• Chinese cultural history

    Chinese sexual history, ISBN:9787207025364, author: rock with,

  • China books and Culture Series (Ninth Series)

    Introduction China books and culture series - ninth series: book collection of Ge Zhaoguang's "by the methods of study on history of" [wen2] ", Tang Yan Shu 'to' see 'entire Donovan' without income and supplement of the book chapter," Tang Huang Hui of the Examination Yuan Sanqu "of Tao Yuanming accept," Weng 连溪,

  • Introduction to modern western cultural history

    Abstract: the culture of modern western art show mixed color. Chen, complex one form of culture, the social background has a profound historical origin. Author along the social history of the process, the beginning and the evolution of modern western culture, interpretation of each period of artistic and cultural thoughts and schools in the,

  • Cultural relics

    Chinese ancient historical sites, the main contents include: the early human activity sites; the ancient worship and pilgrimage site; ancient political and military activity sites; the Imperial Palace and military activity site; ancient scholars living site; ancient social production sites. ,

  • The Chinese Culture Series (Second Series)

    "Chinese culture." mainly includes the study of ancient thought and history, specializing in cultural studies, the Fu Poetry, the study of ancient Chinese culture, the study of ancient drama novels, aesthetic research history and art history, the study of contemporary literature and culture, cultural studies program. ,

  • Imagery narration

    The new social cultural history, "view" is not a regular series, emphasizing the theme of the humanities, namely each series to determine a topic, invite experts to compile foreign school works representative scholars (or put the main academic point of view), and make a comprehensive review, in order to give the reader a a complete introduction on an academic subject. In addition to,

  • Chinese ancient cultural history

    The book includes: the evolution of ancient China monetary system and monetary form; evolution of ancient system of weights and measures, astronomical calendar; ancient agricultural production, science and technology achievement; evolution of ancient official, elections and imperial examination system; the ancient Shinto concepts and main religion, folk supernatural belief, taboo custom, important festivals,

  • The spirits of the dead -- Mawangdui tomb excavations mystery

    Mawangdui Han tomb unearthed mystery,,

  • Dai culture history

    Dai culture history, knife Cheng Hua, Cai Rongnan, Yunnan minorities press,

  • Introduction to China traditional culture

    Traditional Chinese medicine as a treasure of world medicine, the unique charm comes from China the accumulation of traditional culture. The author introduces the China traditional culture's formation, development and evolution, the overall style, basic spirit and way of thinking, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, military strategists, yin and Yang home culture basic spirit and content, and,

  • Guangxi culture and history

    "Guangxi cultural history", this book includes history, culture and development of the people's Republic of China culture, culture, culture and so. ,

  • The academic history China twentieth Century Literature (third)

    In the writing of contemporary literature history has become a "problem", modern "literary history" probably more difficult. But as a "research within the system", we must face the "task", then it is possible to consider the problem. It should be said that in 1949 to 1978 thirty years,

  • Indelible memory

    One hundred years of Nanshe descent search, Nanshe was early twentieth Century in the democratic revolution propaganda at home, the writer as a backbone, to overthrow the Qing Dynasty as the common political basis, take rouses the national spirit, carry forward the quintessence of the dominant ideology, national, modern literature and cultural associations. The founders and their descendants is more than 100 years of history, from generation to generation Chinese bear before,

  • China audio-visual New Media Development Report

    Annual Report on Development of China's Audio-visual New Media (2011), "China audio-visual new media development report (2011)" is Chinese first is the background of the new audio-visual media annual development report, prepared by the State Administration of radio, film and Television Development Research Center of the organization, authority issued development China audio-visual new media industry. Milepost significance. "Chinese new audio-visual media,

  • Chinese aesthetic culture in Tang and Song Dynasties History volume.

