• Cultural history point of view

    Modern culture and cultural exchange on, Mr. Huang Xingtao's best is perhaps the "即小见大". The history that a scientific study, Huang Xingtao used to from the knowledge background of the problem. His academic field is mainly in the Qing Dynasty, especially in late Qing dynasty. From the background of the cultural exchange between China and the west, to the details one by one into,

  • The history of China collection

    "History" China books are books in the series, the predecessor of the 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board to adjust the category, the category of ancient,,

  • The splendid Chinese civilization city volumes.

    The book in question and answer form concerned by readers as the answer to explain profound theories in simple language, using plain statement of our city's origin, development and other related issues were raised, to give readers a better understanding of China's splendid history and civilization, in reference to the relevant historical literatures in order to "on the basis of it",

  • The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty style

    The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty of great social upheaval period, intellectuals have performance and the change of every hue. These features and changes, reflects changes in development at the time of the social politics, economic, academic thoughts. Xie Guozhen is a famous historian of China, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties history research is unique and brilliant, authors often from very lonely,

  • Hantang cultural history

    Hantang cultural history -- the one low, Xiong Tieji, Hunan people's publishing house,

  • The roots of civilization origin

    The roots of civilization origin, the origin of the Chinese civilization Symposium: Liaohe root civilization origin, ISBN:9787501035311, author: Liaoning provincial museum,

  • Legend of emperor and Chinese civilization

    In 2012, the emperor said Professor Ye Linsheng "and Chinese civilization" one book (Heilongjiang Education Publishing House in 1999 July) is a summary of the origin of civilization Mr. Ye China on their own since 90's. This works with a unique perspective on the ancient history system, Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns systematically and deeply,,

  • Wuxi Ji Shi Chuan Fang set

    The ancestral temple culture research series, "the ancestral temple culture research series: Wuxi Ji Shi Chuan Fang Ji" by Ji's descendants lasted more than ten years the collection, analysis, interpretation, and sorted. Ji Yongren, Ji Cengyun, Ji Huang Ji three generations of main characters in the works of poetry together in one place, with the inscription biographical data, fully reproduced Wuxi Ji's in politics, literature and history, water etc.,

  • World Culture Series

    World Culture Series: China volume, Zhu Yifei, Li Runxin,

  • The development of Chinese ancient civilization in Central Plains region

    The history of the Chinese ancient civilization of the central area, the book from the point of view of the history of the development of Chinese ancient civilization angle, systematic archaeological large central plains late prehistoric times found data, with some paper and combined literature, ethnology, from the natural environment, social production, social life and other aspects, the origin and the early development of the Central Plains civilization,

  • Celebrating the cultural heritage protection

    "Introduction to celebrate the new China 60 birthday" I and the cultural heritage protection "theme essay anthology" content: to celebrate the new China 60 year birthday, further demonstrates the great achievements of China cultural relics in 60 years and extensive influence, and further enhance the national cultural system of cadres and workers hold China,

  • Jiangsu cultural history.

    Jiangsu cultural history, ISBN:9787550610002, the peak of the,

  • Reform and opening up and development of city culture

    "Reform and opening up and development of city culture" taking Shenzhen as an example, fully reveals the evolution and achievements of city cultural construction since the reform and opening up, this paper analyzes the new situation, the new tasks facing city cultural development in the new historical starting point, to greatly enhance the city cultural soft power as the center, to cultivate the humanistic spirit, city development,

  • Qilu Culture History (the Qin Hanjuan)

    From the regional culture to the mainstream culture, Hebei area of Yanzhao culture, Shanxi culture of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia area of grassland culture, Shandong Qi fish culture, Henan as the center of the Central Plains culture, Qin culture in Shaanxi, Gansu Gan long culture, Sichuan, Yunnan Sichuan Yunnan culture, two lake Chu culture, Guangdong and Guangxi south of the Five Ridges culture, Jiangsu Bo Jiang, Wu Yue,

  • History of hundred Tan

    History of hundred Tan, "like a library, eye series: the historical hundred Tan" is a popular traditional history knowledge in our brochure. Choose one hundred topics, talk about some of the problems in recent years in the use of knowledge of literature and history are often wrong, in order to draw attention to the knowledge of literature and history, and then in use to reduce the,

  • The Chinese diet culture history

    Wang Xuetai compiled the "Chinese diet culture history" about: hunger breeds. A nation's eating habits, which forms its unique way of life and customs, but also by the people's livelihood caused by various social phenomena, and even the evolution of national character. Thousands of years of Chinese food rheology, and contains many cultural connotation,,

