In twentieth Century Chinese cultural history

Date of publication:1999-03   Press: Chinese Youth Press   Author:Wang Shubai   Pages:236   Words:160000  

The human is the subject of cultural creation, and this subject is not entirely by the objective environment, is still subject to its to grow. Culture reconstruction is a natural historical process, but also is the process of creating active participation of the people. We should actively promote the transformation Chinese culture, in order to traditional paper and contemporary world advanced level system reconstruction of Chinese culture, it is hoped to achieve "environmental change and human activities, the favorable" China culture has entered a new stage in the transformation of the main object. The book is divided into seven chapters, the main contents include introduction, China traditional culture origin and features, modern cultural conflicts, five four cultural enlightenment, revolution cultural evolution, cultural thoughts in new period, China culture reconstruction.
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Wang Shu Bai, 1922 was born in December in Changsha, in 1946 graduated from the Department of economics of Hunan University of Nanjing, "Xinmin" and "Xinhua Daily" editorial, "Hunan daily" the secretary general, Professor of Department of philosophy of Xiangtan University and deputy and University, Hunan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences director. The Philosophy Department of Xiamen University to teach, is mainly engaged in the study of modern China thought history and Mao Zedong thought development history, author of "Mao Zedong early
Catalogue of books

The first chapter is the introduction of
the first festival culture meaning
second festival culture causes
third festival culture core values --
fourth day culture inheritance and fusion of
second chapter China traditional culture origin and features of
the first section xungenwenzu
Second upstream view
> third chapter of modern Chinese and Western culture conflict
the first section two ways of
second "western" mode of
third day reform movement
fourth day revolution
fourth chapter five four culture enlightenment
the first anti tradition to enlightenment.
second section of national salvation and enlightenment the same concurrent
third three
send shunt fifth chapter revolutionary cultural evolution of
the first change in the character of the revolution
second more criticism from
third ten years "cultural Revolution"
sixth chapter cultural thoughts in new period
the first discussion on the criterion of truth.
second humanitarian and the alienation problem
third section 80's "cultural fever"
seventh chapter Chinese culture reconstruction of
the first section of the old and the new
second modernization traditional theme highlights the
third day culture. Selection and integration of
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