    This book includes: the early Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty: let us also start anew: vast, Tang: resplendent with variegated coloration, Tang: Sundowners gathering of talents, the Southern Song Dynasty, song:: half etc.. ,

  • The history of modern social culture China

    This book includes: rural social structure and social control, modern social mobility and structural change, social transformation and rural power structure, the impact of Western and traditional culture structure, traditional culture structure of the history, modern and new cultural reconstruction, etc.. ,

  • The spirit of cultural history tour

    This book is the Taiwan academic books in a book. The book with a lot of full and accurate data and vivid style of writing was so spiritual and cultural history made a thorough and meticulous study and research. The book is comprehensive, reasonable structure, clear, rigorous logic, is more scientific, systematic, theoretical and academic value,

  • History and culture of Taiwan

    "Taiwan history and culture" is a cultural history of Taiwan. The main contents include: the roots of prehistoric culture -- and early residents; across the oceans -- history between the two sides; Demons and monsters danced like mad. -- the western colonists ruled Taiwan; amidst the winds of change -- Zheng Chenggong Taiwan Kyushu Area -- Kang,

  • Cultural history map

    This book is about a map development history, especially the history map of Asia's works. The book mainly to the Asian countries especially Japan's history of cartography and Asia Europe cartography contact focused on, stealth detection, introduces the new data and new achievements of great value, as the domestic academic circles is rare. ,

  • The bronze culture of Shang and Zhou Dynasties

    "Introduction": Chinese bronze culture of Shang and Zhou content is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The ancient world once brilliant civilizations, most can not continue, some broken, some with the shift of cultural center of gravity and move on to another area. Only China this country, both old and young. From the original,

  • The history of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia

    "The overseas Chinese history" is one of the books of knowledge and cultural history Chinese, knowledge series cultural history China predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board of category to,

  • A Chinese thought

    In this Chinese "thought" in history, he tried to connect the modern thought and ancient thought, from ancient times has been described to the present. For example, in the twentieth chapter, he has his evaluation rather unique occurred just of the new culture movement. Of course, first he is sure the new culture movement results, in his summary,,

  • The history of Sino foreign cultural exchanges

    Objective of the Chinese nation, ancient culture dissemination of Confucianism, Buddhism spread in China and two was three, the late Ming and early Qing "East" and "East West" four, modern western culture and its effect of five input, sinologists and students,

  • China three culture with the world's great wisdom

    Study on China three culture, China three culture with the world's great wisdom: outline of the study, three ISBN:9787515000497 China culture, author: third place,

  • Research published in the cultural history Chinese

    "Research in cultural history of publishing China (1985-2006)" collected works belong to the category of publishing history in general, including books, newspapers, magazines and other media, each link of editing, printing, distribution, and publishing related people, institutions, version catalogue, printed issue, literature collection,,

  • Chinese and foreign cultural spirit ten

    "Chinese and foreign cultural spirit ten" Content Description: since 90's of the twentieth Century, to strengthen the cultural quality education of college students, has become the important content of the reform of China's University education. Cultural quality course has become the major means to enhance the cultural quality education of College students. ,

  • Social and cultural history of modern Chinese continued on

    Social and cultural history of modern China continued on, ISBN:9787310023752, author: Wang Xianming,

  • The Yuan Dynasty Jiangnan national reorganization and cultures

    The topic is to do a good job of doctoral thesis is extremely important step, one should first understand the significance of this subject in this study, the former did not, to what extent, in mining and theoretical data on how much space to move, can decide whether you can do. ,

  • A brief history of China culture

    We are learning history. May is a historical study of inertia, we always want to some kind of historical phenomenon of the sequence of events and get a clear. In historical research and teaching years, we focus on the original one for the history of the development of agriculture Chinese, a Chinese city development history. However, the farming culture and city civilization,

  • Chinese canal cultural history (3)

    China canal cultural history, ISBN:9787532834518, author: an 作璋 editor,

  • "Jin Si Lu" version and Communication Studies

    "Jin Si Lu" is the important literature science master Zhu Xi and Lv Zuqian jointly compiled and bearing and reflect the Neo Confucianism thought, always note, adaptation, printed books, manuscripts and many. This book by fine comb on textual research, "Jin Si Lu" white text, notes, the origin of the adaptation of the engraving made a comprehensive and detailed expose,