  • Yu Feng Chu Yun, Xinyang

    "Yu Feng Chu Yun Xinyang" include: talk over past and present -- brilliant memory heavy Xinyang; historical lens to playback -- wonderful Xinyang; celebrity scanning -- Humanistic Xinyang celebrities; xungenwenzu root culture -- dear new Ji roots union spectrum; city impression -- Culture in Xinyang history; archaeological exploration-,

  • The academic history China twentieth Century literature. Second volumes

    This book is the national social science fund projects, nine five projects focus on China Academy of social sciences. ,

  • The Chinese Fashion Culture History Series 3 - all 3 volumes

    The Chinese fashion culture history (set of 3 volumes), ISBN:9787807139065, author: Yang Xiaohong,

  • Western learning and the early Qing Dynasty mathematics

    "The basic situation of Western learning and the early Qing Dynasty" will be the first to study mathematics in the early Qing Dynasty western mathematics was brought into and received back to the Chinese scholars in the early Qing Dynasty, was investigated and the domain for scholars at times and cultural background, and then discuss the specific numerical scholars in western development trajectory calculation for the western culture and the early Qing Dynasty, the final,

  • Human representative of the intangible cultural heritage

    In the vast river of history, the intangible cultural heritage is the crystallization of the coordinated development of human and nature gradually accumulated wisdom. It reflects the ethnic characteristics, carrying the national spirit, retains a deep cultural gene nation. With the development of globalization and modernization, the human survival environment change,

  • Contemporary Sinology research highlights

    The ideological and cultural history, "Contemporary Western Sinology research highlights (ideological and cultural history)" (author Zhang Cong, Yao Ping) included a "new direction of Confucianism research on" New Confucianism "and" Confucianism "in different study ways"; "the Neo Confucianism and local society: a 12 to sixteenth Century. The case"; "the imperial examination and the late imperial china,

  • China cultural history through release

    This book brings together 12 papers, is all about Chinese cultural history theory, each focused on a special surface. Ideological, political, commercial, religious, folk culture, literature, medicine, science, arts, imperial examination, man, all in one, involving a wide range. And each paper,

  • 2000 cultural common people life not to know

    The main contents of "2000 culture" people can not know: if someone asked you, "the battlefield" is how the division? The nine planets which is the nine planet? The world's first stamp was born in what country? The world trade organization specifically what to do? Mother's Day is how come?...... These ask,

  • Yunnan ancient cultural history

    Wang Yizhi Yunnan ancient cultural history, the, Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing house,

  • Golden memories

    New China's early cultural exchanges dictation,

  • Chinese tourism culture history

    "Chinese tourism culture history" the ten part, active, have the flow, there are specific culture be concise and to the point, summarizes the core content, subject Chinese ancient tourism culture of concise and comprehensive, stick out a mile. "China tourism culture history" also pay attention to the basic history of the development of tourism culture, a bit of a surface, the surface Union, reasonable layout,,

  • Two song cultural history

    "Two song cultural history" to break through the barriers, to correct the past to philosophy history equivalent to the cultural history of the prejudice; from the social and economic roots of song culture prosperous "Fountain", expand the field of vision, expounded the deep level of cultural development and change. Novel research perspective, highlight the basic necessities of life and other social life rhythm section,

  • Kingcraft and hegemony

    The history and reality of Chinese culture and Western culture, "kingship and Hegemony: history and reality", Chinese culture and Western culture is divided into three parts. The ethos of China "the kingly way" culture and its modern value; and realistic ideological characteristics of western "overbearing" cultural considerations; "kingcraft" ideal cultivation "hegemony" of the spirit, building a harmonious China and the harmonious world. Also divided into,

  • Looking back on the history of Dance - the ancient capital of the poor

    Looking back on the poor: ancient history, song and dance to ISBN:9787535549280, author: Lei Chi month,

  • The cultural history of the Cultural Sociology

    Alfred Webb's interpretation of the cultural history of the essence of culture in its own regional growth and development and the real situation. Thus, we can see where we are today's era, all in the interaction, mutual influence, all kinds of value has lasted for a long time is actually should be questioned. Webb describes for us,

  • Play in the Song Dynasty

    The Song Dynasty is a very special time China ancient history, military, diplomatic left the impression that people always seem to be passive, sum of, but at that time social commodity economy is extremely developed, especially in entertainment almost China ancient to reach the peak of perfection. "Playing in the Song Dynasty" as we show,

  • Chinese aesthetic culture in Qin and Han Dynasties, history.

