artifacts of ISBN:9787500313687 study, the author: 'the,

  • The Yuelu Academy reservoir Qin (one)

    "Yuelu Academy" by the Hunan University in 1 Tibetan Yuelu Academy invested from Hongkong antique market rescue takeover of a number of bamboo slips on the verge of damaged the compilation and. "Yuelu Academy" in a reservoir is divided into 5 volumes. A total of 2098 pieces of bamboo, wood, which is full of more than 1300 pieces, all with color chart,

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