  • Chinese studying history

    "The main content Chinese studying history" includes: Chinese is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The ancient world once brilliant civilizations, most can not continue, some broken, some with the shift of cultural center of gravity and move on to another area. Only China this country, both old and young. ,

  • Jiangxi opera culture history

    The Jiangxi opera art is an important part of Chinese traditional opera. This book from the perspective of historical studies, conducted a detailed study of the opera development history of Jiangxi, combined with the historical books utilizing archaeological techniques, retells the history of the development of opera in Jiangxi, and analyzed the Jiangxi opera art of,

  • Underwear

    A cultural history, why women wear steel or whale bone tight underwear? Why four hundred years of its charm is not interested? Why women eventually gave up it? Ms. Valerie Steel passes research of with great concentration, writing this book, the answers to these questions, some of which attract sb.'s attention,,

  • Splendid Chinese civilization. Volumes of literature

    In Chinese traditional literature idea, and poetry as authentic literature is prose. Prose is only produced in the text after the invention, is the most suitable for the practical form of literature. Prose with its unique "loose not scattered" characteristics, become a flower bed China literature! The traditional literary concept in Chinese in,,

  • The ancient civilization (volumes)

    The history of human civilization is embodied in every detail, from hunting and gathering to the most primitive farming, built from forming a stick to a house, from the production of stone processing to the painted pottery culture, from the rise and fall of natural change and so on. ,

  • The lecture Chinese ancient cultural history

    "Lecture" Chinese ancient cultural history the academic dean of teaching traditional culture, classical speak recorded Han Yong culture essence! China ancient culture is very bright, very bright. Take it with bronze, ceramics, 拿丝 fabric, are in the forefront of the world. With the invention of papermaking, the compass, gunpowder, three more,

  • China ancient geography

    Adult readers to a higher cultural level and experts, personal professional knowledge is always limited, the series for adults is also a high, reliable knowledge books. The predecessor of series with 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, the commercial press,

  • Chinese traditional culture to look

    The book value of the first is that she is a comprehensive expression of cultural content in English Chinese bilingual book. Language is the carrier of culture, "foreign language" is used to describe the local culture, difficult! The biggest difficulty lies in the culture of the Chinese nation and its English equivalent words meet the eye everywhere, very short words. How to solve the words default? The significance of,

  • The world cultural tour series American trip

    Twenty years of reform and opening up, the opening to the outside world, came to Chinese while the foreign guests, Chinese move towards the world. Visit, visit, study, work, study, tourism, foreign unique ethnic customs charming exotic scenery, left a deep impression on them, which will form a number of overseas travels in china,

  • The famous ancient China historical records

    "Historical records" is a famous ancient China books in one, adult readers to a higher cultural level and experts, personal professional knowledge is always limited, the series for adults is also a high, reliable knowledge books. This series of predecessor have 110 topics, relates to the history and culture of the,

  • Chinese cultural history three hundred

    "Chinese cultural history three hundred" by the view of historical materialism, the question and answer three hundred essentials, systematic introduce profile China ancient culture to the text, but also communicate with each other, the content mainly introduced, both previous and contemporary research achievements and maintain his own opinions, text to plain,

  • Blackwater Civilization Studies (first series)

    Blackwater civilization studies: first series, ISBN:9787207073723, author: Hu Fan Wang Jianzhong,

  • Yao River culture history / Yaojiang Culture Series

    Introduction the first part Yaojiang culture originated during the period of the first chapter of the second chapter of Hemudu Site Hemudu Site of primitive culture and cultural evolution in Chapter third, the pre Qin to Han River culture second chapter second progressive development period of Yao River culture first chapter Han Dynasties Yaojiang culture of the Han and Tang dynasties,

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