    China aesthetic culture history (Qin Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties volumes), edited by Chen Yan; Ping policy instrument, Shandong Pictorial Publishing house,

  • Study on "the Silk Road

    "The Silk Road" Beiting study through a comprehensive review of the literature and archaeological materials, systematically revealed the whole process with Jimsar as the center of the north of the Tianshan mountains east of ancient civilization origin, change, development, prosperity, fall. In the "macro historical background of Beiting", combined with the western history and Turpan,

  • In twentieth Century Chinese cultural history

    In twentieth Century China cultural history, Wang Shu white, China youth press,

  • Sing, O mountains

    "Sing mountain o: Chongqing Youyang Tujia folk songs on educational function of" focus on education in Chongqing Tujia folk songs of Youyang. Through field investigation, the author has collected more than 300 first Tujia folk songs, its comprehensive and truly convey value, emotional and interesting features of Tujia people. In Youyang, the authors feelings,

  • Cohesion and continuance

    In nineteenth Century the research history of western culture, "cohesion and subsequent research" -19 century western cultural history, this book is divided into two parts, cultural history, history and characteristics and cultural historians and their ideas include "era and society: Nineteenth Century cultural history", "the origin and the reference: before nineteenth Century, the traditional culture history" etc.. ,

  • Cultural memory

    "Cultural memory" (1978-2008) by reviewing the history of 1978 to 2008 China culture development, taking time as clues panoramic representation of each year's hot during the cultural. In each year under the title, both generalization, and detailed description; both objective narrative, there are,

  • China cultural chronology

    "Chronology" Chinese cultural history tells the story: a cultural history chronology and general chronology will encounter the long period of years. Timeline for emphasis on political history, its long period events with relative department division, the next turn of the year, will not give a sense of breaking apart. Cultural history,

  • The history of Chinese New Culture

    "China's new culture history", the main content of the book include: the beginning, modern culture shock's initial reaction to the challenge, to tide of new culture in the new century, agitate, social conflict of ideals and the ending. ,

  • Chinese ancient cultural history

    "The main content Chinese ancient cultural history" is Chinese: ancient culture is long, also shine with great splendor. It is our great national history, also is the foundation of modern culture. Chinese ancient cultural history is the evolution and the rules and characteristics of research, development, China ancient culture,

  • Ma Yifu 'a theory research

    Mr. Liang Shuming was known as "the Millennium Guocui, generation of Confucian" of Mr. Ma Yifu, the understanding and grasp of traditional academic culture, in the twentieth Century academic circles, as there is no person of his right. In the modern ideological circle is the most intense of traditional and modern, Chinese and Western debate of the tide, Mr. Ma with his unique",

  • Eternal sing

    "Eternal sing: Chinese epic Gesar" by cable Nanji, edited by Sonam Dorje, expounds the formation and development of the epic "Gesar". Gelsall is the Tibetan heroic epic "Gelsall" the hero, he led the tribe to the king of people evil, restrain the powerful and help the weak, be called save bitterness beg hard national hero. ,

  • China cultural history (upper and lower)

    "China cultural history (upper and lower)" is divided into three parts: the first part is the history of ancient culture, ancient to date from the Han Dynasty; second ancient cultural history, since the Three Kingdoms, Jin Yuan, Ming to date; and third for the modern cultural history, from the Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of china. In the book, the author, on Chinese content of traditional culture, the origin, evolution,

  • The introduction Chinese cultural history

    The introduction Chinese cultural history: Revised Edition, ISBN:9787100016599, author: Qian Muwei,

  • Jiangnan motley Hall

    The Weng Tonghe family history of culture, to prominent Weng family in the political situation of the late Qing Dynasty as the object,

  • History of French culture

    In order to promote cultural and historical knowledge, Peking University press launched a cultural history series of books, both Chinese ancient cultural history, there are foreign nationality cultural history. "The French cultural history" is the national cultural history in the. The hand from the formation of France's ancient country, until twentieth Century,

  • Magic duo Tian

    Brief introduction of "magic Duotian" content: have you heard of "Duotian"? Do you know the "thirty-six sections" and the village the old and young, the legendary? You know that produced in the duo Tian of fresh fruits and vegetables is how to grow? You know the Duotian rich historical culture and unique customs? Magic duo Tian series,

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